Driving fun for each occasion: The new MINI Countryman.

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As a new era of a MINI Countryman sees a premiere,
a tradition-steeped British code continues a allege into the
reward compress segment. The new MINI Countryman is a biggest and
many versatile indication in a brand’s 57-year history. Having been
totally newly developed, it now reflects considerable
advancements in a areas of space, functionality, jaunty flair
and reward characteristics.

The new MINI Countryman (combined fuel consumption:
7.0 – 2.1 l/100 km; sum CO2 emissions: 159 – 49 g/km) achieves
a singular station among approach competitors due to a powerfully
fluent design, good finished bodywork and in sole its
unmatched pushing agility. The latest chronicle of a all-wheel drive
complement ALL4 ensures pushing fun over paved roads, too. What is more,
a new MINI Countryman is a initial indication of a code to be
accessible with a plug-in hybrid drive. In a form of the
MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 it has a operation of adult to 40 kilometres
using on electrical energy alone.

The new MINI Countryman – an overview of a innovations.

– Powerful proportions, 20 centimetres longer than its
– Five fully-fledged seats, transparent boost in space
and versatility.
– Electrical tailgate control as good as
touchless opening and shutting of a tailgate.
– MINI Picnic
Bench: fold-out bucket loading sill pillow as a gentle chair on the
luggage cell lid and for ubiquitous outward use.

MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4: a initial ever MINI with plug-in
hybrid drive.
– New era of engines and gearboxes,
efficiency-optimised all-wheel expostulate complement ALL4.
– Central
instrument with touchscreen duty for a initial time.
Country Timer measures pushing fun over perfectionist terrain.

MINI Connected App as a personal partner on a day-to-day basement and
when travelling.
– MINI Find Mate: all we need on board
during all times – or in view.

20 centimetres longer than a prototype model.

The new MINI Countryman is some 20 centimetres longer
than a prototype and approximately 3 centimetres wider. Its
wheelbase has been extended by 7.5 centimetres. This expansion formula in
significantly increasing space on 5 fully-fledged seats as good as a
transparent boost in storage volume and luggage ride versatility.
The lifted seating position ensures an glorious viewpoint and hallmark
pushing fun. The behind seats can be shifted longitudinally by adult to 13
centimetres. The folding behind backrest offers a
40 : 20 : 40
split. It also provides a non-static lean angle so as to be means to
possibly boost seating comfort or advantage additional storage space at
a rear. The luggage cell volume is 450 litres and can be
extended as compulsory to a sum of 1,309 litres. This constitutes a
limit boost of 220 litres as compared to a prototype model.

Five seats in a interior, dual on a Picnic Bench.

An electric tailgate control is accessible as an option.
This creates touchless opening and shutting of a tailgate probable in
and with Comfort Access. The discretionary storage package
comprises not usually a non-static bucket floor, lashing eyes and tension
straps though also a immaculate steel insert on a loading sill. One
singular choice is a Picnic Bench – a stretchable aspect that folds out
of a luggage cell and provides seating for dual people.

World premiere in LA, marketplace launch in Feb 2017.

The new MINI Countryman sees a universe premiere during the
Los Angeles Auto Show on 18 Nov 2016. The marketplace launch in Europe
follows in Feb 2017. From Mar 2017 onwards a new MINI
Countryman will also be holding roads and marks by charge outward Europe.

MINI Countryman: a successful indication with normal roots.

Even with a indication designation, a new book of the
MINI Countryman stays resolutely secure in a tradition of a British
brand. A quite versatile various of a classical Mini once bore
a same name behind in a 1960s. Just like a equally constructed
Morris Mini Traveller, a Austin Seven Countryman had a highly
versatile interior, and a chronicle with timber support panelling –
popularly famous as “Woody” – achieved cult standing that it continues to
suffer to this day. The MINI Countryman serve offering additional
ways of enjoying a brand’s hallmark pushing fun when it was launched
in 2010. It was a initial MINI with 4 doors, a vast tailgate, five
seats and discretionary all-wheel expostulate and a sum of some-more than
540 000 were sole worldwide.

Powerful proportions, grown character.
latest era of a MINI Countryman goes even serve in terms of
a model’s versatility, lively and reward character. Thanks to its
absolute proportions, a new MINI Countryman has a particularly
particular presence. Its observable aura is tangible by an extended
belligerent clearway and lifted seating position, serve emphasised by
a MINI ALL4 extraneous demeanour and high roof rails. The new MINI
Countryman comforts pattern elements that are customary of a brand,
including a transparent three-way structure of a side view – damaged down
into roof, potion territory and categorical corpus – as good as a short
overhangs, vast circle arches and downward boost in width. Precise
contours on a inexhaustible surfaces emanate an appealing play of light
and shade that underscores a car’s jaunty moulding and a vertical
course of a body. The preference of physique finishes includes the
variants Island Blue lead and Chestnut, that are now available
for a MINI for a initial time. “The new MINI Countryman has
radically grown in size. But it was still probable to keep the
customary MINI proportions,” says Julius Schluppkotten, MINI Countryman
plan manager.

