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After a 4 year interregnum a Festival of Porsche returned to Brands Hatch during a weekend, coinciding with Porsche’s ongoing 70th anniversary celebrations.

The tiny and ancestral British racing circuit betrothed to be a ideal venue for this hotly expected singular marque event, charity insinuate entrance to immobile displays, proof drives and full-blown races during a jam-packed Sunday schedule.

From 356 Cabriolets to the latest GT2 RS

Under bright skies cars filled a surrounding fields and paddocks, trimming from superb 356 Cabriolets and brief wheelbase 911s to a latest GT2 RS – elegant bookends of Porsche’s 70-year prolonged road-going programme.

Organised by a Porsche Club of Great Britain in and with MotorSport Vision, a eventuality would attract not usually thousands of Porsche fanatics from all over Europe, though a array line was awash with eye-popping icons of each age and type.

Derek Bell, Porsche Festival, Brands Hatch, 2018, Porsche AG

British favourite Derek Bell was pushing cars via a day

A delayed wander along this brief widen of tarmac supposing an rare tour by a story of Porsche Motorsport. First adult was an immaculately easy pre-A 356 in full competition trim, neighbour to a ultra-rare and likewise ideal 718 RS60, a automobile that brought Porsche a famous win during a 1960 12 Hours of Sebring with Hans Hermmann during a helm. 

Next in line was a 910, a svelte inheritor to a 906, a notation proportions and medium curves a sign of only how apart sports prototypes have come given a mid-Sixties. Alongside this was a pleasing 904 Carrera GTS, using a strange Fuhrmann four-cam engine and sporting a distinguished orange paintwork of Team Holland, a outfit that launched Gijs outpost Lennep’s career with Porsche.

Cars of unfit monument and importance

A span of a 904’s contemporary 911s were next, their compress monocoques and solemn liveries duly lilliputian by a impracticable 935s that came a decade later, supersized wings and candy colours a hallmarks of a new epoch in motorsport. Beyond them, an strange 911 SC RS, built by Prodrive for Porsche’s patron convene campaigns, pity a off-road limelight with a Jacky Ickx 959 that competed on, and eventually won, a barbarous Paris-Dakar.

Everywhere we incited there was a automobile of unfit monument and importance, from a Brumos-liveried RSR to one of a 3 924 GTPs that raced during Le Mans in 1980. The Bell/Bellof 956 so famous for a Group C prevalence and that overwhelming path time around a Nordschleife vied for excellence with a Museum’s possess 911 GT1, a really automobile that took undisguised feat during Le Sarthe in 1998. Next door, in a shade of a secure array garage, a mythological Salzburg 917K that gave Porsche a initial altogether win during Le Mans drew a solid tide of onlookers. 

919 Hybrid Evo, Porsche Festival, Brands Hatch, 2018, Porsche AG

The 919 Hybrid Evo was during Brands Hatch, too

Surrounded by a bustling throng of all ages and examples from a Porsche Museum collection, was a 919 Evo, busily being prepped for a initial tour of a day, a dizzying miscellany of monitors and path tops alongside air-jacks, tyres and untiring technicians.

The passion for Porsche in all a forms was everywhere to see during Brands, from a fastidiously confirmed highway cars that had brought so many here to a model selected racers that were still on a symbol and being driven as dictated all these years later.

Club Championship on the Indy circuit

Another cut of a Porsche life came in a form of a Club Championship, dual rounds of that took place around a brief and severe Indy circuit, with a array leaders battling it out in their highwayman 911s in a nail-biting issue to another fiercely contested deteriorate of grassroots motorsport during a really best.

Also pushing cars via a day were British heroes of Porsche’s racing past such as Derek Bell and Richard Attwood, while looking on was associate countryman Magnus Walker, championing a opposite entrance of a different nonetheless joined Porsche community. 

Porsche Festival, Brands Hatch, 2018, Porsche AG

Grassroots motorsport during a really best

All eyes were on another Briton, too, as Le Mans leader and IMSA ace Nick Tandy prepared to expostulate a 919 Evo for a initial time. This ultimate expansion of Porsche’s widespread hybrid competition programme would see good over 1000hp unleashed on a slight corners and brief straights once raced in annoy by a likes of Pedro Rodriguez and Jo Siffert in a 917K.

A brew of emotions saw Tandy during once vehement to be pushing a Evo and contemptible that this would substantially be his final tour in a 919. Determined it would go out in style, he unleashed as most of a Evo’s implausible intensity as a proportions of Brands Hatch and a stipulations of proof tyres would allow, flitting 308km/h (190mph) before a Paddock Hill hook – a record speed for a brief circuit.

Just one of a many good cars currently @brandshatchofficial @porsche_gb – festival of #porsche

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As a late summer object began to set over Southeast England, a lane finally fell wordless and a apart automobile parks rang out with a observable sound of flat-sixes banishment into life. Another conspicuous entrance in an memorable year for Porsche, over all too soon, though certain to live prolonged in a memory.

911 GT2 RS: Fuel expenditure total 11.8 l/100 km; CO2 emissions 269 g/km

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