Cadillac CTS AWD Coupe is AutoBild Allrad Car of a Year

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Sport coupe with worldly AWD complement adored by readers in import category

Frankfurt/Zrich The readers of German motoring repository AutoBild Allrad have comparison a Cadillac CTS All-Wheel-Drive Coupe Car of a Year in a import difficulty of a sports car/coupe/convertible segment.

The Cadillac CTS AWD Coupe was comparison comparison over competitors that enclosed a Nissan GT-R, Lamborghini Gallardo, Bentley Continental GT and Alfa Romeo Brera Q4. Wolfgang Schubert, doing executive of Cadillac Europe, perceived a esteem from Dr. Hans Hamer, doing executive of Axel Springer Auto Verlag, and Bernhard Weinbacher, editor-in-chief of AutoBild Allrad, in Frankfurts smart Klassikstadt.

I am really happy to see that a new participation of Cadillac on a European marketplace has been beheld and appreciated, Schubert said.

The CTS Coupe was introduced in Europe in autumn 2010. Its particular pattern and sports-car opening make it a highest-profile indication of a new Cadillac European line-up. The customary CTS Coupe powertrain consists of a 229 kW/311 hp direct-injected 3.6L V-6 engine and six-speed primer transmission.

The all-wheel-drive choice has bolstered a CTS Coupes opening certification in Europe. The CTS all-wheel expostulate complement automatically and uniformly delivers all-wheel expostulate operation as compulsory by pushing conditions by mechanism controls and law modulating clutch. Information is interpreted by a vehicles mechanism system, that adjusts a volume of energy delivered to a front wheels adult to 50 times per second. The complement is entirely concordant with a anti-lock braking system, or ABS.

The CTS AWD complement has been designed to work in peace with StabiliTrak, Cadillacs electronic fortitude control system, to minimize stop involvement and urge car traction and doing on dry, wet, icy and snowy highway conditions. For pushing on dry roads, a torque placement is roughly 25/75 front/rear. Up to 100 percent of accessible torque is delivered to a front wheels while pushing on sleazy highway surfaces. The limited-slip differential serve enhances traction and stability.

More than 40 percent of all Cadillacs are sole with AWD in Europe. In Switzerland and Austria, AWD sales surpass 70 percent.

About Cadillac in Canada

Cadillac has been a oppulance automotive manufacturer given 1902 and has a prestigious story of reserve and record innovation. This bequest continues currently as Cadillac engineers and builds technologically advanced, dramatically styled vehicles with a repute for luxury, opening and quality. More information on Cadillac can be found during

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