CSBK champion Jordan Szoke: “The BMW Motorrad Motorsport engineers are unequivocally supportive.”

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Munich (DE), 11th Nov 2016. Jordan Szoke (CA) dominates the
Canadian Superbike Championship (CSBK) with his BMW S 1000 RR. In
2016, he available a ideal season, only as he had finished a year
before: he claimed each stick position and won all 7 races on his
approach to a successful pretension defence.


The 37-year-old, who was inducted into a Canadian Motorsport Hall
of Fame only a few weeks ago, has been withdrawal his symbol on a CSBK
for some years. Regardless of a conditions, and no matter how
violent a races are or how clever a foe is: Szoke always
crosses a line initial with a BMW S 1000 RR from his Mopar Express
Lane BMW Superbike Team. In 2016, a record champion distinguished his
11th pretension win in a array and also available a ideal deteriorate for
a third time after 2010 and 2015. Szoke has also claimed 49 CSBK
wins, another record that is doubtful to be bettered by the
foe any time soon.


Courtesy of his shining strain of wins this season, Szoke is also
a stream personality of a 2016 BMW Motorrad Race Trophy. In an
interview, a Canadian speaks about a pivotal to success, a support
of BMW Motorrad and a tellurian BMW Motorrad Motorsport family.



Congratulations, Jordan. You won your second pretension in a quarrel in
a Canadian Superbike Championship – and like final year, we did it
with a ideal deteriorate of winning all 7 races. What is the
tip of your success?


Jordan Szoke: “Consistency, preparation, a good organisation and machinery
have been a pivotal to a success a final few years. This is a third
time we have had a ideal season. This is crazy – to do it once is
already awesome.”


You foe a BMW S 1000 RR given several years. What do you
like about a bike?


Szoke: “The bike is unequivocally easy to float and works unequivocally good underneath our
manners in a Canadian Superbike Championship. It is also a cost
effective bike that has been unequivocally reliable.”


How critical is a support of BMW Motorrad for you?


Szoke: “Very important. The guys during BMW Motorrad Canada are great,
they have a lot of passion for racing and are former racers
themselves. Their support for us veteran riders and a amateurs
in a Canadian Superbike Championship is fantastic. They are also
unequivocally artistic in compelling motorsport with many activities and it is
good for a riders to be involved. Also a engineers from BMW
Motorrad Motorsport in Munich are really, unequivocally supportive. They
helped us a lot with a program around email and write support,
that was unequivocally critical for us.”


Do we feel like being partial of a tellurian BMW Motorrad
Motorsport family?


Szoke: “Of course. we have been racing for a prolonged time and we have
trafficked around a universe with racing so we know utterly a few of the
other BMW racers from over a years. It is always good to accommodate and
chat. We all foe a same bike, so we have a lot in common to talk
about. For me privately it is always a unequivocally beguiling time when we
come to a finish of deteriorate eventuality in Germany, as my mother is German and
my son has a German name – so it is shining for us and something we
are unequivocally looking brazen to.”


You are now heading a BMW Motorrad Race Trophy. How
critical is that special foe for BMW riders worldwide for you?


Szoke: “I consider it is good – for several reasons. The
confirmation by BMW for a feat of us privateers is cool.
It is good to be a partial of. The concentration is so most on a racing series
in Europe and America, so to be rarely ranked in a Race Trophy is
gratifying. It brings recognition to a array and shows how good the
racing is here in Canada as well. we am unequivocally unapproachable of that. Then there
is a financial aspect. Obviously we all try to scratch adult a finance
to go racing, that is not an easy thing to do. So a additional support
by a esteem income and a bonuses is awesome. We all work hard
to try and get a esteem money. The Race Trophy is fun and very
sparkling for us.”


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