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Dieter Gass (Head of DTM during Audi Sport): “You don’t get to see a one-two-three-four win in a DTM unequivocally often. That we even had 5 of a cars during a front on Sunday crowns a ideal DTM weekend for Audi – quite on a lane we were frequently carrying some problems with in a past. This shows how clever a Audi RS 5 DTM is. Following his feat during Hockenheim, Jamie Green seems to have finally done his breakthrough. On Sunday, he took a stick position with an advantage of some-more than half a second. That’s singular in a DTM as well. Plus, he had to conflict for his feat opposite clever foe within a squad. After this weekend, we unequivocally have a reason to celebrate, nonetheless we also know how quick a tables can spin again in a DTM. Our home turn during a Norisring in 4 weeks from now will literally be a complicated plea since we’ll have to supplement even some-more weight to a cars.”

Jamie Green (Hoffmann Group Audi RS 5 DTM #53) Position 1 / position 1
“A illusory weekend, arguably a best one in my career. Two victories, a autocratic best time in subordinate with a half-second advantage, and a fastest path in both races – we can frequency grasp some-more than that. we was quick during a Lausitzring before, nonetheless this year I’ve upped a ante. It was a mega pursuit by everybody involved. The Audi RS 5 DTM seems to be tailor-made for me this year. Now I’m looking brazen to roving to a Norisring as a personality of a standings. It’s one of my favorite tracks.”

Mattias Ekström (Red Bull Audi RS 5 DTM #5) Position 3 / position 2
“I contingency have been during a Lausitzring 50 times in my career – including tests. And we mostly went home with my conduct unresolved since something didn’t fit or we weren’t quick enough. This time, it’s totally different, since even nonetheless we apparently would have elite winning myself, I’m happy about a clever opening as a team. I’m always unequivocally tender about a fans during a Lausitzring. we don’t know if we ever did anything special, nonetheless a people are always impossibly accessible and comfortable to me. If we could state a wish it would be to have even some-more time for a spectators in a future.”

Edoardo Mortara (Castrol EDGE Audi RS 5 DTM #48) Position 2 / position 5
“This DTM deteriorate is unequivocally good fun: 4 races, 4 times in a tip 5 and dual of them on podium. But a fact that Audi has given us a genuine winning automobile in a RS 5 DTM is a lot some-more important. Everyone knows that we won’t be celebrating success like a one during a Lausitzring each weekend. But each one of us has a eventuality to win races and to conflict for a championship – 14 some-more times this season. In a integrate of days from now, a opening of my second grill in Geneva is on my agenda, and copiousness of training and, obviously, looking brazen to one of a season’s highlights during a Nuremberg Norisring.”

Miguel Molina (Teufel Audi RS 5 DTM #17) Position 4 / position 3
“This has been a initial weekend that I’ve unequivocally been in row during a Lausitzring. Pole on Saturday and a lectern on Sunday – a usually thing that was blank was a victory. I’m happy with my performance. Jamie (Green) and Mattias (Ekström) are in a category of their possess – nonetheless throwing adult with them is my subsequent goal. Maybe already during a Norisring. The time until afterwards won’t be boring. I’m going to sight a lot, and turn dual in a Spanish Kart Championship is entrance adult in that I’m holding caring of a team. The opener went good and now we’re aiming for a initial victory.”

Timo Scheider (AUTO TEST Audi RS 5 DTM #10) Position 8 / position 4
“We worked for a success this weekend. On Saturday, a set-up of a automobile and my pushing character didn’t fit together yet. We done some changes for Sunday and rewarded ourselves with grid position 3 and fourth place in a race. For Audi, a eventuality during a Lausitzring has now been a second ideal weekend. Still, we’re not removing anything for free. In qualifying, a cars in positions dual to 24 were usually within 5 tenths of a second – that clearly shows how tighten a conflict is in a DTM. Two autocratic victories like these on a lane that didn’t fit us unequivocally good in a past substantially vacant a lot of people. And, overtly speaking, we were a small vacant ourselves. Now a Norisring is entrance adult where we haven’t unequivocally been looking good for a prolonged time either. We’d like to means another warn there.”

Nico Müller (Audi Financial Services Audi RS 5 DTM #51) Position 20 / position 9
“If we import a positives opposite a negatives, my Lausitz weekend with dual points on Sunday usually hardly ends adult in a certain range. we don’t have a lot of knowledge on this lane nonetheless since my initial run during a Lausitzring final year lasted usually 10 laps. There was some-more intensity in turn two, nonetheless in a DTM everything’s got to ideally fit if we wish to be serve in front. Audi is intensely clever this year and my Rosberg group has already scored 3 in 4 victories with Jamie. So it promises to turn an sparkling year. After a 24-hour competition during a Nürburgring and a DTM I’m now looking brazen to a breather. Then we’re roving to a Norisring – that’s a prominence for me since I’m a large fan of city travel circuits.”

Mike Rockenfeller (Schaeffler Audi RS 5 DTM #99) Position 9 / position 10
“Congratulations to Audi and my code colleagues who unequivocally scored large during a Lausitzring. Obviously, I’m anything nonetheless happy with positions 9 and ten. I’ve got to marker that adult to knowledge and see what we can learn from it. Our automobile is tip and I’m going to conflict to put all a factors together again as shortly as possible. There are still 14 some-more races to go and victories continue to be my goal. The Norisring is a special eventuality since it’s a home turn for Audi and for a partner Schaeffler. Before Nuremberg, I’ll be during Le Mans with a patrol as a haven driver. Obviously, I’m anticipating that there’ll be no need for me to run there nonetheless I’m going to support a guys as best we can.”

Adrien Tambay (Playboy Audi RS 5 DTM #27) Position 16 / position 20
“This contingency have been a cruelest weekend in my DTM career. The commencement was unequivocally bad since we had to start from a back of a grid due to an engine repair. On Sunday, we gave all to rather recover. Things were looking good for a prolonged time since we had several good overtaking maneuvers and had already recovered to ninth place when we was incited around by a rival. So my personal 2015 DTM deteriorate will usually unequivocally start during a Norisring. Now I’m going to spend some time with friends and generally with my family. That’s a best approach for me to transparent my mind again.”

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