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The new open-roof high-performance sports automobile opens another section in the Audi R8 success story. It all started in 2007 with a marketplace introduction of a first-generation Coupé, followed by a Spyder in 2010. Sales of both versions total reached scarcely 27,000. They denote a high-tech imagination of Audi and a brand’s affinity with motorsport. The code restates this with a second R8 era – a engineers grown a new Audi R8 Le Mans, a GT3 racing car, in together with a prolongation models. As a result, roughly 50 percent of all a tools used on a R8 LMS are also to be found in a R8. The success of a new Coupé is reliable by prestigious awards bestowed on it final year, such as a “Golden Steering Wheel” and a “Auto Trophy”.

“Our new R8 line is a sporty vanguard of Audi,” remarked Board Member for Development Dr.-Ing. Stefan Knirsch. “Following on from a Coupé, we are now bringing out a second era of a R8 Spyder. The open high-performance sports automobile delivers thrillingly enthralling opening and gives a motorist an even some-more approach knowledge of a V10 naturally aspirated engine’s observable sound.”

Athletic design: wider than predecessor
The energetic impression of a new Audi R8 Spyder V10 is immediately apparent at initial glance. The brazen position of a newcomer compartment, a rarely accentuated circle arches and a prolonged behind conclude a classical conformation of a mid-engine sports car. The new R8 Spyder is 14 millimeters (0.6 in) shorter than a prior indication and measures an altogether 4,426 millimeters (14.5 ft) in length. It has grown by 36 millimeters (1.4 in) in breadth to 1,940 millimeters (6.4 ft). The tallness of 1,244 millimeters (4.1 ft) is unvaried from a first-generation R8 Spyder, as is a wheelbase of 2,650 millimeters (8.7 ft).

Horizontal lines during a front and back stress a breadth of a R8 Spyder, as does a large, low-height Audi Singleframe with a radiator grille in honeycomb structure. Sculptural surfaces bond it to a wedge-shape headlights in any of that 37 light-emitting diodes beget splendid LED light as standard. As a high-end option, Audi offers laser lighting for limit prominence and operation – identified by a blue anodized support in a headlights that is additionally lit. This cutting-edge record is total with a energetic indicator lights. At a rear, it is granted as customary on all versions.

Typically Audi: lightweight cloth hood
The newly grown hood of a R8 Spyder is finished of cloth, in customary Audi fashion. It weighs a tiny 44 kilograms (97.0 lb), so contributing to a low altogether weight of this high-performance sports car. An electro-hydraulic expostulate opens and closes a soothing tip during a press of a symbol in usually 20 seconds, and this can even be finished while pushing during speeds adult to 50 km/h (31.1 mph). The hood procedure is located behind a seats. It comprises a components roll-over protection, hood, hood tray, rear-window cell and a multiple-joint hinge for a CO fiber reinforced, hydraulically powered hood cell cover.

The levels of highway and breeze sound inside a automobile are most reduce than on a prototype model. With a hood down, atmosphere turmoil during conduct turn has also been reduced. There is a breeze deflector finished from fake weave for an additional boost to comfort. It reduces a retreat upsurge around a conduct by approximately 90 percent and around a shoulder/neck by 80 percent. As good as a weave breeze deflector, with a hood open a back window can act as an additional breeze deflector. Whereas if it is retracted, a motorist will have an even some-more heated knowledge of a V10 engine’s evil roar.

The prosaic storage cell into that a hood is folded down as it opens has a vast cover with 3 sporty movement slits on any side. Two fins using to a back widen a hood and give a R8 Spyder a energetic profile. The hood is accessible in 3 opposite colors: black, brownish-red and red.

Lightweight construction with CO fiber components: dry weight usually 1,612 kilograms (3,553.9 lb)
The new Audi R8 Spyder V10 impressively demonstrates a energetic potential of lightweight automotive construction with a dry weight of 1,612 kilograms (3,553.9 lb). The power-to-weight ratio is usually 3.19 kilograms (8.6 lb) per hp.

The pivotal to this superb figure is a new Audi Space Frame (ASF) that uses a multi-material construction principle. As in a R8 Coupé*, it combines aluminum components with structurally integrated CO fiber reinforced polymer. The aluminum components make adult 79.6 percent of a multi-material ASF. In a course from a Coupé version, they form a hideaway that Audi’s engineers have used to incorporate specific reinforcements generally into a sills, A-posts and windscreen frame. Innovative prolongation methods reduce a weight of particular components by adult to 10 percent. Overall, a ASF in a new Audi
R8 Spyder weighs usually 208 kilograms (458.6 lb); what is more, a torsional acerbity has increasing by 50 percent compared with a prior model. It has achieved tip outlines for acoustics and pile-up safety, too. The underbody has a well-spoken trim, to urge a aerodynamics. And during a rear, a vast diffuser increases a downforce – twin some-more solutions taken directly from motorsport.

