Capable, Contemporary and Compact – a All-New Ford EcoSport is a Fun, Friendly SUV

Posted on 04. Jan, 2012 by in Ford Canada

All-New EcoSport
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 ·       The all-new Ford EcoSport has an aerodynamically sculpted, contemporary new demeanour with signature SUV pattern elements, including a able stance, a authority pushing position and a rear-mounted gangling tyre

Shaped for tellurian appeal
Ford believes that this multiple of attributes will make a all-new EcoSport as appealing in expansion markets like India and Brazil as a first-generation indication was in South America following a launch in 2003.

“EcoSport unequivocally shows a joining to building a pattern centres to emanate tellurian products around a world,” Mays said. “The approach these studios work together has shown that we can furnish good pattern no matter where a studio is, and carrying designers formed in an emerging, compact-car marketplace apparently helps make a new products like EcoSport mount out.” 

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