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,Silverstone Circuit, Towcester, Northamptonshire, UK


Car 1 SEBASTIAN VETTEL, Finish Position: 2nd, Start Position: 2nd
I had an glorious start and with hindsight we wouldnt have disposed if there had been some-more sleet since we unequivocally favourite a conditions when we were racing on a middle tyres. We seemed to be in unequivocally good figure and we was pulling away. We substantially waited a small bit too prolonged to go onto a dry tyres, though it was right as there was no need for us to take a risk and we were in control. At a array stop we had a problem a automobile was already behind on a floor, though afterwards we had to lift it behind adult again. By afterwards we had mislaid a lead and came out in third. we struggled to pass Lewis, we suspicion we could go most quicker, though we never unequivocally had a chance. Once we was unequivocally close, though it didnt work. We got him during a array stop, though by afterwards Fernando was already gone. It was a good outcome for us, though we had some problems and, if youre not during your optimum, afterwards theres always someone there to kick you. Ferrari was unequivocally discerning all weekend and they deserved a feat today.

Car 2 MARK WEBBER, Finish Position: 3rd, Start Position: POLE POSITION
It was a churned race, it was unequivocally sleazy during a start with a middle tyres, half a lane was dry and half was soppy and we had to wait for a slicks to come into play. Michael pitted initial and we were watchful to hear what his gait was like. On my in-lap we had a large impulse in Becketts, so Fernando sealed on me a bit, we went opposite a grass, so it was a bit scrappy there afterwards we had an engaging competition after that. we felt clever during a start of any stint, though reduction so towards a finish of a stints both Seb and we were carrying difficulty with a tyres during a finish of a race. we attempted to pass him, though not quite, and that was a race.

After a unequivocally engaging competition that primarily started unequivocally good for us on a middle tyres, second and third is still a unequivocally clever outcome during this circuit, deliberation all that has left on this weekend. Unfortunately we had a back jack disaster on Sebastians second array stop, that cost him a lot of time in a pits and forsaken him behind Fernando. Having pronounced that, Fernando was unequivocally quick today, though during slightest we would have had a lane position going into a latter stint. Having run second early on, Mark had an emanate during his second array stop, though he managed to re-pass Hamilton with a dauntless pierce into Turn six. In a shutting laps and with a dual cars going circle to wheel, from a group indicate of perspective it done comprehensive clarity to connect a large transport of points currently and not risk carrying both cars in a fence, that scarcely happened to Lewis and Felipe on a final corner. From a group indicate of perspective a been a unequivocally clever day we gained 33 points and both drivers are now initial and second in a Drivers Championship. On a empty issue, hopefully we have now achieved clarity on this and can pull a line underneath it going forward.

All in all, a a flattering good outcome today. we would have desired for us to have finished initial and second, though for a Constructors Championship, it was a good group result. Unfortunately we had a back jack failure, that cost Sebastian some time, though we consider we are in a good position and we will be prepared for a German GP in dual weeks time.

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