Bolt EV Goes a Distance…With One Pedal

Posted on 09. Sep, 2016 by in GM Canada

Bolt EV Goes a Distance…With One Pedal

Drivers can pull operation bounds with selectable one-pedal pushing modes






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Oshawa, Ontario (Tuesday, Sep 6, 2016) – The 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV will offer drivers a customizable one-pedal pushing knowledge that allows for limit sum automobile range.

One-pedal pushing combines a top accessible turn of regenerative braking, that captures differently mislaid appetite from deceleration and sends it behind to a Bolt EV battery container for a biggest sum automobile range. Along with additional program controls, regen braking allows a motorist to stop a automobile but regulating a stop pedal in certain pushing conditions.

“Bolt EV business who wish an enchanting pushing knowledge will adore a disturb of one-pedal driving,” pronounced Bolt EV Chief Engineer Josh Tavel. “They will be means to tailor a automobile to their elite pushing character and maximize their range.”

Progressively stronger levels of regen braking are employed in all Bolt EV pushing by a array of 4 driver-selectable modes:

  1. Operating in Drive and easing off a accelerator.
  2. Operating in Drive and regulating a Regen on Demand paddle on a behind of a steering wheel.
  3. Operating in Low and easing off a accelerator.
  4. Operating in Low and regulating a Regen on Demand paddle in tandem.

Number 1 provides a lowest turn of regen braking and requires a use of a stop pedal to move a automobile to a finish stop. Numbers 2-4 are gradually stronger one-pedal pushing modes that in certain pushing situations concede a motorist to stop a automobile but regulating a stop pedal. (One-pedal modes do not discharge a need to use a stop pedal altogether, generally in puncture situations.)

Using a automobile make-believe model, engineers compared regen opening on a contrast cycle that unnatural complicated stop-and-go trade in Drive and another regulating one-pedal pushing while in Low and also a Regen on Demand paddle. The engineers found that a one-pedal pushing can supplement adult to 5 percent of operation to a Bolt EV.

During interviews with Chevrolet, EV enthusiasts voiced their enterprise for one-pedal pushing capability. Bolt EV owners, most like Chevrolet’s eager Volt customers, will suffer regulating regen braking to maximize each assign of a vehicle’s 60 kWh battery pack. The Bolt EV is GM-estimated to yield adult to 320 kilometres of EV range.

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