Dr Christoph Grote awarded honour for “Connected Car 2016”. Senior Vice President Electronics during BMW voted “Eurostar 2016” by Automotive News Europe.

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Munich. BMW is one of a heading automotive
manufacturers concerned in a link-up of people, vehicles and
services. For some years now, a growth of connected cars has
focused on innovative technologies and technological expertise. Dr
Christoph Grote, Senior Vice President Electronics during BMW, has played
a pivotal RD purpose in moulding a face of connectivity and is
now creation a wilful impact on a enrichment in a globe of
electronics. The editors during Automotive News Europe have voted Dr Grote
a “Eurostar 2016” in a “Connected Car” difficulty for his
well-developed achievements in this area.

Connectivity provides a basement for destiny technologies.

The BMW 7 Series sets new standards in contemporary luxury,
comfort and innovations. Alongside groundbreaking technologies in the
fields of lightweight design, powertrains, framework development, system
operation and interior ambience, intelligent connectivity underscores
BMW’s joining to consistent top-level pushing pleasure with
long-distance comfort in a oppulance sedan. The BMW 7 Series brings
together digital services, crafty apps and assistance systems with new
control and handling record – such as BMW gesticulate control, which
creates it probable to work a car’s information and entertainment
functions by means of palm movements. The operation of functions offered
by Driving Assistant Plus is being extended in a BMW 7 Series to
include, for a initial time, a Steering and line control assistant,
Lane gripping partner with active side collision protection, Rear
collision impediment and Crossing trade warning. The Traffic jam
partner can be used on all forms of road, enabling semi-automated
driving. Speed restrictions rescued by Speed Limit Info can be
incorporated by a Active Cruise Control with StopGo duty at
a hold of a button. The BMW 7 Series therefore highlights once
again how increasing safety, comfort and party all enhance
pushing enjoyment.

Years of investigate and growth into destiny technology.

One of Dr Christoph Grote’s executive roles has been to drive
brazen rarely programmed pushing during BMW – and so vehicle
connectivity as a elemental component of this technology. Remote
Control Parking is another of a superb assistance systems
denounced for a initial time in a BMW 7 Series. This choice links
together several sensors and assistance systems, enabling a BMW 7
Series to be driven into and out of garages or forward-parking spaces
but a driver. Functions such as Remote Control Parking are
examples of a superb connectivity technologies built into the
BMW 7 Series that were wilful in securing Dr Grote a pretension of
“Eurostar 2016” in a “Connected Cars” section. Added to which, Dr
Grote has contributed significantly to a partnership with a map
and plcae use HERE, that BMW Group has hold a share in since
2015. Dr Grote views a multiple of HERE digital map technology
and a information from automobile sensors as well-developed and believes it will
yield a vital developmental advantage when it comes to mobility in
a future.

Competition with a prolonged tradition.

Automotive News Europe is one of Europe’s vital automotive
publications for automobile manufacturers and dealers. 2016 was a 19th time
a editors have celebrated pivotal decision-makers and comparison their
“Eurostars”. This year’s voting lonesome 14 categories.

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