Community Update – Eyes on a Horizon

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Community Update – Eyes on a Horizon






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Today’s resolution of a new four-year agreement between GM Canada and Unifor is extensive news for a employees, a communities and for Canada’s automobile sector. We have reached a jointly profitable Agreement that will capacitate new product, record and routine investments, safety jobs and assistance to place GM’s Canadian operations during a forefront of modernized prolongation flexibility, creation and environmental sustainability.

With today’s opinion of approval, some might be prone to ask, “Who won?”  But we consider Unifor President Jerry Dias would be a initial to determine with me, that is not a right question. The existence is that everybody won and by operative together we have cumulative a feat for Canada.  we wish to enrich a professionalism of a internal and inhabitant Unifor teams, not only over a past few weeks of bargaining, though over several years of true talk, artistic problem elucidate and joining to both their members and a destiny of a attention in Canada.

     “Working together we have cumulative
      a feat for Canada.”

                                                     – Steve Carlisle

I consider a genuine doubt currently is, “what contingency we now do to build a clever and colourful Canadian automobile attention for a future?”   

This Agreement has given us an event to position a GM Canada prolongation operations during a forefront of an attention that is experiencing thespian mutation and change.  The headwinds that have combined hurdles for prolongation in Canada have positively not left over these past few weeks of bargaining. By stability to work as partners, we can and will take them on.  And we have already started to do only that.

Success always starts by focusing on your customers. Over a past year, a sales have grown and GM Canada brands have started to enhance a marketplace share in Canada. It has been generally enlivening to hear a employees, retirees and village members articulate with GM dealers about a new car squeeze as a approach to applaud a confidence of a new Agreement.  To celebrate, we’re pushing a destiny together by adding a short-term reward to a existent worker squeeze program.

The new Agreement will capacitate us to move new investment to Oshawa, St. Catharines and Woodstock. And this comes on tip of a newly suggested Chevrolet Equinox that will start prolongation subsequent year in Ingersoll.  While some of a sum of a new Agreement have already been shared, GM Canada is also in discussions with a provincial and sovereign supervision partners on probable support agreements that can assistance to optimize a competitiveness for a future.  We are exploring how to build an modernized prolongation footprint that sets new standards for innovation, quality, flexibility, capability and environmental sustainability. Our governments know a significance of this event and we wish to be means to share some-more information on those discussions soon.

Driving a destiny requires Canada to boost a concentration on automotive RD and creation urgently and decisively. Canada has a good event to be partial of a invention of new record for an attention that will be increasingly electric, connected, unconstrained and partial of a pity economy. We are holding a lead in Canada and creation glorious swell on a skeleton we announced with a Premier and Prime Minister to boost GM Canada’s engineering bottom to 1,000 positions.

Our employing of new program engineers is forward of report and we are creation plain swell on a enlargement of a creation ecosystem in Oshawa, Markham, Waterloo, Toronto and Kapuskasing.  More news on that to come as well.

So congratulations to all of a teams concerned in reaching such a good outcome this week.  As any good motorist knows, when we are going fast, it’s really critical to keep your eyes on a horizon.

And that’s what we are going to do. Working Together.   

Steve Carlisle
President and Managing Director
General Motors of Canada

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