Contemporary Art in a Heart of Berlin: Volkswagen sponsors a Schinkel Pavillon

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• Volkswagen AG supports a internationally eminent Schinkel Pavillon in
  a anniversary year

• Sponsorship of this muster venue run by an art organisation – stream
  show: Goshka Macuga

• Development of immature professionals by appropriation for a trainee position

Marking a tenth anniversary, a work of a Kunstverein Schinkel Pavillon e.V. will be upheld by Volkswagen AG. This Berlin-based art organisation organizes and curates exhibitions of internationally acclaimed contemporary artists.

The Kunstverein was founded interjection to a commencement of artist Nina Pohl. Over a march of 10 years this art organisation has turn an internationally acclaimed forum for contemporary art dedicated to building a overpass between determined artists and newcomers. For this, a Kunstverein was means to offer a use of a Schinkel Pavillon in a Mitte district, in a heart of Berlin. Designed by a famous German classicist architect, a building and a bedrooms beget a unaccompanied charge with a several works of art. Volkswagen AG will be ancillary a muster “Now this, is this a end…the finish of a commencement or a commencement of a end?” on perspective during Pavillon by 2nd October. The Polish artist Goshka Macuga chose this puzzling pretension for her designation educational a diligent appetite margin joining amiability and technology.

Furthermore, Volkswagen offers immature talent a event of operative with a Kunstverein in several activities in a Schinkel Pavillon. Currently, Tatyana Gryniva binds a trainee position, saved by VW Group. As a tyro of both art story and communication pattern she will have a possibility to try a unsentimental focus of both disciplines in her work for a Pavillon.

“Our work during a organisation would be unfit but a munificence of sponsors. Which is all a some-more reason to appreciate Volkswagen AG for a support, that enables us to open a module adult to a most incomparable public”, says Nina Pohl, president of a non-profit Schinkel Pavillon e.V. and artistic executive of a Schinkel Pavillon.

Benita von Maltzahn, Head of Cultural and Social Engagement within Volkswagen Group Communication, describes a idea of this commitment: “The Schinkel Pavillon as an muster space was innate from passion of art. Today, this venue is no reduction than a artistic matter stretching distant over Berlin. Our sponsorship aims to strengthen this role. This place is alive with a suggestion of discovery, means to pull many some-more people to contemporary art.”

The team-work between Volkswagen AG and a Schinkel Pavillon is an critical component of a company´s joining to a humanities and culture. Within this framework, VW actively supports art institutions and artists, seeking to capacitate encounters between a open and works of art. For example, Volkswagen cooperates with a Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and MoMA PS1, a Victoria Albert Museum in London and a Nationalgalerie – Staatliche Museen zu Berlin. Furthermore, a association sponsors art initiatives in China and during a Group’s locations around a world.

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