Canadian Jordan Szoke wins a 2016 BMW Motorrad Race Trophy – BMW Motorrad Motorsport village meets during a Season Finale in Munich.

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Munich (DE), 9th Dec 2016. Canadian Jordan Szoke is
a leader of a 2016 BMW Motorrad Race Trophy. The supplement from the
Mopar Express Lane BMW Superbike Team finished a ideal deteriorate in
a Canadian Superbike Championship (CSBK), fortifying his pretension in the
array by winning all 7 races and securing all stick positions.
2016 was a third deteriorate for this special patron racing project.
This year a array of participants in a BMW Motorrad Race Trophy
has increased. No reduction than 127 BMW racers from 25 opposite nations
on 6 continents had registered. They raced for 83 opposite teams in
27 particular championship classes. The many successful of them were
given their awards during a 2016 BMW Motorrad Motorsport Season Finale
in a BMW Museum in Munich (DE) on Friday. At this event, the
general BMW Motorrad Motorsport family met adult to bid farewell to
a 2016 deteriorate and to flog off a 2017 season.


One of a highlights of a dusk was a reverence to a highest
placed participants in a 2016 BMW Motorrad Race Trophy. The tip 15
were recognized with trophies and a sum esteem purse of 100,000
Euros. Winner Szoke perceived a winner’s coupon for 20,000 Euros. In
his successful 2016 season, a 37-year aged CSBK champion picked adult a
sum of 450.00 Race Trophy points, including a reward points all
riders perceived for pretension wins, stick positions and so on.


“To be a leader of a BMW Motorrad Race Trophy unequivocally means a lot
to me,” pronounced Szoke. “Last year we stood here on a theatre as runner-up,
and it is only a illusory feeling to now have cumulative a first
place. It creates me really unapproachable to successfully paint Canada in this
singular worldwide competition. The Race Trophy helps to bring
general recognition to a array and also shows how good the
racing is in Canada. The Race Trophy is a good judgment that unites us
BMW racers all around a world. It is good to be a partial of it. And
a additional support by a esteem income and a bonuses is an
overwhelming assistance for us riders.”


Second place went to Vincent Lonbois (BE), a 2016 champion in the
International Road Racing Championship (IRRC), with 447.36 points.
Third was Michal Prášek (CZ), a 2016 champion in a Superstock
category of a Alpe Adria Road Racing Championship (AARR STK), with
435.60 points (see full final standings below).


“We are gay to see a outrageous worldwide BMW Motorrad Motorsport
family removing together here in Munich. Congratulations to our
successful BMW racers for a good formula they have achieved this
season. They valid that a BMW S 1000 RR once some-more was a bike to
kick in many series,” pronounced Heiner Faust, Executive Vice President
Sales and Marketing BMW Motorrad. “The members of a outrageous tellurian BMW
Motorrad Motorsport family paint a code on a race-tracks all
around a globe. We wish to conclude them for their commitment, their
passion and their unrestrained for BMW Motorrad.”


“As a manufacturer, a tighten and clever attribute with our
privateers has a top priority for us. It was a idea to create
worldwide a singular and clever village of motorcycle racers,” Faust
continued. “With a endless patron sports programme – that
includes a endless support from a experts of BMW Motorrad
Motorsport and a BMW Motorrad Race Trophy – we achieved that goal.
More and some-more racers on all continents count on a strengths of our
BMW S 1000 RR and on a support. And also a Race Trophy keeps
flourishing from year to year. In 2016. a BMW Motorrad Motorsport family
can applaud no reduction than 9 championship titles. This includes the
ancestral pretension win in a FIM Sidecar World Championship and the
fourth pretension for a BMW S 1000 RR in a FIM Superstock 1000 Cup. In
universe championships and other general and inhabitant racing series
a patron teams have claimed 89 wins and 263 lectern finishes this
season. We are really unapproachable of this clever and successful racing family.”


