Dakar Rally 2018 – Finale, Cordoba

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Dakar Rally 2018

20 Jan 2018


Dakar Rally 2018

Finale, Cordoba


  • Four MINI crews finish Dakar Rally 2018.
  • Przygonski / Colsoul finish sixth to say fifth place overall.
  • Boris Garafulic / Filipe Palmeiro pierce adult to 13th.


Munich. Dakar 2018 is over and, according to some of a MINI
competitors, a 40th book of a world-famous race
was a toughest Dakar they have ever experienced. The past two
weeks, finale in a brief Stage 14 in Argentine city Cordoba today,
has thrown many hurdles during a drivers and navigators and usually 43
of a 92 automobile crews that started a competition achieved a Dakar
finish. Four of a 7 MINI crews entered were among a 43 auto
crews who successfully finished what is, arguably, a world’s
toughest rally.


The biggest feat has been that of Jakub ‘Kuba’ Przygonski
(POL) and co-driver Tom Colsoul (BEL) who cumulative a plain fifth place
altogether in their MINI John Cooper Works Rally (#312). Przygonski’s
prior Dakar knowledge and a set-back that befell some of his
associate MINI crews in this year’s book of a race, urged a Polish
motorist to practice some counsel and take a protected and solid track to
a front of a field. His essential proceed paid off with him taking
a fame of initial MINI to finish a 2018 Dakar.


A clever Stage 13 yesterday saw Boris Garafulic (CHI) and co-driver
Filipe Palmeiro (POR) in a #317 MINI John Cooper Works Rally finish
in 7th place to pierce 3 places adult a ubiquitous rankings
to 13th brazen of a final theatre today. A 12th
place finish in today’s final 120km special theatre ensured a pairing
confirmed their altogether fixation of 13th during a competition end.


For Mikko Hirvonen (FIN) and co-driver Andreas Schulz (GER) in the
MINI John Cooper Works Buggy (#305) yesterday was a fun theatre and left
them feeling happy brazen of a final stage, even nonetheless a end
outcome is not what  they hoped for.  A 15th place finish
currently saw a pairing finish a competition in 19th overall, nonetheless in
doing so they finished Dakar story as a initial ever motorist and
co-driver to finish a competition in a new MINI JCW Buggy, that made
a entrance this year. Hirvonen has been vacant by a buggy’s
opening and believes a automobile is a clever destiny Dakar contender.


Close behind Hirvonen in today’s theatre and final rankings were
Orlando Terranova (ARG) and Bernardo Graue (ARG) in a MINI John
Cooper Works Rally (#307). A 16th place theatre finish in
Cordoba saw a pairing sojourn inside a tip 20 during a finish line.
It was not a outcome that internal motorist Terranova had directed for, but
he is focused now on analysing a information from a competition to understand
how to urge in destiny Dakar.


The MINI crews, along with a other competitors, now conduct to a end
of competition rite to join a outrageous 40th anniversary party
staged by a organisers, that is approaching to be attended by
thousands of spectators.


MINI Family reports: Finale


Sebastian Mackensen, Head of MINI

“Congratulations to this year’s Dakar winner, Carlos Sainz. And a
outrageous good finished and congratulations also go to Kuba Przygonski and Tom
Colsoul on a hard-fought fifth place in a MINI John Cooper Works
Rally. We are happy for a organisation and are unapproachable of this performance. We
knew how formidable it would be to make it onto a lectern in Cordoba
in one of a MINI John Cooper Works this year. Despite a early
retirements and setbacks in this utterly revengeful book of
a Dakar, a X-raid organisation of Sven Quandt showed good morale,
fighting suggestion and a organisation suggestion standard of MINI, and refused to be
discouraged, even in a face of weird racing incidents. Everyone
who finished it to a finish line during a Dakar deserves a greatest
respect. We are looking brazen to a subsequent Dakar – we will be taking
on this ultimate convene plea once again in 2019!”


Sven Quandt, X-raid Team Principal

“It was utterly a churned Dakar; from a drivers’ side we consider there
were unfortunately some mistakes that pulled us behind utterly a bit, but
on a technical side we were astonished. The new MINI John Cooper
Works Buggy was unequivocally considerable and lasted nonetheless any problems.
Performance-wise it unequivocally showed that this is a right arms for
a destiny nonetheless a MINI John Cooper Works Rally was also good and,
until Nani forsaken out early due to a large strike in a car, we were in a
good position. From a reserve side, a cars were incredible; we could
scarcely make any hurl and nobody was in jeopardy. Even if a automobile was
20 or 40kg heavier it didn’t matter since we had super-safe cars and
that’s a many critical thing for this race. Kuba did an incredible
opening – pushing unequivocally solid all a approach by from the
beginning. Fifth place is an implausible outcome for him. He shadowed
a leaders via a race, removing closer to a front and
nobody was examination him. He and Tom finished no mistakes – this is how you
do a Dakar.”


Jakub Przygonski

“We are so happy to be during a finish. It was a tough competition and not so
easy. We checked and all of guys in front of us are unequivocally experienced
during Dakar so we are happy to be in such a good group. we am one of the
youngest, for sure, in a tip 5 and tip 10 so we consider we have to
get some some-more knowledge and afterwards we will be really, unequivocally fast. It
was a good competition for me and Tom, we had a good tie inside the
automobile and a automobile was unequivocally good. For sure, a automobile was improved than
final year with reduction weight and improved cessation and tyres. We had no
issues all race, a automobile was unequivocally faster and all worked
unequivocally good for us.”


Orlando Terranova

“It was a formidable dual weeks for a whole team. We never had a
purify theatre this year, with opposite problems of navigation or
mistakes, nonetheless a usually good thing was to pull when we could in some
stages and feel that a automobile was discerning and we were on a pace. It was
not a good Dakar for me nonetheless we need to analyse now and work out how to
improve. The automobile is amazing; a response of a engine and a new
package of cessation and tyres is unequivocally good.”


Mikko Hirvonen

“It’s been an extraordinary journey again even nonetheless we didn’t get the
outcome we wanted. It was unequivocally a toughest Dakar we have done
even nonetheless we don’t have a lot of Dakar underneath my belt yet. This one is
how we always illusory it would be and it was a tough dual weeks but
unequivocally fantastic. It’s a contrition we didn’t get a outcome since the
mechanics and a whole organisation worked so tough before Christmas to get
all ready. But, still we consider everybody can be happy with the
automobile they built since we were unequivocally discerning in some places, even
nonetheless a theatre formula didn’t always uncover it due to some mistakes. I
consider we can be unequivocally unapproachable of what a organisation has finished in a final six
months – this Dakar has been tough work for everybody.”


Dakar Rally 2018
: MINI final standings


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