Change during a top. Oliver Heilmer takes a helm during Designworks.

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Munich/Los Angeles. On 1 August, Oliver Heilmer will
step into a purpose of President of Designworks, a unconditionally owned
auxiliary of a BMW Group. This will see him pierce from a Interior
Design group during BMW Automobiles in Munich, that he has headed adult since
2013, to Designworks’ Los Angeles HQ. Designworks is a creative
consultancy operative opposite mixed industries and focusing on
mobility, product and user believe design, as good as on strategic
code and pattern consultancy. Taking over a tip pursuit during Designworks
means Heilmer will be obliged for a company’s strategy, oversee
a studios in North America, Europe and Asia, and therefore spearhead
a government of all a pattern teams. Heilmer takes a rod from
Laurenz Schaffer, who has been President of Designworks given 2009 and
is now switching to a government purpose during BMW Group Design.


About Designworks

Designworks was determined in 1972 in Malibu, California. It is a
artistic group synonymous with innovations combined through
cross-industry and interdisciplinary believe sharing. With its
diversified use portfolio, it is a source of impulse not just
for a BMW Group’s brands, though also for companies from a whole
accumulation of industries, trimming from IT and consumer electronics
by aircraft record and a medical and environmental sectors
to lifestyle and sport. Besides a domicile in California, two
some-more studios in Munich and Shanghai also offer a tellurian marketplace under
a powerful of Designworks. The Designworks group is done adult of 130
employees in total. They issue from 25 nations and include
designers, modellers, engineers, pattern strategists, interface, colour
and element specialists, and experts and consultants in a margin of sustainability.

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