Carbon conduit for buses receives creation award

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The engineers of MAN and Munich Composites have won a JEC Award 2015 for light carbon-fibre open carriers

The engineers of MAN and Munich Composites have won a JEC Award 2015 for light carbon-fibre open carriers. The MAN Predevelopment Division assimilated army with a CO twine dilettante Munich Composites to rise an atmosphere open conduit done from CO fibre-reinforced combination element (CFC) for buses. The plan was awarded a JEC Innovation Award Europe in a “Transportation” category.

JEC is a largest industrial organisation for combination materials. The endowment is used to heed superb developments done of fibre-reinforced combination materials and was handed over to a MAN developers Norbert Elbs and Susanne Rübsamen, and to Martin Stoppel, Commercial Director Munich Composites, on 10th Mar during a largest CO twine industrial satisfactory in Paris.

The aim of a corner plan was to grasp poignant weight assets for a back spindle lamp with a length of approximately 1.60 metres. The stream car construction customary is to use steel beams. They are assimilated to a atmosphere open cessation bags, that support a weight of a bus. Each back spindle has dual atmosphere open carriers, any with a weight of 83 kg. The carrying structure of a atmosphere open carriers has a weight of approximately 53 kg. The antecedent for this support structure with a CFC vale form is about 70 percent lighter and would so boost a cargo of a train by one passenger. Following antecedent development, a components now have to infer their highway capability in difficult unsentimental trials. In addition, mercantile potency also has to be evaluated.

At a same time a aim of a plan was to rise a record to make such components on an industrial scale. At Munich Composites, a prolongation routine is rarely automated: The CO fibres are braided around a core with a assist of a radial braider. Several robots work together to lift a member core by a radial braider during accurately a right angles. The injection routine for glue creosote is also entirely automated. It can so be guaranteed that any member will be of a same high quality.

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