Dieter Gass: “Competition in a DTM is intensely fierce”

Posted on 20. Apr, 2016 by in Audi Canada

Last year, with 10 victories scored in 18 races, a Audi RS 5 DTM was a many successful car. Still, a second place in a drivers,’ teams’ and manufacturers’ classifications was all that was achieved …

The Audi RS 5 DTM was no doubt a fastest car. That’s because not carrying clinched a pretension was quite frustrating. Due to a success in a initial races, we had a lot of weight in a cars during an early stage. That was substantially one reason – though not a usually one. On some tracks, we simply didn’t remove a limit and unsuccessful to measure points on too many occasions. We intensively worked on improving in these areas over a winter.

How were we means to continue to urge a automobile nonetheless a record of a cars has been “frozen” by a regulations?

Obviously, we couldn’t take any vital steps, so we had to concentration on minute work. We spent a lot of time doing analyses and are assured that we took a right actions. Our design was to rise a vast series of set-up options in sequence to be optimally prepared in a far-reaching operation of conditions. In perspective of a DTM’s impassioned competitiveness, this is unequivocally crucial. For instance, in winter we worked on a “tool box” that is accessible to a teams. In 2016, we intend to broach some-more unchanging results, irrespective of a opening weights.

There was a lot of contention and argumentative discuss about a opening weights final year. Why are they indispensable to start with?

For cost reasons, no serve growth of a cars is authorised during a moment. That’s why, as manufacturers, we can't respond if a code has an extreme advantage for whatever reason. The opening weights are dictated to keep a cars on a same turn in sequence to forestall a prevalence of a singular manufacturer that way. Last year, unfortunately, a complement of a opening weights in ubiquitous wasn’t ideally concurrent and significantly intervened with a competition results. This has been optimized for 2016. I’m assured that we’ve come adult with a resolution and that a opening weights will work well.

What does this resolution demeanour like?

The weights are now going to be practiced from competition to competition – directly after qualifying, formed on a time gaps. All cars of a code accept a same weight. After all, we don’t meant to retaliate a driver, though to forestall a prevalence of a singular manufacturer that way.

Changes have been done with honour to a drag rebate complement (DRS) as well. Why?

Basically, use of a DRS formula in some-more overtaking maneuvers, as expected. But it’s ostensible to be used some-more privately for overtaking and not for enabling a motorist to follow a faster car. That’s because a series of activations has been limited.

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