Buckle up! Californian dream expostulate with a SL.

Posted on 12. Jul, 2019 by in Mercedes-Benz Canada

We have left a initial few miles of a highway behind us. As a final villas of Malibu disappear in a rear-view mirror, we suffer a relaxed, open pushing knowledge to a full. On this widen of road, a SL is a genuine lady of a roadster: a characteristics of a cessation can be practiced with a assist of a 5 DYNAMIC SELECT delivery modes, only as a motorist desires – and of march to fit a state of a road.  We switch to “Comfort” mode , and a SL still feels sporty, though compared with a “Sport” or “Sport Plus” modes it provides noticeably some-more comfort. Small and medium-sized potholes – yes, even on a Pacific Coast Highway 1 we can’t shun them – are no problem for a suspension.

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