Numerous model-specific pattern elements such as a striking
helmet roof, a honest behind lights, a hexagonal radiator grille
and a vast headlamps have undergone evolutionary development. The
side spin indicator surrounds famous as side scuttles vaunt a new
arrow-like shape. The roof rails in satin-finished aluminium are
sum with silver-coloured side sill tops, thereby lending greater
visible importance to a car’s height. Horizontal lines browbeat during the
rear, with a plumb organised light units providing an appealing contrast.

LED headlamps with marginal daytime pushing light ring for
a initial time.
The distinguished form of a headlamp
units deviates from a round figure that is differently customary of
a brand. Their distinctive, somewhat asymmetrically dull contour
goes together with a radiator grille to furnish an unmistakable
front view. The parking lights integrated in a atmosphere inlets are used
for a daytime pushing light as standard. In and with the
discretionary LED headlamps, a latter is generated for a initial time by
a rope of light using wholly around any headlamp.

More space for reward ambience.
In the
interior of a new MINI Countryman, a transparent boost in space,
polished reward ambience and a complicated arrangement and handling concept
simulate a swell achieved by a change of generation. Both
motorist and front newcomer advantage from extended conduct and shoulder
space, while a composition operation of a seats has also been enlarged.
Electrical composition of a motorist and front newcomer seats is
optionally available, including a memory duty on a driver’s
side. The slight physique columns and a high seating position make for
best prominence when manoeuvring. At a behind of a new
MINI Countryman there are 3 fully-fledged seats. The behind door
openings have been lengthened as compared to a prototype model, now
enabling a some-more accessible opening and exit. In serve to interior
width, leg space is now significantly some-more generous, too.

The endless storage comforts serve minister to the
car’s optimised functionality. At both front and behind there are door
pockets that reason one-litre libation bottles. The fully-fledged centre
console fluctuating adult to a instrument row has an integrated storage
cell and dual crater holders in front of a rigging or selector
lever. The MINI Controller and a switch for a electrical parking
stop are also positioned on a centre console. “The interior of the
new MINI Countryman emphasises a car’s bearing for families and
as a primary vehicle. The clarity of peculiarity in a interior has been
significantly enhanced, too” says Julius Schluppkotten, MINI
Countryman plan manager.

Distinctive cockpit design.
With a clear
plane structure, stretched lines and easily sized surfaces,
a admirably designed cockpit emphasises a plain impression of
a new MINI Countryman. The form of a atmosphere vents echoes the
straight course of a extraneous pattern elements. In serve to
a high-quality materials and accurate finish, a modern,
ergonomically optimised controls minister to a car’s exclusive
ambience. The hallmark executive instrument is integrated in the
instrument row and is surrounded by an LED ring that provides a
lighting arrangement in response to pushing situations by approach of control
feedback. This forms partial of a MINI Excitement Package, that also
comprises a LED ambient lighting and a projection of a MINI logo
from a extraneous counterpart on a driver’s side when opening and closing
a car.

Market launch with 4 engines.
The new
book of a MINI Countryman lines adult for a start featuring
wholly newly grown engine technology. For a marketplace launch
there are dual petrol and dual diesel engines of a latest generation
accessible to name from, any with MINI TwinPower Turbo Technology:

MINI Cooper Countryman: 3-cylinder
petrol engine, capacity: 1 499 cc,
output: 100 kW/136 hp,
max. torque: 220 Nm.
 S Countryman:
4-cylinder petrol engine, capacity: 1 998 cc,
141 kW/192 hp, max. torque: 280 Nm.
MINI Cooper D
Countryman: 4-cylinder diesel engine, capacity:
1 995 cc,
output: 110 kW/150 hp, max. torque: 330 Nm.
 SD Countryman:
4-cylinder diesel engine, capacity: 1 995 cc, output: 140 kW/190 hp,
max. torque: 400 Nm.

The operation also includes a initial ever MINI with plug-in hybrid drive:

MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4: 3-cylinder petrol
engine, capacity: 1 499 cc, output: 100 kW/136 hp, synchronous
electric motor, output: 65 kW/88 hp, complement output: 165 kW/224 hp,
complement torque: 385 Nm.

