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Goa, a nickname that Georg Bellof has had all his life, is 17 months comparison than Stefan and now 62 years old. He also designed to be a racing driver, and he too was lightning fast. However, he was incompetent to allege with this career choice due to a miss of funds. “I became a dental technician instead, finished a Master’s and built adult my possess practice.” But times have altered for him as well: Today, Goa Bellof shares his imagination with Porsche drivers as a pushing instructor. He was always really tighten to his younger hermit Stefan – and in a approach he still is. Following, compelling and assisting with his brother’s career were all vicious to Georg Bellof. “We were inseparable. We played football together, we went skiing together in winter, and we did all sorts of crazy things together.” For example, pushing around a premises of their father’s automobile paint emporium in a company’s Goggomobil microcar – a daily hobby enjoyed by a fun-loving boys. Goa Bellof laughs during these childhood memories so aloud and with such clarity, impetuosity and mischievousness like a loyal Bellof he is. Are we certain that this is Stefan’s brother? Without a doubt.


Georg Bellof, 2018, Porsche AG

Georg Bellof preserves his brother’s legacy

Stibbich: This is a name that Goa Bellof still uses to impute to his dear brother. According to Goa, a nickname “comes from Grandma Schäuble, my father’s horde mom when he came to Stuttgart before a fight to turn a coachbuilder. We mostly visited her.”

Stibbich means “the small one”. The small one always wanted his large hermit by his side. “Stefan knew that he could always count on me for good advice. That was really vicious to him.” This valid to be a box during a initial Formula 2 exam drives when Bellof tender distrustful group executive Willy Maurer after usually 3 laps; it was a identical story during a immature motorist tests for McLaren during a finish of 1983. This deteriorate was also his initial year in a Porsche bureau team. During subordinate for a 1,000-kilometre competition during a Nürburgring, Bellof finished a dream path of epoch-making importance: The timekeepers available 6:11.13 minutes, call a lane orator to make adult something about a timer being stopped during a wrong indicate since a path time that quick was simply not possible.

Stefan Bellof, 1983, Porsche AG

Stefan Bellof called “Stibbich”

 “We didn’t consider that a path time was unusual, initially”, Goa recalls. “We suspicion ‘great! The fastest in qualifying’. What was bizarre was a fact that a group hadn’t approaching him to be a fastest. But Stibbich had always been fast.” It was usually much, many after that it dawned on everybody in motorsport usually what Bellof had achieved with his Porsche 956 and a fable he had combined that day – for himself, for Porsche and for a Nordschleife. Like a mountaineer conquering Mount Everest, Stefan Bellof was a initial motorist to grasp an normal time of over 200 kilometres per hour on a 20,832-kilometre-long Nordschleife, a many formidable competition lane in a world. “Stefan pennyless a sound a barrier”, Norbert Singer, Porsche group leader, claims of a path time that went down in history. Today, Goa Bellof has a mythological record festooned on his shirt. There is no clearer approach to uncover his loving pride. 

Stefan Bellof, Georg Bellof, l-r, Porsche AG

Stefan Bellof (left) and Georg Bellof (right) contested many a kart race

However, a beforehand finish of that Sunday competition day on a Nordschleife is usually one of many stories mostly told as partial of racing folklore: With a poignant lead, Bellof broken his Porsche 956, crashing usually after a outrageous burst along a Pflanzgarten territory of a track. The automobile took off in a truest clarity of a word, during a speed in additional of 200, during a vicious point. Bellof transient unharmed, on that arise during least, and according to hermit Goa, “He immediately went over to a fans to pointer autographs.” It was this clearly happy and untroubled clarity of ease that characterised Bellof as a racing driver. Unfortunately it was also this untroubled opinion that spelled disaster for a racing motorist on Sep 1, 1985, when he died battling opposite Jacky Ickx in a inhuman duel on a wily Eau Rouge bend during Spa-Francorchamps. Stefan Bellof, however, will be remembered perpetually with a 6:11,13 turn during a Nürburgring in 1985.

Text initial published in a repository “Porsche Klassik 13”.

Text by Franz Ponder // Photos by Porsche Archive/CK Motorsport Archive

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