BSB Superstock champion Taylor Mackenzie: “It is an unimaginable feeling when a dream comes true.”

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Munich (DE), 26th Sep 2016. It was a biggest success in his
career so far: during a penultimate turn of a 2016 British Superbike
Championship (BSB) during Donington (GB), Taylor Mackenzie (GB) celebrated
an early pretension win in a Superstock category (BSB STK). In this closely
fought series, Mackenzie claimed 6 wins on his Buildbase BMW
Motorrad BMW S 1000 RR. He now has an advantage of 32 points over
second placed Ian Hutchinson (GB / Tyco BMW).


The BMW S 1000 RR is a widespread bike in a BSB STK this season.
In a 11 races contested so far, feat went to a BMW Motorrad
Motorsport racer on 9 occasions. Six times it was Mackenzie who
stepped onto a tip step of a podium, Hutchinson won twice and
Joshua Elliott (GB / Tyco BMW) once. In addition, a BMW riders
common many lectern places among them and claimed two
top-five-lockouts and dual one-two-three formula for a RR.


Champion Mackenzie comes from a racing family. His father Niall
Mackenzie (GB) was crowned British Superbike champion 3 times,
raced in a Motorcycle World Championship and in a Superbike
World Championship. Twenty-three-year aged Taylor competed in the
British Supersport Championship, and contested one deteriorate in a BSB
Superbike category before fasten Buildbase BMW Motorrad for a 2016
deteriorate in a Superstock class.


In an interview, Mackenzie speaks about his pretension win and his
successful season. He explains because a BMW S 1000 RR is his most
favourite motorcycle and talks about a BMW Motorrad Race Trophy.



Taylor, congratulations on winning a title. Being Champion
in a Superstock category of a BSB – what does this meant to you?


Taylor Mackenzie: “It is a unequivocally unapproachable impulse for me. Racing is a
large partial of my family life and we work impossibly tough as a family
to be as successful as we can be, so when a dream you’ve been
operative towards all year finally comes loyal it’s an unimaginable feeling.”


You have won 6 races so distant this deteriorate and distinguished an
early pretension win. What is a tip of your success? It is an
intensely closely fought series…


Mackenzie: “It’s been a unequivocally formidable year, we have personally
prepared myself as best we can and also my group has finished a good job
scheming my bike this season. We have finished a lot of testing,
practicing and racing this year, and all of it seems to have paid off.”


It is your initial deteriorate on a BMW S 1000 RR. How do you
like a bike?


Mackenzie: “It is by distant and divided my favourite motorcycle ever.
From a initial path we rode a bike it only felt accurately like what I
needed, a initial thing we beheld was a power, as it is unequivocally fast,
though it’s also unequivocally nimble and easy to ride, that creates it unequivocally good
for racing on a British circuits.”


Are a strengths of a bike also a reason because a RR is
so widespread in a BSB Superstock class?


Mackenzie: “It unequivocally is, and we consider when everybody could see
how we dominated a initial few races afterwards they wanted to buy one.”


How critical is a knowledge of your team, Buildbase BMW
Motorrad, and a support of BMW Motorrad Motorsport?


Mackenzie: “It is unequivocally important. We haven’t had to second guess
anything this year, as a group knew accurately what to do with the
gearing and cessation before we got to any track, that done it
unequivocally easy to go quick true away. The BMW Motorrad Motorsport
package was also unequivocally good, that unequivocally gave us an advantage
over other manufacturers.”


What has been your best impulse on a BMW S 1000 RR so far?


Mackenzie: “Winning my initial foe of a deteriorate was great, as it
was my initial win in 5 years. Crossing a finishing line to win
a championship was also a unequivocally special impulse for me too, as it
was my initial British Championship.”


You are in a tip positions in a BMW Motorrad Race Trophy
– and have already cumulative a championship reward for we as the
supplement and for a team. Do we like a judgment of this special
BMW competition?


Mackenzie: “The BMW Motorrad Race Trophy is implausible for all
riders. It is unequivocally inexhaustible of BMW to support a riders and teams
so good and we am unequivocally beholden for it.”


What goals have we set yourself for your racing future?


Mackenzie: “I have been that focused on winning a pretension this year
we haven’t unequivocally had time to consider about a future! But we would
adore to be rival in a Superbike category of British Superbikes.”


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