Cadillac Introduces First-Ever CT5

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Cadillac Introduces First-Ever CT5

Global entrance of new American oppulance sedan advances brand’s bequest by charity Super Cruise1





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This all-new compress sedan advances a brand’s award-winning bequest with a particular alloy of design, opening and comfort, upheld by Cadillac’s latest technologies — including Super Cruise1, a world’s initial loyal hands-free motorist assistance underline for limited-access freeways.

“The first-ever Cadillac CT5 showcases Cadillac’s singular imagination in crafting American oppulance sedans,” pronounced Steve Carlisle, Cadillac president. “Its sum rouse any expostulate and prerogative a senses.”

An all-new fastback pattern underscores a CT5’s polished ride, complemented with a driver-centric interior that blends high record and high-touch elements. Luxury and Sport models concede business to tailor a automobile to their impression preferences with singular pattern and trim.

“Cadillac is dedicated to building a world’s many refreshing oppulance sedans,” pronounced Carlisle. “Every component of a CT5 is focused on delivering an unequaled experience, from a 10-speed delivery to Cadillac’s Super Cruise technology. The enlargement of Super Cruise to CT5 reinforces a joining to bringing a many innovative technologies to a customers.” 

Cadillac CT5’s Super Cruise record will be accessible in calendar year 2020 on name models.

CT5 highlights:

  • At launch, a indication operation will embody Luxury, Premium Luxury and Sport, with a Platinum package accessible on Premium Luxury and Sport models.
  • A 2.0L Twin-Scroll Turbo engine is customary and Cadillac’s 3.0L Twin-Turbo V-6 is accessible on Premium Luxury and Sport models. Unique sound calibrations are tuned with a engines and any is interconnected with a 10-speed involuntary transmission.
  • The pushing dynamics build on Cadillac’s award-winning RWD pattern and embody customary Driver Mode Control. AWD is available.
  • The latest Cadillac user experience2 with a vast 10-inch-diagonal screen, as good as discerning controls, including a rotary controller.
  • A horde of comfort and preference facilities such as customary Adaptive Remote Start, cabin atmosphere catharsis ionizer and accessible front-seat lumbar massage.
  • Driver recognition technologies embody customary Safety Alert Seat3 and Cadillac’s latest era accessible Rear Camera Mirror with wizz and lean adjustment.
  • Standard motorist assistance technologies embody Forward Collision Alert3, Low Speed Forward Automatic Emergency Braking3 and Front Pedestrian Braking3.
  • Available motorist assistance technologies including Advanced3 Adaptive Cruise Control, Enhanced Forward Automatic Emergency Braking3, Automatic Parking Assist with Braking3, HD Surround Vision with Recorder3, Rear Pedestrian Detection and Alert3, Reverse Automatic Braking3 and more.

A New Design Profile

With a fastback form desirous by a Escala concept, a first-ever CT5 charts a new instruction for Cadillac sedan pattern that leverages a healthy proportional advantage of a vehicle’s rear-drive height to promulgate power, participation and performance.

“From any angle, a CT5 exudes athleticism, sophistication and confidence,” pronounced Andrew Smith, executive executive of tellurian Cadillac design. “Cadillac’s signature hard-edge cues have developed to a some-more sculptural and liquid countenance of a brand’s pattern language.”

A long, 116-inch wheelbase (2,947 mm) and extended side potion intensify a car’s long, low suit and unconditional fastback profile. Body sculpturing, including frozen impression lines, contributes to a car’s clever position and speaks to Cadillac’s bequest of craftsmanship and technology.

An all-LED extraneous lighting devise facilities signature straight lights during all 4 corners of a vehicle.

Bright extraneous accents and singular grilles and fascias heed a CT5 Luxury and Premium Luxury models, while a Sport indication is differentiated by darker accents and performance-inspired details, including singular grilles, fascias, rocker extensions, spoiler and customary 19-inch wheels4.

High-Tech and High-Touch Interior

CT5’s interior facilities elegant, far-reaching aspect lines and elementary interfaces, focusing on quality, courtesy to detail, flawlessness of materials and exquisite craftsmanship.

Everything from a instrument row to a centre arrangement is focused on a motorist and essential hold points, emphasizing control. That includes a prominent, 1080dp high-definition full-color 10-inch-diagonal touchscreen mounted high within a instrument row for visibility.

Intuitive Technology and Connectivity

CT5 delivers courteous record formation by charity an discerning in-vehicle knowledge with a heightened clarity of control. This is supposing in all from car controls that heed to a driver’s pushing impression to a latest, some-more personal Cadillac user experience2, that provides some-more discerning ways to interface with a system, including phone pairing around Near Field Communication and a new rotary controller. 

CT5 also facilities customary Adaptive Remote Start and an accessible hands-free power-release decklid to serve customers’ preference and comfort. Adaptive Remote Start automatically activates facilities such as a accessible adaptive heated/ventilated front seats, exhilarated steering circle and other meridian systems, depending on a temperature. The hands-free decklid uses a suit sensor with Cadillac design aim projection that allows business to activate a case recover with their foot, ancillary easy access.


Turbocharged Performance

CT5 is powered by a 2.0L Twin-Scroll Turbo engine and 10-speed involuntary delivery with Electronic Precision Shift. This customary thrust multiple offers manageable off-the-line opening with glorious low-end torque. The twin-scroll turbocharger and a singular three-step changeable camshaft assistance a engine optimize opening opposite a rpm rope for a larger feeling of on-demand energy during all speeds.

