Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg stairs down from Board of Management of AUDI AG

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The new Chairman of a Audi Supervisory Board, Matthias Müller, praised Hackenberg’s poignant impact on a Technical Development groups of a whole Volkswagen Group: “Above all, a modular toolkit complement is inseparably connected with a name of Ulrich Hackenberg. He had that thought already in a early nineties during Audi. Today, a whole Group increase from it.”

Audi’s Board of Management Chairman Rupert Stadler underscored his lifetime achievements: “In a 30 years that he was active in a Volkswagen Group, Ulrich Hackenberg was concerned in essential strategies and indication decisions. The rarely stretchable modular complement resulted in stretchable modular production. Both systems helped us to furnish really good and with high quality. Numerous automobile models from Audi, Volkswagen and Bentley were significantly influenced by his joining and expertise. On interest of a whole Board of Management, we appreciate him for his many years of joining and his veteran passion.”

After graduating in automatic engineering during Aachen RWTH University, Ulrich Hackenberg was employed as an partner during a Institute for Motor Transport from 1978 until 1985. Amongst other positions there, he was a conduct of investigate into car dynamics, grown lectures in motorcycle record and gained a doctorate in 1985 on a fortitude properties of a “rider-motorcycle-road” system.

Hackenberg changed to Audi in 1985, where he took over a position of Head of Concept Development in 1989 and after led a technical plan government for a whole product range. That enclosed a Audi 80, A2, A3, A4, A6, A8 and TT models as good as countless judgment studies and uncover cars, a technical source of a modular toolkit plan and a growth of a simultaneous-engineering structure.

He was active in a Volkswagen Group from 1998 until 2002. There, he was conduct of a Body Development dialect and additionally obliged as of late 1998 for Concept Development.

From 2002 until Jan 2007, Hackenberg once again worked for AUDI AG and was in assign of a Concept Development, Body Development, Electrics and Electronics departments. During that time, he grown a “modular longitudinal toolkit.”  

On Feb 1,2007, he became Member of Volkswagen’s Brand Board of Management with shortcoming for a Technical Development division. He pushed brazen with a serve growth and finish renovation of a Volkswagen product operation and a growth of a modular cross toolkit. Further highlights were a XL1, a initial series-produced “one‑liter car”, and a entrance of a Volkswagen Brand into motorsport.

As of Jul 1, 2013, he was a Board of Management Member for Technical Development of AUDI AG. In addition, he was obliged for coordinating a growth of all a brands of a Volkswagen Group. 

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