“Consistently Audi”: Board of Management presents corporate realignment to shareholders

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Audi offers a many appealing form of tolerable mobility: Our prophesy stands for a new coherence in a vital fixing and a implementation. We wish to emanate a strongest patron practice in a attention and so lead Audi to a forefront of change in a reward segment,” says Bram Schot, Chairman of a Board of Management of AUDI AG. “For me, it is essential that we turn a customer-oriented association by and through. Our pivotal topics therefore embody extensive connectivity, a convincing digital ecosystem and rarely programmed pulling with a concentration on interurban prolonged distances.”

By 2025, a Audi portfolio will already embody some-more than 30 models with electric drive, of that 20 will be all-electric. For a entrance into a reward electric world, a association will by then have launched during slightest 3 models formed on a modular electric-drive pack (MEB) for some-more compress vehicles. The initial models on a PPE design grown together with Porsche will be accessible in a tip segments during a commencement of a subsequent decade. Audi has lifted a foresee for sales of all-electric cars and plug-in hybrids, and now expects electrified automobiles to comment for about 40 percent of worldwide section sales by 2025.

As partial of a Volkswagen Group’s unchanging concentration on electric mobility, a Four Rings are building their drive-system portfolio in despotic fixing with a specific requirement profiles of reward customers. With a high suit of vast car segments, analogous opening mandate and unchanging use over prolonged distances, Audi will rest on plug-in variety in serve to all-electric vehicles. Moreover, a code is already looking serve to a destiny and is dire brazen with a expansion of fuel-cell expostulate for a Volkswagen Group.

With a company-wide sustainability roadmap, Audi has set itself a idea of constantly creation a whole car lifecycle CO2-neutral: from prolongation to a use and recycling of Audi models. By consistently shortening CO2 emissions and switching to renewable appetite sources, destined emissions will be offset. With company-wide decarbonization, a CO2 footprint of a car swift is to be reduced as a initial step by 30 percent by 2025 compared with 2015. To this end, a association is pulling brazen with a doing of a possess aim of creation all Audi prolongation locations worldwide CO2-neutral by 2025. Audi intends to grasp CO2-neutrality for a whole association by 2050 during a latest. For tolerable corporate management, a impact of car projects on normal CO2 emissions will in a destiny be enclosed in a return-on-investment ratio. This pivotal opening indicator is to arise to over 21 percent.

For a march for a future, a association has earmarked a sum of approximately €40 billion until a finish of 2023, comprising investments in property, plant and apparatus as good as investigate and expansion expenditure. Of that amount, around €14 billion will be reserved to electric mobility, digitalization and rarely programmed driving. In sequence to financial a high upfront expenditure, Audi will evenly implement accessible gain potential, for instance by expanding a marketplace position in a tip reward segments. Together with a Lamborghini brand, Audi’s new top-end models already accounted for a significantly aloft suit of a Audi Group’s income in a initial entertain of 2019. The new plug-in hybrid models in a Audi A6, A7 and A8 array will shortly serve enhance a full-size range. At a Annual General Meeting, a association is announcing a destiny enlargement of a A8 model family to embody a new, generally lush and prestigious derivative. For Audi Sport’s business with high-performance models, a association skeleton a poignant boost in sales volumes and earnings.

“A exigency for a success of a vital realignment is that we position Audi in a structurally fit demeanour and lead it behind to financial tip performance. Already in 2018, we established a clearly tangible module for this in a form of a Audi Transformation Plan,” says Alexander Seitz, Member of a Board of Management for Finance, China and Legal Affairs. “Recent months have shown that a measures are holding outcome and that we can during slightest partially equivalent a stream unusually high inauspicious factors. We will build on this in a rarely trained manner, since a sourroundings and destiny march will continue to plea us enormously.” Following a successful launch of a Transformation Plan, Audi has increasing a program’s aim to a sum of €15 billion between 2018 and 2022.

In new months, a Audi Board of Management has instituted a company’s organizational enhancement; a mutation routine has begun in all divisions. The aim is to streamline structures and processes, align them to pivotal areas and boost a speed of implementation. The Integrity, Compliance, Risk Management dialect now reports directly to a Chairman of a Board of Management. With a investiture of an general patron advisory committee, dictated to be closely concerned in a product expansion process, Audi is strengthening a concentration on customer-relevant offerings via a whole company.

Audi will increasingly accelerate innovations with high patron aptitude by strategically appealing partnerships. The Four Rings devise to significantly enhance a “Audi on demand” stretchable reward mobility use in a inclusive team-work with mobility use provider SIXT. As of a fourth quarter, business in 10 European countries will constantly be means to entrance adult to 10,000 Audi cars and use them flexibly. In parallel, a association will underline a formation of a possess sell partners into this digital business segment. Audi on direct will so be a powerful code for all mobility solutions from short-term bookings to long-term car use. Within a horizon of another digital initiative, a association is building “myAudi” as an ecosystem for meddlesome parties, owners and users to turn a height open to third parties. Together with a sell partners, Audi will start offered new cars on a Internet subsequent month – a special book of a Audi TT* will be accessible online as a commander model.

With a perspective to stream business developments, a Audi Group endorsed a foresee for a pivotal total for 2019 during a finish of a initial quarter. The financial year will underline a delay of a broadest indication beginning in Audi’s history. In 2019, a association is organizing a marketplace launch of some-more than 20 models, including a redesigned A4, a world’s best-selling Audi. In a fast flourishing SUV segment, Audi will benefaction 7 totally new SUV variants but predecessors in 2019, such as dual quite sporty versions of a Audi Q8, a Four Rings’ tip SUV model. And with a Q3 Sportback and a e-tron Sportback, Audi will for a initial time launch a design-oriented Sportback judgment in a SUV family.

While a indication beginning will strengthen Audi’s destiny rival position, a phase-out and ramp-up conditions for countless models in 2019 will primarily have a dampening impact. In an increasingly severe mercantile environment, a association anticipates assuage expansion in Audi deliveries until a finish of a year. This will also simulate a rebate of inventories in a sales and sell organization, that were privately built adult for a WLTP transition. The Audi Group therefore anticipates a slight boost in revenue. In perspective of handling a repercussions of a WLTP changeover and high upfront output for a future, a handling lapse on sales in transition year 2019 is approaching to be between 7.0 and 8.5 percent, and so still next a long-term aim mezzanine of 9.0 to 11.0 percent. Audi forecasts a net money upsurge of €2.5 billion to €3.0 billion for 2019.

In a initial entertain of 2019, deliveries of a Audi code decreased by 3.6 percent compared with a prior-year duration to 447,247 vehicles (2018: 463,750). This resulted from a formerly really limited accessibility of a indication operation caused by a WLTP changeover. Mainly attributable to a new stating structure that a Audi Group implemented in Jan 2019, income decreased to €13,812 million (2018: €15,320 million). Without this change in a stating structure, income would have been roughly during a prior-year turn interjection to a poignant change towards a top-end segments. First-quarter handling distinction amounted to €1,100 million (2018: €1,300 million) and a handling lapse on sales was 8.0 percent (2018: 8.5 percent). From Jan by March, a Audi Group generated a net money upsurge of €1,207 million (2018: €1,919 million).

*Audi TT Quantum Gray Edition
Fuel expenditure total in l/100 km: 7.0
CO2 emissions total in g/km: 161

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