Cecilia Folz: “Dream it, live it, share it”

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Schladming uses a sign ‘Ski festival with a heart’, underneath that sign do we wish a 2015 Ski World Championships to run?
Cecilia Folz: “We’ve already selected a motto: ‘Dream it, live it, share it’. At a World Championships, children will be even some-more in a spotlight – it’s about dreams and dreaming. ‘Live it’ is not only about a athletes, yet also about all of us. We should all face adult to new hurdles each day. ‘Share it’ represents dual things: on one side apparently for Facebook, Twitter and all these new technologies and on a other side apparently for a sport.”

Just what can a athletes and spectators demeanour brazen to, what ideas do we have?
Cecilia Folz: “The World Championships will be typically American; we’ll applaud a American approach of life. All a events surrounding a competition will be staged some-more like a football compare instead of a classical ski race. Obviously, we are also responding to a American public, this is common and is expected. There will be a outrageous volume of things for free. Starting with a races: all grandstand seats are free. We’ll have copiousness of obvious artists there, we’ll also not be charging acknowledgment for many concerts. Every witness that comes to Vail and Beaver Creek will have a unclothed smallest of additional costs to entirely suffer a Ski World Championships.”

Just how high has a bar been lifted here in Europe by Schladming and Garmisch-Partenkirchen dual years ago?
Cecilia Folz: “We’ve learnt something from both of them. In Garmisch-Partenkirchen a lot was new, how a liberality comforts were finished and how fabulously good a guest were treated. In Schladming, we are good tender by a hulk stadium. We’ll fly home with a lot in a heads and notebooks.”

The opening rite is hold in accurately 716 days, on Feb 2, 2015. What are we now operative on?
Cecilia Folz: “So soon? Phew, that’s a small scary. No, severely yet we already have about 500 volunteers who are assisting with a planning. At a impulse we are really bustling with a supposed ‘side events’, that means all divided from a sporting events. We’ll have an atmosphere show, apparently a many concerts, and in further American ski legends will be really most in focus. We have copiousness of them, and they will be integrated into a World Championship and celebrated.”

Will there be fantastic new buildings?
Cecilia Folz: “The Women’s Downhill march will be totally new – really fantastic and challenging. We laid it out final summer, and everybody who has seen it so distant was impressed. It’ll be tested in a nearby future. No new buildings are designed – especially given we invested 2 billion Dollars in construction work 4 years ago.”

Vail will theatre a Alpine Ski World Championships for a third time, and for a second time together with Beaver Creek given 1999. Are we proud?

Cecilia Folz: “Absolutely. It says a lot about a ski review and a organizational skills. Here in Vail and Beaver Creek we adore entertainment large events on a universe theatre – and a World Championships fit a check perfectly. That’s because we are gay and really unapproachable of a third World Championship.”

Here in Europe a speak is always of a USA being ‘the land of opportunity’. What will we see of this?
Cecilia Folz: “Many people from other countries done a area into what it is. They came to America; they left their homes behind to build adult all there. These people from many opposite countries, including many from Europe, will get due approval and accept their place during a World Championship.”

Just how critical is a partner like Audi for Alpine World Ski Championships?
Cecilia Folz: “Audi is indeed ideal for us. Audi represents high-tech, peculiarity and many some-more good values. The ski review Vail/Beaver Creek reflects these qualities. We share a same values. We couldn’t suppose a improved partner.”

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