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The Audi S8, that will be launched on a marketplace in early summer 2012, is a new conduct of a sporty Audi S indication family – a vast oppulance sedan of superb power. Its newly grown 4.0 TFSI develops 382 kW (520 hp), though consumes only 10.2 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers (23.06 US mpg). This is due in vast partial to a cylinder on direct system, that deactivates 4 of a 8 cylinders in many pushing situations.

The 4.0 TFSI brings Audi’s downsizing plan to a high-performance class. Twin turbocharging gives a V8, that displaces 3,993 cc, superb power. 650 Nm (479.42 lb-ft) of torque is invariably accessible between 1,700 and 5,500 rpm, and rise energy (382 kW/520 hp) is grown during 5,800 rpm. The innovative cylinder conduct concept, with a intake side on a outward and a empty side on a inside, provides for brief gas paths with minimal upsurge waste for really extemporaneous engine response. The dual twin-scroll turbochargers safeguard supernatural amounts of torque during low revs.

The 4.0 TFSI accelerates a S8 from 0 to 100 km/h (62.14 mph) in 4.2 seconds. The governed tip speed of 250 km/h (155.34 mph) is only a formality. Compared to a engine in a prior model, a routinely aspirated 5.2-liter V10, a twin-turbo V8 develops 51 kW (70 hp) or around 15 percent some-more power, nonetheless consumes 3.0 liters reduction fuel per 100 kilometers (23 percent). With an normal fuel expenditure of 10.2 liters per 100 km (23.06 US mpg), a Audi S8 is significantly some-more fuel fit than a competitors.

This tip outcome can be attributed to countless features, including a start-stop system. Playing a quite vast purpose in a S8’s high efficiency, however, is a new cylinder on direct technology. The complement deactivates 4 of a 8 cylinders during low load, shortening fuel expenditure during assuage highway speeds by adult to 10 percent. When a V8 switches into V4 mode, a active sound control (ANC) complement is activated, that uses targeted termination sound to discharge neglected sounds. In addition, active engine mounts moderate vibrations.

The eight-speed tiptronic in a S8 also unites sportiness and efficiency. It keeps revs low whenever possible, though downshifts fast and absolutely when requested by a driver. The tiptronic delivers a energy to a quattro drivetrain with a self-locking core differential with a competition differential during a back axle. During energetic driving, a lion’s share of a energy flows to a outward circle to literally pull a vast sedan into a corner.

Brimming with technology: a chassis
The new Audi S8 also pulls out all a stops when it comes to a chassis. The S8 comes customary with a sport-tuned adaptive atmosphere suspension. The variable-rate atmosphere suspension, that can give a physique one of 3 float heights, harmonizes ideally with a energetic steering, also standard, that adapts a steering ratio and boost to a vehicle’s speed.

The Audi expostulate name dynamics complement encompasses these dual systems as good as engine management, a eight-speed tiptronic and a competition differential. The motorist can change a evil of these framework components between a comfort, auto, dynamic, sold and potency modes.

The wheels of a new S8 magnitude 9 J x 20 and are shod with 265/40-series tires. Audi offers discretionary wheels measuring adult to 21 inches in diameter. The matt black stop calipers on a front spindle competition a S8 badge. Carbon fiber-ceramic discs are accessible as a high-end alternative. Each front saves around 3 kilograms (6.61 lb) of weight, and their calipers are anthracite gray.

A sold advantage of a 5.15-meter (16.90 ft) S8 is a partially low weight of 1,975 kilograms (4354.13 lb). The oppulance sedan’s ASF (Audi Space Frame) physique is done roughly wholly of aluminum. Only a B-pillars are done of ultra high-strength steel. The physique weighs only 231 kilograms (509.27 lb); a required steel construction would be around 100 kilograms (220.46 lb) heavier.

Fine extraneous pattern sum vigilance a special position that a S8 occupies in a Audi range. The extraneous tone Prism Silver is indifferent exclusively for a sports model.

The atmospheric interior is also upgraded with special accents. The multi-way, power-adjustable excellent competition seats have been designed exclusively for a S8 and are optionally accessible with movement and massage functions.

The S8 offers a far-reaching choice of interior colors, inlays and chair coverings, including quite excellent Valonea leather. The leather package, a DVD changer, a preference pivotal with sensor-controlled tailgate recover and ambient lighting turn out a list of customary interior equipment. The S8 is also versed with a innovative LED headlights and double glazing.

Beyond a customary equipment, Audi creates all of a high-end options from a A8 array available. The motorist assistance systems are closely networked with one another and a navigation system. These contain a adaptive journey control with stopgo function, Audi side assist, Audi line assist, a speed extent display, a night prophesy partner with highlighting of rescued pedestrians and a new parking complement with 360° camera. Supplementing these technologies is a reserve complement Audi pre sense, that is accessible in a series of versions. The S8 also comes customary with a mangle recommendation arrangement and a sensor-controlled tailgate recover introduced with a Audi A6 Avant.

Standard: MMI navigation and and a Bluetooth online automobile phone
The customary MMI navigation and represents a state of a art in infotainment systems. It includes a groundbreaking MMI hold submit system, a tough expostulate with 20 GB of openly serviceable space and a high-resolution 8-inch display. The high-end complement integrates a Bluetooth online automobile phone, that brings tailored Internet services underneath a streamer of Audi bond to a automobile and facilities WLAN connectivity for mobile devices. The Bose approximate complement is standard, with a Bang Olufsen Advanced Sound System accessible as an option.

The Audi S8 will be rolling into showrooms in early summer 2012. Prices will start during 111,900 euros.

The equipment, information and prices specified in this request impute to a indication operation offering in Germany. Subject to change but notice; errors and omissions excepted.


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