Continued growth: ŠKODA deliveries adult 14.4% in September

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ŠKODA stays on march for growth: in September, a Czech automobile manufacturer’s sales increasing 14.4% to 107,100 vehicles compared to a same duration final year. This is a strongest sales month in a company’s story travelling over some-more than 120 years. The code achieved clever expansion in a core segment of Europe and a largest singular marketplace China. The ŠKODA SUPERB (up 101.2%), ŠKODA OCTAVIA (up 12.4%) and ŠKODA RAPID (up 30.0%) available quite clever expansion rates.

“We are gratified to continue a certain trend of a final few months into Sep and that a immature and complicated indication operation has been good perceived in a markets,” says Werner Eichhorn, ŠKODA Board Member for Sales and Marketing.

ŠKODA achieved an boost of 4.8% in Western Europe with 45,800 vehicles (September 2015: 43,700). The normal Czech code delivered 16,300 vehicles in Germany, leading final year’s formula by 6.2%. In many West European countries, a expansion rates have risen in double digits, including France (2400 vehicles, adult 12.0%), Italy (1700 vehicles, adult 24.4%), Belgium (1600 vehicles, adult 14.1%), Switzerland (1500 vehicles, adult 14.9%), Spain (1600 vehicles, adult 17.7%) and Finland (900 vehicles, adult 27.3%). The sales total rose in Great Britain (12,300 vehicles, adult 7.2%), Sweden (1500 vehicles, adult 8.1%) and Ireland (300 vehicles, adult 1.7%).

ŠKODA also showed a clever uptrend in Central Europe. 15,100 deliveries in Sep 2016, paint an boost of 13.7% (September 2015: 13,300). In their Czech home market, a normal code available a likewise certain increase: sales volumes increasing by 13.2%, with sales of 7000 units. ŠKODA also achieved poignant expansion in Poland (4800 vehicles, adult 23.9%), Slovenia (600 vehicles, adult 11.6%) and Croatia (200 vehicles, adult 32.4%).

On a markets in Eastern Europe but Russia, ŠKODA matched a outcome of Sep 2015. Compared to Sep 2015 (2,900 vehicles), a sales total rose by around 200 units to 3100 vehicles, an boost of 6.4%. In Russia, ŠKODA sole some-more cars than a prior September: New car registration total increasing by 4.9% to 4800 vehicles.

ŠKODA is also stability a success story in Israel and Turkey in Sep this year. The manufacturer granted 2100 vehicles to Turkish business – expansion of 73.0% (September 2015: 1200 vehicles). ŠKODA achieved a likewise clever outcome in Israel with an boost of 63.4% (1600 vehicles).

ŠKODA distinguished a strongest sales month ever in China. With 32,000 units sold, a code surpassed a sales formula of Sep 2015 by 34.4% (September 2015: 23,800 vehicles).

ŠKODA deliveries to business in Sep 2016 (in units, dull off, listed by model; +/- in % compared to Sep 2015):
ŠKODA CITIGO (4600; -0.6 %)
ŠKODA FABIA (19,800; +1.1 %)
ŠKODA RAPID (19,700; +30.0 %)
ŠKODA OCTAVIA (40,900; +12.4 %)
ŠKODA SUPERB (13,500; +101.2 %)
ŠKODA YETI (8600; -18.6 %)

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