Destination Wörthersee: Volkswagen Group apprentices rise singular Golf GTI

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Teamwork – Made in Wolfsburg. The apprentices are not articulate about a sum of their car before a universe premiere during Wörthersee, though one thing is transparent for them: Our car is an positively ideal Golf GTI. We have comparison a right color, a GTI has copiousness of power, illusory sound, special pattern elements and a excellent interior apparatus available. Teamwork - done in Wolfsburg.When 12 apprentices from Wolfsburg form in their destination, a satnav will prove a stretch of about 950 kilometers and a travelling time of roughly 9 hours. They will be streamer for Reifnitz am Wörthersee, Austria. At a 33rd GTI assembly from May 28 to 31, a 4 immature women and 8 organisation are presenting a unequivocally special training plan – a singular Golf GTI. The immature people, aged between 18 and 23, grown a car in line with their possess ideas, that they put into use mostly by handcrafting. The car was finished in 9 months.

The apprentices, who are being lerned in 4 technical vocations with Volkswagen and Sitech Sitztechnik, worked tough on a execution of their Golf GTI. They are now looking brazen excitedly to a universe premiere in a Austrian state of Carinthia on May 29 and to a reactions of car fans from around a world.

“The apprentices in a Wörthersee organisation can be unapproachable of their car,” says Dr. Heinz-Jakob Neußer, Member of a Board of Management of a Volkswagen Passenger Cars code with shortcoming for Development. “They have put good ideas into practice, unsentimental new technologies and total a singular GTI that is unequivocally convincing with a courtesy to detail, a sound and a particular appearance.”

The Wörthersee GTI 2014 is a manifest outcome of high-quality unsentimental training during Volkswagen. The budding automotive mechatronics technicians, car paint technicians, car interior fitters and routine technicians specializing in plastics and rubber engineering planned, tested and implemented all themselves from source and pattern by to painting, interior apparatus and a powertrain. In doing so, they gained substantial dilettante expertise.

The immature women and organisation are among a best apprentices in their years, that is because they were comparison for a Wörthersee GTI 2014 organisation and a special charge from a Board of Management – to reinterpret a customary Golf GTI Performance(1) in suitability with their possess ideas and to benefaction it as a crowd-puller during a Wörthersee festival. They invested many hours in this charge and grown to form a clever organisation headed by their plan manager and instructor Holger Schülke.

“On this car project, a apprentices learn a substantial volume about a technological farrago and cunning of Volkswagen,” says Prof. Dr. Werner Neubauer, Member of a Board of Management of a Volkswagen Passenger Cars code with shortcoming for Components, who entrusted them with this task. “For a initial Wörthersee GTI formed on a stream Golf model, they were means to select from a best components accessible within a Group range. From a initial unpractical blueprint by to a final presentation, a budding car builders were means to believe for themselves a high peculiarity final of Volkswagen.”

Since 2008, Volkswagen has offering a best apprentices a event to enhance their dilettante believe and to denote their creativity and teamwork capabilities on special car projects. “By operative on a Wörthersee GTI project, a apprentices learn about a complexity of car production. During a origination of their vehicle, a budding learned workers concur with experts from a accumulation of opposite veteran families,” Ralph Linde, Head of a Volkswagen Group Academy, emphasizes. “This car plan offers a apprentices a best event to advantage from a believe of their gifted colleagues. This is because a Wörthersee GTI is a genuine prominence and a pivotal plan in Volkswagen’s vocational training program.”

“Again and again, we have been filled with unrestrained by a apprentices, their skills and their ideas for a GTI meeting,” says Bernd Osterloh, Chairman of a Group and General Works Council. “At Volkswagen, twin vocational training is righteously given substantial importance. Our qualified, encouraged workforce is one of a cornerstones of a success.”

The members of a Wörthersee Team 2014 by training vocations:
Automotive mechatronics technicians: Philipp Landgraf (22), Nathalie Magnus (23), Fabian Saust (23), Sebastian Wagner (21). Vehicle paint technicians: Timo Riegenring (20), Sarah Till (22). Process technicians specializing in plastics and rubber engineering: Sina Golkowski (19), Andre Meier (22). Vehicle interior fitters (all apprentices of Sitech Sitztechnik): Nick Bauer (19), Theresa Evers (18), Alex Lich (19), Dimitri Schell (22).

Sitech Sitztechnik is a Volkswagen organisation association specializing in a growth and prolongation of car seats.

1) Fuel expenditure total of Golf GTI Performance in l/km: 8.1 – 7.5 (urban) / 5.3 – 5.1 (extra urban) / 6.4 – 6 (combined); CO2 emissions in g/km: 149 – 148 (combined), potency class: C, D

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