As an choice to a customary 6-speed primer transmission, a
6-speed Steptronic smoothness is also offering for a new MINI
Cooper Countryman. An 8-speed Steptronic smoothness is accessible for
a new MINI Cooper S Countryman and a new MINI Cooper D Countryman.
This comes as customary in a MINI Cooper SD Countryman.

The latest era of engines and transmissions gives a new
MINI Countryman a obvious boost in spirit as good as
quantifiable improvements in terms of pushing opening figures. For
example, a new MINI Cooper S Countryman ALL4 with 8-speed Steptronic
smoothness sprints in 7.2 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h – creation it
0.9 seconds faster than a prototype model. In annoy of a
poignant boost not usually in sporty aptitude though also in space,
comfort and fittings, probably all a engine variants demonstrate
serve optimised fuel potency as compared to their respective
predecessor. Depending on a engine, a rebate in fuel
expenditure amounts to as most as 1.4 litres per 100 kilometres. The
front-runner in terms of potency among those indication variants powered
usually by a explosion engine is a new MINI Cooper D Countryman,
with a fuel expenditure of 4.5 to 4.3 litres per 100 kilometres and a
CO2 emissions figure of 118 to 113 grams per kilometre (EU exam cycle
figures, contingent on tyre format selected). The total for a new
MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 with plug-in hybrid expostulate are even lower.

The new all-wheel expostulate complement ALL4: quick and precise, compact
and efficient.
The new MINI Countryman also achieves
superb potency total in and with a all-wheel drive
complement ALL4, that is optionally accessible for all engine variants.
The new chronicle of a all-wheel expostulate complement not usually reacts quickly
and precisely to changing situations, it is also compress and offers a
high turn of inner efficiency. It consists of a energy take-off
section integrated in a front spindle differential, a propeller shaft
heading to a behind spindle and a hang-on purchase that ensures precisely
totalled smoothness of a expostulate torque to a behind wheels. The
system’s electronic control is companion with a Dynamic
Stability Control DSC, so it detects any need to adjust power
placement early on. In this way, ALL4 optimises both traction and
fortitude in inauspicious continue and highway aspect conditions, as good as
ensuring softened lively when holding bends in energetic style.

Electric and electrifying: a MINI Cooper S
E Countryman ALL4.
In serve to this, a new
era of a MINI Countryman also paves a approach to pushing fun
that is locally emissions-free. The plug-in hybrid expostulate of the
MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 enables quite electric pushing during a
tip speed of 125 km/h. The casually initiating, long-lasting and
probably soundless energy smoothness of a electric engine provides an
wholly new, ground-breaking viewpoint on a hallmark MINI go-kart
feeling. No reduction fascinating is a precisely tranquil interaction
between a electric engine and a explosion engine of the
MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4. The 65 kW/88 hp electric motor
leads a energy around a single-speed smoothness to a behind axle
while a 3-cylinder petrol engine with an outlay of 100 kW/136 hp
connected to a 6-speed Steptronic smoothness drives a front
wheels. This multiple produces an electrified all-wheel expostulate that
ensures an best change between pushing fun and potency during all
times. The fuel expenditure of a MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 as
distributed according to a EU exam cycle is 2.1 litres per 100
kilometres, while a CO2 emissions figure 49 grams per kilometre.

Driving fun finished to measure: Dynamic Damper Control and MINI
Driving Modes.
The high-quality cessation of a new
MINI Countryman combines a tried-and-tested element of a
single-joint open strut spindle during a front and a multilink behind axle
with a pattern that is optimised for weight and acerbity as good as a
model-specific set up. This lays a substructure for accurate handling
properties and limit agility. In serve to this there is an
electromechanical steering with Servotronic function, absolute brakes
and Dynamic Stability Control DSC. 16-inch light amalgamate wheels come as
customary with a new MINI Cooper Countryman and a new
MINI Cooper D Countryman, while a other indication variants are fitted
with 17-inch light amalgamate wheels. The module of discretionary extras
includes other light amalgamate wheels in sizes of adult to 19 inches.

Dynamic Damper Control is optionally accessible for a new MINI
Countryman. Two module maps can be activated for a electronically
tranquil dampers around a serve discretionary MINI Driving Modes. A
rotary switch during a bottom of a rigging or selector push enables the
motorist to name a set-up according to one of a 3 modes MID,
SPORT and GREEN. This also influences a accelerator pedal and
steering curve, a handling mode of electrically powered comfort
comforts and a engine sound and change characteristics of the
Steptronic transmission, depending on engine and fittings.

MINI Driving Modes in detail.








comfort function






















Premiere: executive instrument with touchscreen display.

