Driving Luxury in Porcelain. BMW and Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin immortalize 7 Series pattern in disdainful sculpture.

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Munich. Stylish presence, autarchic dynamics, and
disdainful magnificence – a new-generation BMW 7 Series not usually stakes a
explain as a personality in innovation, it also sets new standards with its
singular settlement language. Inspired by a accurate lines, harmonious
proportions and strongly tranquil aspect settlement of a new 7
Series, a settlement teams during BMW and Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur
Berlin (KPM Berlin) have combined a porcelain sculpture that shines a
clear spotlight on a 7 Series’ settlement and provides it with an
artistic showcase.


This elaborate sculpture combines a car’s iconic conformation –
artistically reduced to a essential elements of a settlement – with a
monolithic porcelain pedestal, whose aspect structure recalls a BMW
7 Series settlement used in communications. While a pedestal has a
pointed glazing, a 1:18 scale automobile is done from white, matt bisque
porcelain; reduced light thoughtfulness and a deficiency of glitter lend it
a demeanour of Parian marble.


“Porcelain is a fascinating element and a name KPM Berlin
represents a scapegoat for tip peculiarity and innovative design, and
embodies a passion for artistic hand-craftsmanship,” says Nader
Faghihzadeh, extraneous engineer for a BMW 7 Series. “The “Driving
Luxury in Porcelain” sculpture provides an artistic window into the
hint of a car’s really special design.”


And Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur arch engineer Thomas Wenzel
adds: “Our tenet during KPM Berlin is “made to stay”. The BMW 7 Series is
another of those icons that never goes out of conform since its
settlement is timeless. With this sculpture we are immortalizing the
superb dynamics and lush aesthetics of a new BMW 7 Series in
an artwork.”


The 500 examples of a 30×17 cm sculpture will be done wholly by
palm during Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur in Berlin. Calligraphic “BMW 7
Series” lettering adorns a bottom of a pedestal, that can be
personalised if desired.


Following a universe premiere during a Auto China uncover in Beijing,
starting on Apr 25th, a “Driving Luxury in Porcelain” sculpture
will be accessible during comparison BMW dealers from Jul 2016 as partial of
a BMW Iconic Collection.

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