To conclude a achievements of a BMW privateers, a special bonus
has been awarded within a BMW Motorrad Race Trophy to championship
winning teams and riders. Every group that won a pretension in its
particular racing array perceived esteem income of 7,500 Euros, while
a supplement was rewarded with 2,500 Euros. Nine BMW teams and racers
were handed this pretension reward during a BMW Motorrad Motorsport Season
Finale in Munich: Team Cherot Moto Sport and Benjamin Colliaux (FR /
French European Bikes Championship), Rohac and Fejta motoracing team
and Michal Prášek (CZ / Alpe Adria Road Racing Championship Superstock
class), IVR BMW Motorrad CSEU and Lukáš Pešek (CZ / Alpe Adria Road
Racing Championship Superbike class), Herpigny Motors BMW Motorrad
Belux and Vincent Lonbois (BE / International Road Racing
Championship), Tyco BMW Motorrad Racing and Ian Hutchinson (GB / BMW
Combined Road Race Challenge), Mopar Express Lane BMW Superbike Team
and Jordan Szoke (CA / Canadian Superbike Championship), Buildbase BMW
Motorrad and Taylor Mackenzie (GB / British Superbike Championship
Superstock class), Althea BMW Racing Team and Raffaele De Rosa (IT /
FIM Superstock 1000 Cup) and 44-Racing with Pekka Päivärinta and Kirsi
Kainulainen (FI / FIM Sidecar World Championship).


In addition, a new “Race Finisher Bonus” was introduced this
season. A reward of 500 Euros was given to all those Race Trophy
participants who finished all rated races in their respective
championship category improved than in final position, scored some-more than 100
Race Trophy points and were not ranked within a Top 15 of a Race Trophy.


Registration for a 2017 BMW Motorrad Race Trophy is probable from
Saturday, 10th Dec 2016 on.



