CNG-powered SEAT car hand-over to Port of Barcelona to foster technology

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From left to right: Joan Colldecarrera, Deputy President of a Port, and André Koropp, Automotive Institutions Manager during SEATSEAT has handed over a automobile using on dense healthy gas (CNG) to a Port of Barcelona, to foster a use of this new technology. The hand-over, a initial concerning a automobile of this inlet to an institution, has been formalised in a participation of Joan Colldecarrera, Deputy President of a Port, and André Koropp, Automotive Institutions Manager during SEAT.

This automobile hand-over is a outcome of an agreement between a Port of Barcelona and SEAT. The automobile is a SEAT Mii Ecofuel, versed with dual CNG tanks with a sum ability of 11kgs provision an Otto-cycle engine, and charity a operation of 380 kilometres in gas-mode. Additionally, it has another 10-litre 95-octane reward petrol tank used as fill-in when a gas supply runs out. All in all, a SEAT Mii Ecofuel has a operation of 600 kilometres.

Port’s joining to choice fuels
In this way, a Port of Barcelona is strengthening a vital joining to a graduation of a use of choice fuels to diesel and petrol for motoring within a use area. The choice of healthy gas as a fuel, either in dense or liquefied form, enables environmental atmosphere peculiarity alleviation to be accelerated while during a same time creation a Port of Barcelona’s sectors of logistics and ride some-more competitive. This is due to a fact that a cost of healthy gas as a fuel is reduce than that of petrol or diesel fuel, a trend that is approaching to feature over a subsequent few years.

Additionally, it is poignant that a emissions of polluting gases and particles in cessation of light vehicles using on CNG are almost reduce than identical emissions from a diesel-fuelled vehicle. Nitrogen oxide emissions are 85% reduce and molecule glimmer is so low as to be negligible.

SEAT Mii Ecofuel, in a Port of Barcelona Mii Ecofuel, SEAT’s lowest-emission automobile
The automobile manufacturer has done a joining to a growth of CNG as an choice fuel to petroleum-derived ones with a perspective to slicing hothouse gases like CO2. Currently SEAT already markets a CNG Mii Ecofuel in Germany, Italy, Sweden Austria, Switzerland and a Netherlands. Marketing of a new indication will start in Spain during a commencement of subsequent year.

Currently, SEAT has dual vehicles using on CNG. The Mii Ecofuel – during 79 g/km a volume prolongation automobile with a lowest CO2 emissions in a story of a company, and surpassing all sales expectations in markets like Italy – is a indication in that CNG record is many resolutely established.

The new Leon 1.4 TGI – SEAT’s latest indication signalling joining to CNG, will join a many tolerable city automobile during a commencement of 2014. With a really low expenditure total and reduce fuel price, it will be one of a many careful vehicles on a market. The Leon TGI will offer a operation of 400 kilometres in CNG-only mode, with an normal fuel expenditure of 3.5 kg (approximately 3.5 euros) of gas per 100 km, with CO2 emissions during 94g/km. In petrol-mode, a indication has an additional operation of 900 kilometres, and with a dual tanks can cover 1,300 kilometres but a need to refuel.

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