Designworks Teams with Virgin Hyperloop One to Create Prototype Design for Dubai Hyperloop Passenger Capsule.

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Newbury Park, CA – Apr 26, 2018… Working with
Virgin Hyperloop One, and a Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai
(RTA), Designworks helped emanate a antecedent pattern for a Dubai
hyperloop capsule. The pattern recently done a tellurian entrance during City
Walk Dubai as partial of UAE Innovation Month. This is a initial time a
physical, full-scale hyperloop antecedent has been shown to a broad
open audience.

Once built, a newcomer capsule, electromagnetically propelled
by a opening tube, could strech speeds adult to 1,080km/h, potentially
roving from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in as small as 12 minutes. Virgin
Hyperloop One is now negotiating a subsequent theatre of development
(Phase 2) with a RTA with a transparent aim of building a world’s
initial hyperloop travel complement in a UAE / Middle East.

Designing for a destiny of mobility.

Building on endless pattern knowledge opposite open and personal
ride projects and a organisation concentration on a destiny mobility landscape,
Designworks played a essential purpose as Virgin Hyperloop One’s design
partner, charity vicious suspicion caring and concepts to create
a prototype’s visible temperament and interior newcomer experience.

“With a Virgin Hyperloop One design, we wanted to emanate a new
visible countenance for a new mode of open transportation” says
Designworks LA Studio Design Director, Johannes Lampela.

The executive plea a Designworks group faced was how to emanate a
gentle and enchanting interior with no windows, and a current
requirement for passengers to be seated via a journey.
Designworks took what competence during initial peek be a really restrictive
sourroundings and remade it into a some-more personal and uplifting
feeling knowledge that can be both noted and enjoyable.

Innovation with human-centric design.

The pattern judgment suggested several ways of achieving this, through
multidirectional and personally-controlled light, digital displays,
and reward comfort – formulating a clarity of individualized space for
any passenger. In initial class, for example, tractable leather seats
underline touchscreens for personal settings for light liughtness and
color, permitting passengers to change a light from blue to pinkish to set
a mood. The seats embody integrated heating and cooling. Passengers
could suffer personalized party by built-in displays. In
this way, a judgment could emanate a some-more worldly and
user-centered spatial knowledge that transcends a typical
practical idea of open transportation. Floor lighting is also
aesthetically used to double as wayfinding.

To serve heighten a newcomer experience, designers took
impulse from normal Arabic patterns, holding caring to create
conscious and relatable informative references while also requesting a
some-more unconventional and on-going interpretation. The pattern is thus
anchored in a informative bequest of a dominion while acknowledging its
contemporary achievements and aspirations.

The Virgin Hyperloop One antecedent is another instance of Designworks’
forward-looking proceed to inventing a destiny of travel and
devising a intensity for new modes of mobility.


About BMW Group Designworks

BMW Group Designworks is a artistic consultancy that has been driving
creation for forty years. Acquired by BMW Group in 1995, Designworks
enables a primogenitor association as good as internationally-renowned clients
outward a automotive attention to grow their businesses through
pattern and a portfolio of artistic consulting services. With clients
including Coca Cola, Dassault Aviation, Embraer, HEAD, HP,
Intermarine, John Deere, Microsoft, Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART),
Siemens and Varian Medical Systems, Designworks is deeply enthralled in
a extended cross-section of industries.


About Virgin Hyperloop One

Virgin Hyperloop One is a usually association in a universe that has built
a entirely operational hyperloop system. Our group has a world’s leading
experts in engineering, technology, and ride plan delivery,
operative in tandem with tellurian partners and investors to make hyperloop
a reality, now. Virgin Hyperloop One is corroborated by pivotal investors
including DP World, Caspian VC Partners, Virgin Group, Sherpa Capital,
Abu Dhabi Capital Group, SNCF, GE Ventures, Formation 8, 137 Ventures,
WTI, among others. For some-more information, revisit

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