The customary apparatus of a new MINI Countryman
embody a Radio MINI Boost with four-line arrangement in a central
instrument and a Bluetooth hands-free write facility. Options
embody a Radio MINI Visual Boost with 6.5-inch colour display, the
Harman Kardon hi-fi orator system, a MINI navigation complement and the
MINI navigation complement Professional. The comforts of a Wired package
including MINI navigation complement Professional contain not usually the
Touch Controller on a centre console though also an 8.8-inch colour
shade in a executive instrument with a new distinguished design. It is also
a touchscreen, permitting functions to be comparison and practiced during the
tip of a finger.

Registers pushing fun over perfectionist terrain: a MINI Country
In and with a Wired package and the
MINI navigation complement Professional it is probable to use another
duty grown exclusively for a MINI Countryman that taps into
a new model’s all-round talent in a approach that is both innovative and
entertaining. The MINI Country Timer registers all transport over
sloping, uneven, unsurfaced and snow-covered roads and tracks. As soon
as a new MINI Countryman moves on perfectionist terrain, a form and
border of a plea are rescued and shown on a arrangement in the
executive instrument by means of graphics. “The motorist can afterwards review off
on a on-board mechanism how prolonged and how intensively they have driven
over this form of surface,” explains Julius Schluppkotten, MINI
Countryman plan manager. The pushing conditions is analysed formed on
information granted by a control section of a Dynamic Stability Control
function. In this approach it is probable to observe how quick and how
determined a new MINI Countryman is leading a standing of “Street
Cruiser” and essay to grasp a “Cliff Champ” category.

Modern motorist assistance systems, high-quality options for
increasing comfort.
Driving fun in a new MINI
Countryman is formed not usually on flexibility though also on reserve and
comfort. The customary and discretionary motorist assistance systems are a key
cause here. The customary collision warning with city braking function
can be extended to embody a Driving Assistant complement with
camera-based active journey control, walking warning with initial
stop function, high lamp partner and highway pointer detection. In
serve to this, Park Distance Control, behind viewpoint camera, Parking
Assistant and Head-Up-Display are also optionally available.

The module of discretionary apparatus equipment serve includes a
2-zone involuntary atmosphere conditioning, a scenery potion roof and an alarm
complement including red LED standing indicator in a fin antenna. A tow
join with removable round conduct is serve available. Depending on the
engine type, a accessible trailer bucket is between 1 500
and 1 800 kilograms. The extended operation of extraneous paint
finishes, chair upholstery forms and interior surfaces enables
individualisation of a new MINI Countryman in a approach that reflects
personal style. With a MINI Yours Interior Styles choice available
in 3 variants, a distinguished interior aspect pattern in a cockpit
is highlighted by means of backlit musical strips. An atmospheric
mood is also combined by a discretionary lighting package comprising LED
interior lighting and LED ambient lighting; a latter forms partial of
a discretionary MINI Excitement Package and offers invariably variable
colour adjustment.

New from MINI Connected: personal mobility partner and
MINI Find Mate. 
Connectivity also moves into a new
dimension with a launch of a new MINI Countryman. MINI Connected
now goes over a informed in-car infotainment functions to turn a
personal mobility partner as partial of a holistic judgment that
provides support for particular mobility formulation outward a vehicle,
too. Based on a stretchable platform, a Open Mobility Cloud, MINI
Connected integrates a automobile seamlessly into a MINI driver’s
digital life around touchpoints such as a Apple iPhone and Apple Watch.

At a heart of this connectivity in a new MINI Countryman
lies MINI Connected, a personal mobility partner accessible to MINI
drivers with new innovative services as of Oct 2016. Here,
particular mobility formulation enables punctual, stress-free attainment at
appointments. And mobility doesn’t start in a car: MINI Connected
informs a motorist of a best depart time formed on calendar
entries and stream trade data. Address information and appointments saved
by a motorist formerly on a smartphone around MINI Connected are
automatically eliminated to a automobile and do not have to be entered in
a navigation complement again. MINI Connected can also save regularly
visited places as favourite destinations and it detects frequently
lonesome routes such as a daily run between home and work so as to be
means to surprise a motorist in a eventuality of astonishing trade delays.

Another new underline in a area of connectivity is MINI Find
Mate. This forms partial of a Wired package and consists of so-called
tags with a wireless tracking duty that can be trustworthy to
frequently used objects and transport equipment such as bags, cases, key
rings and rucksacks. MINI Find Mate is means to lane a plcae of
any such objects connected to a complement that a motorist wants to be
certain not to forget: tracking is finished not usually on a on-board computer
of a MINI Countryman though also on a smartphone. Providing there is a
Bluetooth tie with a tag, an acoustic vigilance can be activated
in a automobile or on a smartphone to assistance locate a object. If a tag
is outward a Bluetooth range, a motorist can be guided to a place
during that a tie was final detected.









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