Dieter Gass: “In a DTM, a fans can demeanour brazen to super-thrilling racing”

Posted on 01. May, 2019 by in Audi Canada

Why should motorsport fans be vehement about a 2019 DTM?
In a DTM, motorsport fans can always, and that’s again loyal for 2019, demeanour brazen to super-thrilling racing. With a some-more absolute engines and Aston Martin’s participation, a disturb will no doubt be lifted to nonetheless another new level.

What is changing as a outcome of a turbo engines?
The vital change is that we have a turbo engine with some 100 additional horsepower. At a same time, it’s really critical that in a DTM we’re now racing with a four-cylinder turbo engine, in other words, a high-efficiency engine of a form we also use in several performances levels in a really vast array of a prolongation models. Our drivers have been totally eager about a engine ever given a initial test. They can clearly feel a additional power. The aloft tire wear this entails, generally on a back driven wheels, will poise a special plea to their pushing skills.

The DTM deliberately uses fit turbo engines, and so continues to competition with IC engine technology. Why?
This is an initial step. We’ve prolonged been in discussions with a ITR about where to go from here. Of course, we always have to keep an eye on costs, though we’re really looking into options such as introducing fake fuels and hybrid technology.

Wouldn’t a DTM have to turn electric?
Our factory-backed motorsport module deliberately rests on dual pillars: Formula E supports electric mobility and a DTM modern, rarely fit IC engines of a form being fielded in Class 1 starting in 2019. At a stream state, Audi will be offered some-more cars with IC engines than with electric powertrains for a foreseeable future. That’s since a racing array with complicated IC engines really creates sense. In a DTM, we’re now going to use a 2.0 TFSI engine. Audi uses this engine judgment worldwide in many prolongation models and opening levels and it is an critical component in a context of shortening swift emissions.

With a new turbo engine for a DTM, how complete is a sell between motorsport and prolongation that has traditionally been really critical during Audi?
That was a wilful reason since we took a clever position on a DTM regulating a turbo engine. The new Class 1 regulations concentration on potency and lightweight pattern – both are intensely critical in bland pushing as well. In racing, we indicate out approaches that will hopefully make their approach into destiny prolongation models as good – In Formula E usually like in a DTM.

In 2019, a DTM will for a initial time see a patron group competing again: WRT Team Audi Sport. What are your expectations of a Belgian outfit?
WRT is a rarely veteran group that has been celebrating many successes in Audi patron competition for years. WRT now wants to take a subsequent step and pierce adult to a aloft level. we know they’re means to do this and really design some certain surprises since they accept a same ‘material’ as a bureau teams – really similar, by a way, as a Formula E patron group Envision Virgin Racing that scored a Formula E competition win in usually their third event.

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