Dakar Rally 2018 – Stage 7: La Paz

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Dakar Rally 2018

14 Jan 2018


Dakar Rally 2018

Stage 7: La Paz – Uyuni


  • Two MINI crews finish Stage 7 with tip 10 placings.
  • MINI organisation Przygonski / Colsoul grasp a tip 6 finish with
    fourth place.
  • Garafulic / Palmeiro quarrel tough for ninth place outcome at
    finish of Stage 7.



Munich. Stage 7 started with all competitors in good spirits
and rested following a central rest day in a Dakar bivouac
situated in a area of Bolivian city La Paz. At 3,625 metres
altitude, a La Paz bivouac ensured competitors were treated to
fantastic views and, of course, some well-deserved sleep. At the
same time a MINI racing vehicles were checked and prepared ready
for a restart of Dakar with Stage 7.


From a impulse a automobile competitors finished a relationship theatre and
a start of a off-road special stage, a silt and dunes of
Bolivia’s plains began to impact a competitors and a opinion of
a racing. Soft silt among a areas of camel weed caused problems
for many crews, including a 5 crews of a MINI Family, with
their cars frequently removing stuck,


If a silt conditions were bad afterwards a sleet that followed made
conditions even worse. Muddy turf became unequivocally sleazy and large
puddles of H2O began to form to censor vast rocks that would
eventually repairs cars of a reduction than propitious competitors.


Jakub ‘Kuba’ Przygonski (POL) and Tom Colsoul (BEL) in their MINI
John Cooper Works Rally fared best of a MINI Family and were the
initial MINI organisation to make it to a finish of Stage 7 with a tough fought
fourth place. This outcome means that a MINI John Cooper Works Rally
(#312) organisation confirmed their altogether position of sixth.


Boris Garafulic (CHI) and co-driver Filipe Palmeiro (POR) was the
second MINI organisation to successfully finish a 727km of Stage 7. The
MINI John Cooper Works Rally (#317) organisation arrived during a Uyuni finish
indicate in ninth place to lift them to 22nd in a overall
competition category.


The residue of a MINI crews were significantly behind during
Stage 7. Whether this was due to a conditions or for other reasons
is misleading due to a fact communication systems in a mountain
regions is limited. However, Dakar competition control was sensitive that the
MINI John Cooper Works Rally organisation of Orlando Terranova (ARG) and
co-driver Bernardo Graue (ARG) finished a theatre in 31st place.


Mikko Hirvonen (FIN) / Andreas Schulz (DEU) finished 7 places
behind in 38th and 4hrs behind a initial automobile to finish the
stage. Unfortunately, a organisation of Yazeed Al Rajhi (KSA) / Timo
Gottschalk (DEU) were not personal in a theatre results.


Stage 7 is also famous as a Marathon Stage. This means a crews are
theme to no outward assistance and have to use their own
vehicles in a Uyuni bivouac forward of Stage 8. With complicated rain
foresee in a region, Stage 8 could also infer to be a tough race.


MINI Family reports: Stage 7


Jakub Przygonski

“It was a prolonged and tough day, some-more than 400km. Today was a racing
theatre for us since we were fighting with another aspirant for the
400km we were together, a bit like motocross, though it was good and we
enjoyed a stage. But there was a lot of water, H2O channel and
there was unequivocally soothing dunes by a Camel grass, that was
terrible. The automobile is ok and this is many critical on this marathon
theatre since we have no mechanics and we have to do a work by
ourselves. For now it looks good. Tomorrow will be a unequivocally prolonged stage
and for certain fast. It was raining and we consider a sleet and a surface
H2O is always tough since a murky conditions are not so easy to
expostulate on.”


Boris Garafulic

“It was good; unequivocally demanding; unequivocally hard. A tough, tough day though I’m
happy to be here. we consider some of a other guys will have had
problems since it was unequivocally perfectionist with a soothing sand. The automobile is
ok. We and a automobile are ok and right now we have to do a maintenance
bit. As for tomorrow’s race? we don’t know – we have to take it day by day.”


Next stage: Stage 8, Uyuni- Tupiz. For some-more information about Dakar
2018, greatfully revisit a host’s eventuality home page here.




Dakar Rally 2018
: MINI standings after Stage 7










Jakub Przygonski

Tom Colsoul


MINI John Cooper Works





Mikko Hirvonen

Andreas Schulz


MINI John Cooper Works







Filipe Palmeiro


MINI John Cooper Works Rally

X-raid Team






Bernardo Graue


MINI John Cooper Works Rally

X-raid Team





Yazeed Al

Timo Gottschalk


MINI John Cooper Works Buggy

X-raid Team


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