Community Update – Unifor Contract Negotiations

Posted on 15. Aug, 2016 by in GM Canada

Community Update – Unifor Contract Negotiations






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There has been a lot of open criticism about Unifor automobile agreement negotiations that open this week, quite per their significance for destiny investments in Canadian automobile manufacturing. Here’s because we am holding a carefree viewpoint on these talks.

First, these negotiations are an critical initial jump that can send a certain message. As we have underscored for a past dual years, GM won’t make any destiny product decisions for Oshawa Assembly until after these negotiations. In Canada, we are intensely unapproachable of a experience, peculiarity and capability of a workforce as we work together to broach glorious vehicles for a customers. It’s critical for this agreement to simulate that grant while also ensuring we sojourn flexible, innovative and internationally rival for destiny investments.

     “If we are to cruise upwind, we
     need to all be operative together.
     This agreement can vigilance that.”

                                                     – Steve Carlisle

Second, we need to keep in mind that automobile investment decisions are never done though examining a far-reaching operation of factors. That includes changeable marketplace trends, macro-economic factors, ability function opposite all a facilities, internal costs for utilities, materials, retailer inputs, open process supports and costs and many more. While work costs comment for about 7 per cent of a sum costs, crafting a certain work agreement can vigilance that we wish to put a best feet brazen and “stay in a game”. GM has invested good over $3 billion in a Canadian operations given 2009 – many recently with an $800-million investment in a Ingersoll plant. It is no tip that Canada’s production zone has been buffeted by clever headwinds. If we are to cruise upwind, we need to all be operative together. This agreement can vigilance that.

And finally, GM is demonstrating a vigilant to be a automobile attention personality in Canada as a tellurian attention faces a largest intrusion and technological mutation in some-more than 100 years. We trust a destiny of a automobile attention will be electric, connected, unconstrained and shared. Managing by intrusion and change is a new existence – though it’s also an opportunity. In June, GM Canada was comparison to be a new centre for 1,000 GM engineering and program jobs. We will be coding a destiny of a vehicles and a attention with new partners in Canada’s universities, start-ups, accelerators and others. In Oshawa alone, we now have a Canadian industry’s largest automobile record centre and a serve 1,100 OnStar and Customer Care positions. This flourishing bottom of jobs came from building on a strengths and focusing on certain outcomes. We have shown that we can attain by operative together.

The weeks and months forward will be about operative together to find solutions. That’s a viewpoint GM Canada will take into a agreement discussions with Unifor.


Steve Carlisle
President and Managing Director
General Motors of Canada

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