Ducati Motor Holding and ArtOfBrands to lengthen their partnership

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• Exclusive chartering agreement for singular artworks to be extended a serve 3 years
• The initial central Ducati Art Club is launched: an disdainful portal containing the
  huge collection of Ducati prints
• The initial Ducati Reverse Blind Auction kicks off: purchasing Ducati artworks
  by a retreat auction

Ducati Motor Holding and ArtOfBrands, solitary licensee for a disdainful and central Ducati artworks, are gratified to announce a signing of a new chartering agreement for Fine Art Prints. ArtOfBrands, founded in 2008, quick became a tellurian benchmark in a marketplace for high quality, affordable “Brand Art”. “ArtOfBrands simply allows people to arrangement their passion for Ducati and a Ducati Lifestyle as interior décor by affordable and fantastic artwork” pronounced ArtOfBrands owner and CEO, Patrick Ashworth.

ArtOfBrands is also committed to finding and ancillary determined or rising artists from around a creation by organizing countless invitational art competitions. Among a new artworks desirous by a Borgo Panigale-based motorcycle manufacturer, a ones comparison are selected for their ability to promulgate a engineering genius, peculiarity of pattern and passion for Ducati. These are afterwards enclosed in a ArtOfBrands catalogue. Thanks to a work of these artists, a Ducati Fine Art Prints collection grows constantly and stays adult to date with prints relating to a new models, to a Italian manufacturer’s successes on a racetrack and a history.

The recently combined Ducati Art Club is a initial of a kind (www.ducatiart.com) and as an disdainful portal, houses a charming and sundry art collection of a mythological Ducati brand. All new members automatically accept a 10% bonus on all ArtOfBrands design and will accept a accumulation of offers and special deals. For those wishing to stay tuned to all a new artworks being featured, an present presentation use can be activated.

To symbol a signing of a new agreement, ArtOfBrands is vehement to deliver a initial Ducati Reverse Blind Auction – a opposite approach to bid for new Ducati design directly around a Artofbrands.com website. Whoever places a lowest bid wins a Ducati Reverse Blind Auction and receives a imitation giveaway of assign to his or her home address. Visit www.artofbrands.com/wo-en/ducati/index/auction to perspective all a prints and check out a full auction details.

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