Car Review: 2015 Ford Fusion SE FWD

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Stylish and sporty family hauler

Performance, fuel efficiency, ride/handling balance

Infotainment system, AWD availability, primer shifting

Value for money

What would we change?
Simplify a infotainment complement and addition a all-wheel-drive choice to obtuse models

When Ford launched a latest Fusion, it upped a ante in a mid-sized segment. Along with a raft of dark improvements came a healthy sip of character and a grade of sportiness not approaching of a family sedan. Two years on and things sojourn as flushed as they did when a Fusion’s Aston Martin-like grille arrived with such a splash. As before, there are innumerable models, including both hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions to addition a gasoline-powered models.

2015 Ford Fusion SE FWD2015 Ford Fusion SE FWD

2015 Ford Fusion SE FWD
Graeme Fletcher, Driving

I acknowledge a suspicion of contrast a vast family sedan with a 1.5-litre engine underneath a hood did not make me chill with anticipation. However, a week with a 1.5L EcoBoost four-cylinder valid it is some-more than adult to a charge of hauling a Fusion around, and with startling alacrity. The turbocharged engine puts out 181 horsepower and 185 pound-feet of torque. That is adequate to motivate a Fusion from rest to 100 kilometres an hour in 9 seconds, that is standard for a segment. It was also spare during a siphon — a exam normal of 7.9 litres per 100 kilometres flattering most says it all.

The energy is put to a cement by a front wheels and a sharp six-speed manumatic. It is seamless in operation, but, as is apropos a Ford norm, a primer side is surplus since it requires a use of a shifter-mounted toggle switch. It was not practical, nor did it lure this motorist to try primer shifting. Yes, there are accessible paddle shifters on a 2.0L model, though they were celebrated by their deficiency on a exam car.

2015 Ford Fusion SE FWD2015 Ford Fusion SE FWD

2015 Ford Fusion SE FWD
Graeme Fletcher, Driving

For those that live in a Snowbelt area, there’s a unequivocally good discretionary all-wheel-drive system. Unfortunately, it is usually accessible with a top-level 2.0L EcoBoost engine, that creates it a dear ascent — on a SE it is a $4,350 reward over a 1.5L front motorist tested here.

Where a Fusion unequivocally picked adult a pace, during slightest when compared to many family haulers, was a demeanour in that it drove. Rather than keying on comfort, it brought some genuine pushing pleasure. The tip lies in a height and a cessation that walks a excellent line — it’s good damped, that boundary physique roll, though feeling oppressive when a highway deteriorates. Even a steering has a dialed-in feel and a startling turn of feedback. Throw in a low form P235/45R18 tires, that revoke understeer, and a brake-based torque vectoring, and we have an achieved float that goes where it’s forked rather nicely.

Inside, a Fusion is equally natty. Comfortable seats, polished materials and a lurch is finish in each respect. Not usually is a information presented clearly, it can be customized. The 4.2-inch colour shade on a left shows all car-related equipment such as a tachometer and/or coolant heat gauge, while a right shade displays a infotainment functions. Both screens are tailored to a five-way controls on a steering wheel. It is a high-tech format that’s unequivocally easy to like.

The downside is a mainly mounted infotainment complement requires some training time to get it to duty well — we stumbled and fumbled during initial perplexing to figure out how to finish what should have been a elementary task. As we say, time softened things greatly.

The behind chair is vast and accommodating, holding 3 adults with startling ease. Yes, a behind finish of a centre console and a executive hovel land into a center rider’s space, though it stays organic for those times when a fifth chairman is aboard. The other aspect we favourite was a inflatable behind chair belt — it adds an additional magnitude of confidence should a misfortune occur. Behind that there’s a tiny unit for a trunk. With 60/40-split/folding chair backs and 453 litres of space it some-more than accommodates a family of five’s luggage.

Elsewhere, a exam automobile arrived with all a latest record including MyKey, MyFord Touch, blind mark monitoring, line depart warning and a sonar-based fill-in complement with camera to go along with Ford’s sharp self-parking feature. The latter is a easiest complement on a marketplace to use bar none.

2015 Ford Fusion SE FWD2015 Ford Fusion SE FWD

2015 Ford Fusion SE FWD
Graeme Fletcher, Driving

There was, however, a technical glitch — a Fusion sealed a intelligent pivotal in a cabin. Mercifully, Ford’s roadside assistance was quick and efficient. The doubt was because did it close a doors with a pivotal still inside? According to Ford, it is “possible if a fob’s vigilance is weak, or is safeguarded in some approach (metal encasement or interference) that a procedure wouldn’t commend a fob in a car.” So a word to a correct — keep a pivotal where it will not get sealed in a car. It remained in my slot for a change of a test!

In a shred that depends a Honda Accord, Nissan Altima and Toyota Camry along with a Hyundai Sonata and Kia Optima not to discuss GM’s revamped Malibu and Chrysler’s new 200, a Fusion still stays one of a tip contenders. It is stylishly practical, sporty and it has a right record available. Admittedly, adding all of a toys/options drives a cost adult quickly, though with a SE anchoring a lineup it stays an affordable, fun to drive, family automobile that deserves to be on any selling list.

2015 Ford Fusion SE FWD2015 Ford Fusion SE FWD

2015 Ford Fusion SE FWD
Graeme Fletcher, Driving


  • Type of vehicle

    Mid-sized family sedan

  • Engine

    1.5L turbocharged four-cylinder

  • Power

    181 hp @ 6,000 rpm; 185 lb.-ft. of torque @ 4,320 rpm

  • Transmission

    Six-speed manumatic

  • Brakes

    Four-wheel front with ABS

  • Tires


  • Price: Base / As Tested


  • Destination Charge


  • Natural Resources Canada Fuel Economy

    (L/100km) 9.9 city, 6.5 highway

  • Standard Features

    Manual atmosphere conditioning with filtration, energy locks, windows and exhilarated mirrors, journey control, energy 10-way driver’s seat/6-way newcomer seat, tilt/telescopic steering, AM/FM/CD/satellite audio with 6 speakers and USB/AUX inputs, Ford Sync with MyFord and 4.2-inch screen, MyKey, fill-in camera, outing computer, compass and outward heat readouts, haze lights, capless fuel filler and more

  • Options

    Package 202A ($3,000), Driver support container ($1,500), MyFord Touch Tech container ($850), Voice activated navigation ($800), 18-inch wheels ($700), Active park support ($600), Smart key/push-button start ($500), Inflatable behind seatbelts ($190), Ruby red paint ($400)

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