Designworks Named Design Partner for IONITY Joint Venture.

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Munich. For scarcely 50 years now, Designworks has been
moulding a face of a mobility of tomorrow. One of a design
agency’s many new projects consists of a elect from IONITY to
pattern a European high-power-charging (HPC) network for electric
vehicles. IONITY is a corner try between a BMW Group, Daimler,
Ford, and Volkswagen AG posterior a pattern of creation e-mobility
prepared for long-distance travel.

IONITY pattern to diffuse concerns about range.

IONITY has briefed Designworks to pattern a charging station
architecture, a horse pylons, and a digital communication concept.
The designers’ elect consists of furnishing IONITY with a
recognizable, welcoming and leading-edge visible temperament in Europe,
while significantly improving a electric charging experience. The
idea is to diffuse concerns about operation and make electromobility more
appealing for long-distance travel. “For preference of a design
partner, a criteria enclosed a endless bargain of future
mobility as good as knowledge outward of a automotive industry,
cunning in both analog and digital interfaces, pronounced
intercultural expertise, and a ability to rise concepts with a
perspective to destiny contexts,” says Michael Hajesch, CEO during IONITY.
“In formulating a initial Pan-European HPC network, we are looking
to give electromobility a boost toward a breakthrough in Europe.
Design, with a endless intensity it has to strech people and
change them in a certain manner, is a pivotal cause for us
here”, Hajesch added.

A face for quick electric charging in Europe.

Using IONITY’s corporate temperament and a core issues of e-mobility
as a starting point, a pattern group grown an independent
cultured wording dictated to settle IONITY fast-charging
stations as beacons along Europe’s principal ride routes. In
fixing with a suggestion of e-mobility, a charging
station-architecture transmits a clarity of space that is open, light,
clear, and user-friendly. It was critical to a group that a design
be rarely mouth-watering in character. Therefore, a artistic judgment of
a IONITY hire translates a DNA of liberality into an
architectural ambience radiating a special kind of appeal, day and night.

The pattern aesthetics of a charging hire can also be seen in the
charging pylons: Streamlining all elements down to their geometrical
foundation, well-defined, vast radii, frozen surfaces, and balanced
proportions minister to a altogether mouth-watering sense and give the
charging pylon a welcoming appearance. In an discerning manner, the
transparent pattern conveys a user friendship and speed in charging,
that has significantly increasing in comparison to today’s standard.
The seamless formation of a touchscreen user interface, holder, and
horse block minister to this clarity, reinforcing a summary of an
basic user experience.

At night, a charging pylons will be bright with what appears
to be a free-floating light ring, seated on tip of a slender
charger’s body, regulating light or tone changes to communicate
information about assign standing to users.

„In sequence to emanate holistic experiences, it is needed to give
product and communication pattern equal courtesy and to safeguard an
integrated process”, says Holger Hampf, boss of Designworks.
„The pattern of IONITY´s charging poles conveys a value of this
approach: We have concerned business in a pattern routine and thought
about any analogue and digital fact until we reached a solution
that will truly capacitate a new kind of charging experience” he continues.

Design for a mobility of tomorrow.

The name Designworks has been behind a accumulation of pioneering mobility
projects in a automotive, aviation and rail courtesy as good as in
a fields of infrastructure, construction and agriculture. With the
IONITY hire design, Designworks is adding a serve miracle to
a portfolio along a trail to a mobility of tomorrow and shaping
a face of what is now one of Europe’s many exciting
infrastructure projects.

IONITY is formulation to have 400 stations along Europe´s vital highways
adult and using by a finish of 2020. The charging stations, any of
that will be charity adult to 6 chargers are versed with a latest
e-charging technology. They will be simply permitted for a public
situated during a stretch of approximately 120 km from any other. IONITY
uses a European charging customary “Combined Charging
System” (CCS) with a charging ability of adult to 350 kW and
thereby will yield cranky – code harmony with many benefaction day
and destiny electric vehicles. IONITY is dedicated to creation electro
mobility a possibly tender for long-distance journeys. The joint
try has been determined by partners with an equal share in the
business and welcomes serve partners meddlesome in expanding the
network over a middle to prolonged term.

From 11. – 15. Jun 2018, IONITY and Designworks will jointly present
a pattern of a new charging poles during CEBIT, Europe’s Business
Festival for Innovation and Digitization. At a lectern speak on 14.
June, Holger Hampf (President of BMW Group Designworks) and Frank
Plaschka (Manager Communications during IONITY) will plead a purpose of
pattern in moulding tomorrow´s mobility solutions. (Hall 26, Expert
Stage, Start 10.30 AM).


In a eventuality of inquiries, greatfully contact:

Birgit Pucklitzsch, Manager Communications

Designworks, A BMW Group Company

Tel: +49-151-6052-4026, Fax: +49-89-548-49399




Sophie Seidenath, BMW Group Design Communications

Tel: +49-89-382-27473, Fax: +49-89-382-28567

BMW Group Innovation and Design Communications




About Designworks

Designworks is a artistic consultancy that has been driving
creation for some-more than forty years. Acquired by BMW Group in 1995,
Designworks enables a primogenitor association as good as
internationally-renowned clients outward a automotive courtesy to
grow their businesses by pattern and artistic consulting services.
With studios in Los Angeles, Munich and Shanghai and with clients
including BMW, MINI, Rolls Royce, HP, Corsair, Coca Cola, Konica
Minolta, Selle Royal, Shell, Siemens Trains and Singapore Airlines,
Designworks is deeply enthralled in a extended cross-section of industries.


About IONITY Gmbh

IONITY is formed in Munich and was founded in 2017; it is a joint
try of a BMW Group, Daimler AG, Ford Motor Company and the
Volkswagen Group including Audi and Porsche. IONITY’s goal is to
build an endless and arguable High-Power Charging network (HPC) for
electric vehicles in Europe to make gentle long-distance ride a
reality. IONITY has been means to secure appealing inhabitant and
general locations by a clever team-work partners.
IONITY is an internationally purebred trademark.

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