Brand with a 4 rings shines during world’s largest lighting congress

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“This conference is an critical forum for Audi to put lighting record into a spotlight. Our business will advantage from a formula of these discussions among professionals,” explains Dr. Wolfgang Huhn, Head of Development for Lighting during Audi. The reward code is a personality in lighting technology; among other achievements, it has determined LED headlights on a market. “Technical swell and incomparable prolongation volumes give us a event to offer business glorious lighting record during an appealing cost-benefit ratio,” says Huhn. “At Audi, lighting developers work closely together with designers. On a team, they emanate a ideal peace in a car design as good as a awake coming of a lighting record and a visible illumination. The motorist also advantages from this awake look.”

Immediately following a keynote residence by Nobel Prize leader Shuji Nakamura, Stephan Berlitz, Head of Development for Lighting Innovations during Audi, opens a 2015 ISAL harangue array with his arrangement on “The destiny of lighting technology”. In serve to customary technologies that are now available, such as Matrix LED headlights and lighting assistance systems, a Audi presenters will also residence future-oriented themes such as Matrix Laser headlights. In this technology, a laser that is spatially apart from a headlight generates a light. A micro-mirror afterwards produces an cleverly tranquil light placement pattern.

“The Matrix LED and Matrix Laser technologies still have a lot of potential,” says Stephan Berlitz. Audi skeleton to use camera systems to control a light really precisely. In this way, Car‑to‑X technologies – a interplay with other cars and a infrastructure – can also be used where a driver’s possess visible margin ends. “We are sourroundings a gait for a whole technical field, in that a interplay of aesthetics, dynamics and communication play a vital role,” emphasizes Berlitz. “We are building a lighting to conflict some-more intensively with other participants in trade and a environment.” One instance of this is what is famous as construction section lighting: Here, Audi engineers are now operative on record that projects a vehicle’s breadth onto a alley as precisely tangible strips of light. They give drivers a feeling of being good guided as they transport safely by a slight bottleneck areas.

As a heading code in automotive lighting technology, Audi continues to set milestones. From LED daytime using lights in a Audi A8 W12 (2004) and a initial all-LED headlights in a Audi R8 (2008) to a networking of headlights with navigation information in a Audi A8 (2010) and energetic arrangement of spin vigilance lights in a Audi R8 (2012) and finally a Matrix LED headlights in a Audi A8 (2013) and a high-beam doing with a laser mark in a Audi R8 LMX (2014). The latest lighting creation is a trade pointer anti-glare duty in a Audi A4 with Matrix LED headlights (2015).

The code with a four rings is pushing swell in lighting even further. At a 2015 IAA, Audi showed a Audi e‑tron quattro concept automobile with Matrix OLED lights. OLEDs (Organic light emitting diode) are merging high tech and pattern in an ideal way. In any OLED unit, dual electrodes – during slightest one of that contingency be pure – incorporate countless skinny layers of organic semiconductor materials. Their light attains a new turn of homogeneity, and a dimming is invariably variable. It does not expel any shadows and does not need any reflectors, light guides or identical visual parts. New stretchable substrate materials lend themselves to three-dimensional forming, and this will open adult wholly new artistic spaces for designers. Audi wants to deliver OLED record into a tail lights of prolongation cars for a initial time.

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