2016 BMW Motorrad Race Trophy – Final standings.


Status: 9th Dec 2016



16. Danilo Lewis (BR/BRSBK/285.50), 17. Jan Bühn (DE/IDM STK/255.23),
18. Michael Rutter (GB/BSB STK/251.27), 19. Pepijn Bijsterbosch
(NL/IDM STK/239.23), 20. Joshua Elliott (GB/BSB STK/232.18), 21. Colin
Butler (CA/MSC SBK/227.20), 22. Matteo Ferrari (IT/CIV/214.00), 23.
Ben Young (GB/CSBK/211.71), 24. Lance Isaacs (ZA/RSA SBK/210.57), 25.
Michel Amalric (FR/FR EU/202.57), 26. Cyril Brunet-Lugardon (FR/FR
EU/198.62), 27. Michael Laverty (GB/BSB SBK/192.40), 28. Martin Choy
(BG/AARR SBK/189.20), 28. Christian Iddon (GB/BSB SBK/189.20), 30.
Michael Leon (CA/CSBK/186.00), 31. Jordi Torres (ES/WorldSBK/185.20),
32. Richard Cooper (GB/BSB SBK/183.60), 33. Stefan Kerschbaumer
(AT/EWC STK/180.62), 33. Bastien Mackels (BE/EWC STK/180.62), 33.
Dominik Vincon (DE/EWC STK/180.62), 36. Denni Schiavoni
(IT/CIV/172.40), 37. Mike Roscher/Anna Burkard (DE/SWC/167.26), 38.
Nasarudin Mat Yusop (MY/MSC STK/159.60), 39. Mathieu Gines (FR/IDM
SBK/156.11), 40. Miloš Cihak (CZ/AARR SBK/145.20), 41. Petr Bičiště
(CZ/IRRC/137.09), 42. Martin Tritscher (AT/AARR STK/135.60), 43. Marek
Hartl (CZ/AARR STK/132.00), 44. Adam Jenkinson (GB/BSB STK/125.09),
45. Marc Neumann (DE/IDM STK/121.38), 46. Hernani Teixeira (FR/FR
EU/117.85), 47. Madjid Idres (FR/FR EU/116.15), 48. Lee Jackson
(GB/BSB SBK/114.80), 49. David Datzer (DE/IRRC/107.09), 50. Julien
Brun (FR/FR EU/101.38), 51. Léon Benichou (FR/FR EU/100.92), 52.
Joshua Brookes (AU/WorldSBK/99.60), 53. Santiago Barragán
(ES/CEV/99.49), 54. Luca Vitali (IT/STK1000/98.50), 55. Markus
Reiterberger (DE/WorldSBK/98.00), 56. Chrissy Rouse (GB/BSB
STK/97.45), 57. Marco Nekvasil (AT/IDM STK/94.00), 58. Dominic Chang
(SG/MSC STK/91.20), 59. Roberto Blazquez (ES/CEV/90.80), 60. Daisaku
Sakai (JP/MFJ/88.50), 61. Hudson Kennaugh (ZA/BSB STK/88.00), 62.
Garrick Vlok (ZA/RSA SBK/87.71), 63. Arnaud Friedrich (DE/IDM
STK/85.69), 64. Leon Jeacock (GB/BSB STK/75.64), 65. Alex Olsen
(GB/BSB STK/71.27), 66. Lee Johnston (GB/BMW RRC/71.00), 67. David
Bouvier (FR/FR EU/69.19), 68. Camille Hedelin (FR/EWC SBK/67.35), 69.
Alastair Seeley (GB/BSB SBK/65.20), 70. Bertrand Boyer (FR/FR
EU/64.00), 71. Steve Rapp (US/AMA SBK/61.87), 72. Rob McNealy (GB/BSB
STK/59.45), 73. Karel Abraham (CZ/WorldSBK/58.80), 74. Shinya Takeishi
(JP/MFJ/58.50), 75. Manu Dagault (FR/FR EU/57.23), 76. Maxime Bonnot
(FR/FSBK SBK/56.00), 77. Clive Rambure (FR/EWC SBK/54.53), 78. Sam
West (GB/BMW RRC/54.20), 79. Björn Stuppi (DE/IDM STK/53.38), 80.
Jeremy Cook (US/AMA STK/52.53), 81. Yuta Kodama (JP/MFJ/50.50), 82.
Ronald Slamet (ZA/RSA SBK/48.00), 83. Barry Teasdale (GB/BSB
STK/46.55), 84. Ricky Lee Weare (ZA/RSA SBK/46.29), 85. Jakub Smrz
(CZ/BSB SBK/44.00), 86. Martin Jessopp (GB/BSB SBK/40.60), 87. Michal
Šembera (CZ/AARR SBK/40.40), 88. Rene Skalicky (CZ/AARR STK/39.00),
89. Michal Bidas (CZ/AARR STK/38.40), 90. Dominique Platet (FR/EWC
SBK/37.59), 91. Michal Fojtik (CZ/AARR STK/36.80), 92. John Krieger
(ZA/RSA SBK/34.29), 93. Ben Godfrey (GB/BSB STK/34.18), 94. Eric
Vionnet (CH/STK1000/30.75), 95. Davo Johnson (AU/BMW RRC/29.80), 96.
Nicolas Senechal (FR/EWC SBK/29.77), 97. Dominic Herbertson (GB/BMW
RRC/28.00), 98. Evert Stoffberg (ZA/RSA SBK/27.43), 99. Federico
D’Annunzio (IT/STK1000/26.75), 100. Etienne Nelson (ZA/RSA SBK/25.71),
101. Daniel Cooper (GB/BMW RRC/25.60), 102. Derek McGee (IE/BMW
RRC/22.40), 103. Heinrich Rheeder (ZA/RSA SBK/20.43), 104. Matthieu
Lussiana (FR/WorldSBK/19.80), 105. Adrián Bonastre (ES/CEV/19.00),
106. Justin Gillesen (ZA/RSA SBK/18.86), 107. Gauthier Duwelz
(BE/STK1000/17.25), 107. Lim Ho Gon (KR/MFJ/17.25), 109. Janez
Prosenik (SI/EWC SBK/15.65), 110. Michal Filla (CZ/IDM STK/15.54),
111. Pedro Rodriguez (ES/CEV/12.60), 112. Sabine Holbrook (DE/AARR
SBK/7.60), 113. Eric Dagault (FR/FR EU/7.38), 114. Pierre Bezuidenhout
(ZA/RSA SBK/6.57), 115. Thomas Toffel (CH/STK1000/5.75), 116. Jacques
outpost Wyngaardt (ZA/RSA SBK/5.71), 117. Pascal Meslet (FR/FR EU/4.92),
118. Valter Patronen (FI/CEV/4.80), 119. Matej Smrz (BSB SBK/ 4.60),
120. Elwyn Steenkamp (ZA/RSA SBK/1.14), 121. Christophe Costes (FR/FR
EU/0.00), 121. Stefan Dolipski (DE/AMA STK/0.00), 121. Ryan Farquhar
(GB/BMW RRC/0.00), 121. Marcel Irnie (CA/CSBK/0.00), 121. Aaron League
(US/BSB STK/0.00), 121. Joan Sardanyons (ES/CEV/0.00), 121. Tomas
Svitok (SK/AARR STK/0.00)

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