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  • Focus facilities a latest energetic expansion of Fords kinetic pattern form denunciation in dual sparkling bodystyles
  • Focus offers a driver-focused interior with cockpit-style blueprint and higher craftsmanship
  • The stylish Focus interior combines sporty interest with practicality

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 24, 2011 The sparkling all-new Ford Focus brings a energetic and innovative impression to a small-car shred with a stylish four-door sedan and a sporty new five-door hatchback.

Expressive extraneous and interior pattern is a core interest of a new Focus, holding Fords acclaimed kinetic pattern denunciation to a subsequent turn and providing business with a rewarding tenure experience.

Drivers will conclude a sporty pushing sourroundings and higher craftsmanship, while enjoying a comfort and practicality of a cabin, a obvious underline of a Focus.

We set out to make a new Focus good to lay in and good to drive, and a particular and energetic pattern sends a transparent summary about a vehicles undoubted motorist appeal, pronounced Martin Smith, Ford of Europe executive pattern director. With a neat extraneous and stylish, sporty interior, a new Ford Focus is a automobile business will be unapproachable to have in their driveways.

Sleek and energetic extraneous design
Ford Focus five-door hatchback and four-door sedan share a sporty and energetic character, building a kinetic pattern thesis that has contributed to a flourishing recognition of a companys portfolio.

With a distinguished front end, neat profile, thespian rising beltline and jaunty stance, a new Focus clearly communicates a rewarding pushing knowledge business will knowledge when they take a circle and drive.

The sporty five-door hatchback and neat four-door sedan Focus models have been delicately grown to have their possess particular appeal. Both bodystyles have their possess transparent temperament and singular rear-end treatment, while pity a same sporting front-end coming with a energetic new interpretation of Fords signature reduce trapezoidal grille.

Distinctive, driver-focused interior
The energetic peculiarity of a extraneous is reinforced by a particular pattern of a cabin. The new Focus has a contemporary, cockpit-style interior with a stylish core console wrapped around a driver, providing superb entrance to a vehicles vital controls and arrangement panels.

A pivotal component of a interior is a peculiarity of craftsmanship. The cabins confidant and contemporary graphics, a sculpted figure of a soft-touch instrument row and choice of higher trim materials all assistance to give occupants a feeling of a premium-class car.

The energetic inlet of a interior is reflected in sophisticated, contemporary tone combinations, providing a agreeable sourroundings that is both stylish and original. Authentic chrome surfaces and high-gloss finishes yield passengers with visible and pleasing highlights, while emphasizing a reward peculiarity of a cabin.

We have designed an interior that fits a motorist like a glove, pronounced Smith. The stylish cockpit and reward materials safeguard a Focus cabin is truly a special place to be.

Sporty interest with Focus practicality
The Focus interior combines a sporting pushing sourroundings with a comfort and practicality that business will appreciate.

In serve to a ergonomically optimized cockpit layout, a new Focus includes a horde of facilities to make life behind a circle enjoyable. These embody a totally new front-seat design, charity significantly improved support, plenty interior stowage with incomparable cupholders and doorway bins front and rear, and stretchable 60/40 folding back seats that can serve extend a inexhaustible luggage compartment.

The interior pattern was polished regulating Fords modernized 3D Computer Aided Virtual Engineering (CAVE) system. The CAVE creates a virtual, full-sized interior of a car; issues such as cockpit layout, seating position, prominence and even reflections on a instrument row could be tested and optimized during a early pattern stages.


About Ford Motor Company
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