Designs From International Artists Showcased At Lexus’ Milan Design Week Display

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TORONTO, ON., (March 10, 2014) – Whether it’s a neat styling of a new RC F sports car, a exhibits during Lexus’ INTERSECT space in Tokyo, or as partial of a arrangement during Milan Design Week, Lexus is committed to showcasing superb designs.
Milan Design Week, also famous as Salone Del Mobile, is a world’s largest pattern muster and will be hold Apr 9-13, 2014. Furniture makers and conform brands theatre a accumulation of associated events via Milan to prominence a interest and newness of their designs.
Appearing in a Lexus arrangement during Circolo Filologico Milanese will be designs from Italian Fabio Novembre, Japanese Nao Tamura and a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Tangible Media Group led by Professor Hiroshi Ishii. These creations will be assimilated by a 12 winning works from a second Lexus Design Award (LDA), comparison from 2,612 sum registrations including 72 from Canada.  
Lexus challenged Novembre, Tamura and MIT to emanate singular responses to a thesis of “Amazing in Motion” and to demonstrate a concepts in a approach that was totally new to their artistic process:
Fabio Novembre (Italy)
Title: “We Dance”
Fabio Novembre presents life as a dance. ”Employing record to demonstrate a transformation of this dance represents a emergence of life and draws a approach tie to a vast suit of planets and galaxies.”

Nao Tamura (Japan)
Title: “Interconnection”
“Interconnection” relies on healthy suit as it explores mankind’s interdependent attribute with nature.
Tangible Media Group from MIT Media Lab (U.S.A.)
“TRANSFORM” represents a alloy between record and pattern that aims to enthuse viewers with a transformations from still seat to energetic machine.
Two of a LDA winners being showcased during a eventuality will arrangement finished prototypes of their designs prepared in partnership with successful artistic professionals who offering their services as mentors. This year’s mentors are Taiwanese architect/engineer Arthur Huang and American diversion engineer Robin Hunicke. Huang will assistance showcase Britain’s James Fox’s “Macian” thought for formulating kids’ forts. Hunicke is a coach for Germany’s Sebastian Scherer’s “Iris,” a handblown potion flare with an iridescent, shimmering coating.
Since a launch of a LDA in late 2012, Lexus has been ancillary good design: from operative with determined creators to championing new talent. For serve sum about a LDA, greatfully revisit a central Lexus International website:

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