Buick Introduces 2016 Encore Sport Touring

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Buick Introduces 2016 Encore Sport Touring

New 1.4L turbo engine, disdainful extraneous cues supplement distinction, performance






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Oshawa – Buick currently introduced a 2016 Encore Sport Touring – a some-more energetic take on a brand’s renouned crossover. It is renowned by singular extraneous cues and driven by an exclusive, all-new 1.4L turbocharged engine featuring approach injection and stop/start technology.

The extraneous facilities embody a swift back spoiler, 18-inch aluminum premium-finish wheels and body-color doorway handles, while a technologically modernized 1.4L turbo is partial of a new, tellurian family of small, power-dense engines grown to change opening and potency with well-developed refinement.

Direct injection helps it beget an estimated during 153 hp (112 kW) and 177 lb-ft of torque (240 Nm), for about 11 percent some-more horsepower and scarcely 20 percent some-more torque than a Encore’s customary engine – and a larger feeling of appetite on demand, quite during low- and mid-range engine speeds. It’s matched with a six-speed involuntary transmission.

Stop/start record serve contributes to reduced fuel expenditure in stop-and-go driving. It automatically shuts down a engine when a car comes to a stop underneath certain pushing conditions, such as a stoplight. The engine automatically restarts when a motorist takes his or her feet off a brake.

“With some-more performance, record and efficiency, a all-new Encore Sport Touring is a pushing force behind Buick’s enlargement and a matter for introducing a new era of business to a brand,” pronounced Mike Speranzini, code director, Buick in Canada. “This tiny crossover’s singular package of oppulance facilities helps attract new business to a brand.”

The 2016 Encore Sport Touring goes on sale this fall. All Encore models offer room for 5 and adult to 48.4 cubic feet (1,371 liters) of storage space. Standard facilities include:

  • Blue-accented halogen combination projector-beam headlamps
  • IntelliLink voice-activated infotainment complement with a 7-inch-diagonal, high-resolution, full-color display
  • OnStar 4G LTE connectivity with a Wi-Fi hotspot (includes a three-month/3GB information trial)
  • Rearview camera system
  • Fold-flat front newcomer chair that extends a bucket length and accommodates equipment adult to 8 feet long
  • Ten customary atmosphere bags, including side-curtain and knee atmosphere bags
  • QuietTuning with Bose Active Noise Cancellation technology
  • Heated outward rearview mirrors with vigilance indicators
  • Fuel-saving electric appetite steering
  • Four-wheel front brakes.

Encore Sport Touring also includes a Convenience package, that adds a 120-volt appetite outlet, auto-dimming inside rearview mirror, dual-zone meridian control, haze lamps, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Side Blind Zone Alert and remote starting.

All-wheel drive, a reward Bose® audio system, navigation radio and a moonroof are available.

1.4L turbo details

The Encore Sport Touring’s disdainful 1.4L turbo is formed on an all-new engine family, pity usually a banishment with a Encore’s customary 1.4L turbo engine. It facilities an aluminum cylinder retard and head, that helps revoke mass to raise opening and efficiency.

Engine potency is also bolstered by reduced friction, including low-friction piston rings, a low-friction camshaft expostulate and a low-friction oil pump. Additional engine facilities include:

  • A durable steel crankshaft is used for strength and reduced engine vibration
  • Powder-metal steel joining rods and hypereutectic-alloy aluminum pistons that are tough and minister to quietness. They are used with low-tension rings that revoke friction, that contributes to larger efficiency
  • A variable-flow oiling complement helps maximize fuel efficiency. The crankshaft-driven oil siphon that matches a oil supply to a engine load, changing a ability formed on a engine’s direct for oil – expelling appetite squandered to siphon oil that is not compulsory for correct engine operation
  • Piston-cooling oil jets are used to minimize piston temperatures – assisting to optimize performance, refinement, potency and emissions.

The cylinder conduct has a water-cooled empty plural integrated within a aluminum casting. Its single-piece pattern provides a series of benefits, including quicker engine warm-up, that contributes to improved emissions performance. It also enhances continuance by expelling a need for gasket sealing around a empty ports, as good as charity under-hood wrapping advantages.

Along with opening and efficiency, a new 1.4L engine offers glorious refinement, with low quivering and sound levels – a hallmark of Buick’s mythological quietness. Highlights include:

  • The camshaft drive-chain is optimized for low sound levels by an inverted-tooth design. The whole sequence architecture, including a tensioning, hang and guides, is designed for reduced altogether sound deviation and a rejecting of any viewed aberrant sounds
  • The formation of a lower, hammered steel sump during a bottom of a aluminum oil vessel also reduces noise
  • The front-end appendage expostulate facilities an major alternator coupler to mislay a outcome of crankshaft oscillations. In further to excellence benefits, this also allows a rebate in tensioning force to revoke attrition levels and urge efficiency
  • Acoustically optimized covers for a tip and front of a engine
  • Crankshaft siege with iron categorical temperament inserts.

FAST FACT: Encore sales have increasing 5 percent year-to-date.

About Buick in Canada

Buick is an general complicated oppulance code charity vehicles with sculpted designs, lush interiors and courteous personal technologies, along with responsive-yet-efficient performance. Buick is attracting new business with a portfolio of award-winning oppulance models in North America and China. Learn some-more about Buick cars and crossovers during www.buick.ca, on Twitter @BuickCanada or during www.facebook.com/BuickCanada    

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