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• No wrong change to a settled fuel expenditure and CO2 total found to date
• Only a tiny series of a indication variants of new cars will have a catalogue
  figure somewhat adjusted

Just a month after questions relating to a CO2 total totalled on some of a Group’s models arose, Volkswagen has mostly resolved a construction of a matter. Following endless inner investigations and dimensions checks, it is now transparent that roughly all of these indication variants do conform to a CO2 total creatively determined. This means that these vehicles can be marketed and sole but any limitations. The guess that a fuel expenditure total of stream prolongation vehicles had been unlawfully altered was not confirmed. During inner remeasurements slight deviations were found on usually 9 indication variants of a Volkswagen brand.

These indication variants will be remeasured by a neutral technical use underneath a organisation of a suitable management by Christmas. In cases where a exactness of strange total is confirmed, there will be no consequences. These cars can be offering for sale by dealers but any reservations. In a box of any deviations, a total will be practiced in a destiny in a march of a normal processes as required.

Volkswagen presented these formula to a review elect of a Federal Government and a Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA). The figure of approximately 800,000 vehicles underneath guess creatively published by a Volkswagen Group has not been confirmed. The deviations found in a total for usually 9 indication variants volume to a few grams of CO2 on average, analogous to increasing cycle expenditure in a NEDC of approximately 0.1 to 0.2 litres per 100 kilometres. With an annual prolongation of approximately 36,000 vehicles, these indication variants conform to around usually 0.5 per cent of a volume of a Volkswagen brand. The list of a 9 indication variants can be found during

The Group’s subsidiaries Audi, SKODA and SEAT have also concluded a identical procession with a capitulation authorities obliged for a vehicles primarily considered.

Customers’ real-world expenditure total do not change and conjunction are any technical car modifications necessary. Against this background, a disastrous impact on gain of €2 billion that was creatively approaching has not been confirmed.

Whether we will have a teenager mercantile impact, depends on a formula of a remeasurement exercise.

Please note: This content and a overview of vehicles to be practiced in destiny with new CO2 figures, indication year 2016, can be found during The information contained in this press recover does not request to products and services from a Volkswagen Group of America or Volkswagen Canada.

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