Cadillac’s absolute 3.0L Twin Turbo V-6 is accessible on Premium Luxury and Sport models, rated during an estimated 335 hp (250 kw) and 400 lb-ft of torque (542 Nm)5. Low-inertia turbochargers and a manifold-integrated liquid-to-air intercooling complement assistance a engine furnish well-developed energy with probably no loiter and means it opposite many of a rpm band. Like a 2.0L Turbo, it is interconnected with a 10-speed involuntary delivery with Electronic Precision Shift.

Both engines occupy technologies such as approach injection, camshaft phasing, Active Fuel Management (cylinder deactivation) and involuntary stop/start to change performance, excellence and efficiency. Sound tuning around automatic and electronic sources contributes to CT5’s optimized outcome on a senses, with engine sounds tuned to enlarge a pushing knowledge in a polished manner, while assisting to minimize neglected sound in a cabin.

Evolved Driving Dynamics

Building on a strengths of a glorious RWD pattern that underpins Cadillac’s award-winning rear-wheel-drive sedans, a first-ever CT5 is designed to broach an refreshing pushing knowledge while progressing a brand’s signature mix of performance, comfort and refinement.

Evolutionary enhancements of a front and back suspensions, including Cadillac’s signature double-pivot MacPherson-type front suspension, are designed to urge highway siege and motorist feedback. At a rear, a five-link eccentric cessation contributes to a car’s glorious feeling of control.

Additional framework and pushing dynamics features:

  • Standard Bosch reward electric, rack-mounted energy steering system.
  • Capable, assured and accurate eBoost brakes.
  • Brembo front brakes are customary on a Sport model.
  • Standard ZF MVS pacifist dampers.
  • All-wheel expostulate is accessible on all models.

Standard customer-selectable expostulate modes concede CT5 to adjust even improved to motorist preferences and changing highway conditions. The modes — Tour, Sport, Snow/Ice and new My Mode — can change a calibrations for delivery shifting, steering and stop feel, front/rear torque separate (with a accessible AWD system) and car sound impression to customize a pushing experience.

CT5 can hoop a accumulation of highway conditions no matter a climate, interjection to all-wheel expostulate accessible on any indication along with a different operation of tire choices, including 19-inch all-season run-flat tires and 18-inch Michelin self-seal tires. All tire options concede drivers to continue pushing during many punctures that would sideline required tires, for evident replacement/repair.

Coming Soon

The 2020 CT5 creates a open entrance during a New York International Auto Show Apr 19-28 and will be accessible for grouping this fall. Pricing and additional information will be announced closer to a start of production. 


1Even while regulating a Super Cruise motorist assistance feature, always compensate courtesy while pushing and do not use a hand-held device.  Visit for concordant highways and some-more information.  Requires active OnStar plan, active Wi-Fi Hotspot, operative electrical system, dungeon accepting and GPS signal

2Cadillac Infotainment System functionality varies by model. Full functionality requires concordant Bluetooth and smartphone, and USB connectivity for some devices.

3Safety or motorist assistance facilities are no surrogate for a driver’s shortcoming to work a car in a protected manner. The motorist should sojourn courteous to traffic, vicinity and highway conditions during all times. Visibility, continue and highway conditions might impact underline performance. Read a vehicle’s owner’s primer for some-more critical reserve stipulations and information.  

4Lower form tires wear faster. Wheel and tire repairs might start on severe or shop-worn highway or from surfaces or from curbs, waste or obstacles. This repairs is not lonesome by a GM New Vehicle Limited Warranty. For some-more details, go to or see your dealer.

5Cadillac estimated. Horsepower and torque tentative SAE certification.





^ SAE numbers n/a



^ SAE numbers n/a











^Cargo and bucket ability singular by weight and distribution. ±Before we buy a car or use it for trailering, delicately examination a Trailering territory of a Owner’s Manual.



* Certain facilities need a hearing or paid active use plan

1Cadillac Infotainment System functionality varies by model. Full functionality requires concordant Bluetooth and smartphone, and USB connectivity for some devices.

2Map coverage accessible in a U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada.

3Requires active connected services or OnStar plan. Services are theme to user terms and stipulations and change by car model. Visit for details. Availability theme to change.

4The complement wirelessly charges one Qi-compatible mobile device. Some phones have built-in wireless charging record and others need a special adaptor/back cover. To check for phone or other device compatibility, see or deliberate your carrier.

5Not concordant with all devices

6 Connected services embody 2 years of navigation services and 6 months of Remote Access Plan. Data skeleton offering by ATT. Services theme to user terms and limitations. Certain services need operative electrical system, dungeon accepting and GPS signal. OnStar links to puncture services. See for sum and limitations. Availability theme to change.

7Vehicle user interface is a product of Apple and a terms and remoteness statements apply. Requires concordant iPhone and information devise rates apply. Apple CarPlay is a heading of Apple Inc. Siri, iPhone and iTunes are trademarks for Apple Inc, purebred in a U.S. and other countries.

8Vehicle user interface is a product of Google and a terms and remoteness statements apply. Requires a Android Auto app on Google Play and an Android concordant smartphone using Android™ 5.0 Lollipop or higher. Data devise rates apply. Android Auto is a heading of Google LLC.


^Safety or motorist assistance facilities are no surrogate for a driver’s shortcoming to work a car in a protected manner. The motorist should sojourn courteous to traffic, vicinity and highway conditions during all times. Visibility, continue and highway conditions might impact underline performance. Read a vehicle’s owner’s primer for some-more critical reserve stipulations and information.  


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