There’s no stealing it, I’m a selected kind of girl. we adore aged things that tell a story and even move behind childhood memories. Or worse, make me prolonged for an epoch we didn’t even live through!

But when we hear “vintage automobile accessories,” my nostalgia changes to… chuckles!

Our Top 5

The Ford Blog is gratified to share a list of automobile accessories that didn’t tarry a exam of time! Maybe we remember them, or, for a immature among us, can we trust they ever existed?

5. The involuntary seatbelt

1988 Escort Automatic Seatbelt

Wasn’t it funny? Seatbelts that slid along their track, though we still had to lift on it to get it to buckle. And even better, infrequently a seatbelt was already down and we had to slip underneath it to bend in. Weird.

4. Pop-up headlights

1977 Ford Thunderbird Town Landau two-door neg CN13505-117resize

Headlights weren’t deliberate “good looking” during a time, so they were hidden. Need lights? Lift a small door, like a garage. But in cold weather, what if a headlight froze shut? Not unequivocally practical!

3. Rumble seat

1929 Ford Model A Sport Coupe neg 53357resize

In aged Fords, an additional chair outside a vehicle could cocktail out for an additional passenger. For someone we didn’t like maybe?

2. The cassette deck

1987 Aerostar dashboard (CN45021-582)

Fast forward, rewind, repair a badge with a pencil. Remember? we do!

1. The horse

Horse and Buggy

You know, those animals that pull carriages? Now that’s vintage!

What selected appendage do we remember? We’d unequivocally like to hear about it in a comments section. Thanks!