Cross-examination: a private side of Alessandro Zanardi.

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Next weekend, a long-awaited impulse will arrive: BMW works
motorist Alessandro Zanardi (ITA) will be guesting in Misano (ITA),
holding partial in his initial DTM race. The 51-year-old motorist is a
legend, successful both in motorsport and in paracycling. Under
cross-examination, Zanardi reveals his private side in 10 questions
and answers.


At Misano, we will competition with a series 12 – since that number?


Alessandro Zanardi: “The series 12 is a metaphorical present to my
crony Jimmy Vasser.”


You like to prepare – do we have a favourite receipt?


Zanardi: “Yes, Pizza.”


What is a ideal dusk for you?


Zanardi: “Spending it with my friends – and carrying a drink would make
it even better.”


What’s your favourite book?


Zanardi: “Actually it would be cold to write a book. we like to write
a lot. If it would be a book we review it would be journey books, like
Clive Cussler.”


You have an sea going vessel looseness – what do we like about
a ocean?


Zanardi: “I fear a ocean, though we adore it. we like to live on water,
and to penetrate underneath water, and to usually watch it around me. we humour that.
But we do honour a sea a lot.”


What’s your favourite music?


Zanardi: “I don’t have a special favourite strain or artist, we can go
from Celine Dion to Eminem. we like them both – and all that is
in between.”


What did we wish to turn when we were a kid?


Zanardi: “A competition automobile driver! Well, before that it was some-more to become
an astronaut, though a competition automobile motorist came pretty quick to my mind.”


With your “Bimbingamba” foundation, we support children with
amputations and yield them with prostheses. Why is it so important
for we to assistance them?


Zanardi: “I consider to share in life is what keeps us alive. we like to
be happy, though we am most happier if we live surrounded by people who are
happier. So peace comes also from being surrounded by people who
humour less, and we try to do what we can from my side to make a improved world.”


What’s your favourite nation to spend your holiday?


Zanardi: “Italy. In Italy, we don’t conclude as most as we should
what we have. If we see Italy, you’ve seen a world.”


What recommendation for life would we give your son?


Zanardi: “I can usually try to set examples for him, though have to say:
stay curious. When we are curious, we hunt for impulse from
others, and we don’t have to indispensably watch somebody famous to get
a right one. You might be a mom removing adult in a morning who,
nonetheless she feels sick, prepares breakfast for her kids and goes to
work since there is a family to feed.”


Is there any new journey we dream of?


Zanardi: “Any new adventure? we don’t know? To be a initial male on
Mars? Something simple, we know (laughs).”



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