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More than 60,000 people from approximately 100 countries work for AUDI AG and any one of them is unique. The vehicle manufacturer aims for a enlightenment that releases a intensity of any particular and promotes diversity. “Characters with opposite ways of meditative and backgrounds heighten a operative universe during Audi,” says Denise Mathieu, Head of Diversity Management during AUDI AG. “This proceed creates us some-more innovative, artistic and agile.” In sequence to foster individuality in a company’s possess interest, Audi combined a dialect a year ago that brings together all activities relating to a theme of diversity. As a signatory to a “Diversity Charter,” a code with a Four Rings has committed itself to focusing even some-more on a theme in a corporate culture. At first, participants from all departments discussed how farrago can succeed, in inner workshops, for example. Since then, farrago ambassadors from all levels of a hierarchy have been flitting a summary on to a workforce. “The foundations have been laid,” adds Denise Mathieu, “now we have to build on them.”

“Diversity Day 2018” on Tuesday Jun 5 is to be another miracle along this road. Approximately 1,000 activities are designed opposite Germany underneath a pointer “Flying a flag.” With a multifaceted offering, Audi also wants to enthuse as many employees as probable for toleration and open cooperation. A dragon vessel outing on a Danube with an general group will foster group suggestion during a Ingolstadt location. As partial of a “100% me.” campaign, print booths will be accessible in a staff restaurants during both a plants in Germany. The snap shots of a employees are dictated to denote diversity, to lift recognition of similarities and to incite reconsideration of comatose prejudices. The Audi Art House Cinema in Ingolstadt is a partner for a company’s Women’s Network and will uncover a film “Marie Curie” as an instance of idealist systematic minds. In addition, a “queer@audi.de” network for passionate course in Ingolstadt is mouth-watering people to join in a dialog. An inclusion seminar will concentration on pointer denunciation and communicating with people with marred hearing. Audi has been active in this margin for a prolonged time. In 2016, a reward code was awarded a German Industry Inclusion Prize for these activities. And a vehicle manufacturer recently assimilated a Company Forum, an employers’ beginning for some-more inclusion. “Ensuring equal opportunities is a initial step,” says Stephan Meier, Head of Human Resources International and Top Management during AUDI AG. “We wish to figure a tolerable informative change, so formulating a right conditions for a successful mutation during Audi. Only those companies that implement a intensity of altered life realities can continue to be successful,” continues Meier. Diversity is therefore resolutely anchored in a corporate plan of a Four Rings.

“We are a different group during Audi. That is because we in a Works Council are committed to ensuring that a association continues to strengthen this diversity, and promotes respect, appreciation and toleration during Audi,” says Rita Beck, Deputy Chairwoman of a Works Council in Ingolstadt. Audi will continue to hurl out a farrago debate with a idea of vital toleration and henceforth changing attitudes. New training courses and gift formats, a enlargement of worker networks and strong team-work and partnerships turn off a activities.

Photos of Audi’s “Diversity Day 2018” can be downloaded on Jun 5 as of 4 p.m.at www.audi-mediacenter.de

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