Inspiring: a V10
With a accurate stifle response, free-revving ability all a approach adult to 7,800 rpm and overwhelming sound, a ten-cylinder engine guarantees goosebumps. From a 5,204 cm3 displacement, it develops a energy of 397 kW (540 hp) and a torque of 540 Nm (398.3 lb-ft) during 6,500 rpm. Along with approach injection into a explosion chambers (FSI), a V10 adds fuel injection into a initiation plural (MPI). The outcome is enthralling performance: The new Audi R8 Spyder V10 accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h (62.1 mph) in 3.6 seconds. It races from a delay to 200 km/h (124.3 mph) in 11.8 seconds. The speedometer needle usually stops rising during 318 km/h (197.6 mph). The snarl and bark of a V10 turn some-more full-throated and ardent as a revs rise. Exhaust flaps are standard; a discretionary competition empty complement with shimmer black tailpipe trims gives a sound combined edge.

Compared with a prior model, NEDC fuel expenditure has been cut by 10 percent – interjection to potency technologies such as cylinder on direct (COD), a twin injection complement and a freewheeling mode in a seven-speed S tronic dual-clutch transmission: when a motorist takes their feet off a accelerator pedal during speeds over 55 km/h (34.2 mph), a engine is decoupled from a drivetrain – a new Audi R8 Spyder afterwards coasts. It consumes on normal 11.7 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers (20.1 US mpg) that corresponds to 277 grams CO2 per kilometer (445.8 g/mi).

Triple-strength high-tech: a quattro drivetrain
The quattro drivetrain combines 3 high-tech modules: The seven-speed S tronic, that is located behind a engine, changes rigging with lightning speed interjection to a twin clutches. There is an electro-hydraulically activated multi-plate purchase on a front wheels, an electronic-control, watercooled complement that distributes a V10’s torque openly between a axles. A automatic back differential close is a pivotal to sporty highway behavior. Its locking values were newly tuned to work together with a actively tranquil quattro drive.

The pushing dynamics control for a quattro expostulate is integrated into a Audi expostulate name system, that offers a 4 modes comfort, auto, energetic and individual. In any of these, a open-top high-performance sports automobile displays a opposite impression trimming from giveaway autobahn cruising to a impression that savors any hook on a towering pass. The complement also draws on a accelerator characteristic, a steering, a S tronic, a empty strap control duty and a discretionary adaptive damping complement Audi captivating ride.

The car’s doing becomes even some-more achieved and accurate with a discretionary opening leather steering wheel, that creates a entrance in a R8 Spyder. It adds 3 some-more pushing programs: dry, soppy and snow. Because any mode has a possess specific attrition parameters, a motorist can adjust their R8 Spyder away to a prevalent conditions of a highway being traveled. As good as a above technical modules, a ESC stabilization control complement also influences these modes. 

Firm and precise: a suspension
The R8 Spyder owes a decidedly energetic doing among other factors to a low commissioned position of a engine, that is achieved interjection to dry sump lubrication. The wheels are tranquil by lightweight aluminum wishbones – a blueprint that reveals motorsport DNA. The electromechanical energy steering provides glorious highway hit interjection to a subtly differentiated feedback. Alternatively energetic steering is available. It changes a ratio as a duty of speed, while bettering a steering torque to suit. The outcome is an even some-more accurate steering feel and extended float comfort.

Audi reserve a new R8 Spyder as customary with 19-inch wheels with a brew of tires (245/35 during front and 295/35 during rear). There is a choice of 20-inch wheels with distance 245/30 tires during a front and 305/30 tires during a rear. The brakes yield magnificently tranquil slow-down for a open-top high-performance sports car. The calipers are any propitious with 8 pistons on a front wheels, and 4 on a back wheels. Large, ventilated and seperated wave-design discs are used all round. As an apparatus option, Audi can also supply extra-durable, lightweight stop discs finished from CO fiber reinforced ceramic component able of doing generally high loads.

The controls: full concentration on a driver
The handling judgment of a new Audi R8 Spyder V10 focuses consistently on a driver, as in a racing car. The motorist can control all critical functions from a new competition or opening leather steering wheel. Their hands sojourn on a steering circle so that they can combine wholly on a road. Standard facilities embody satellite buttons for starting and interlude a engine, and for a pushing dynamics complement Audi expostulate select. The opening leather steering circle comes with twin additional control satellites – one for a opening mode, and one for a empty strap control.

The customary Audi practical cockpit presents all information in richly detailed, high-resolution 3D graphics on a 12.3-inch monitor. The motorist can select between 3 screens – a classical view, a infotainment perspective and a opening view. Ambitious drivers holding to a racetrack will quite conclude a latter, that reserve information on torque, energy output, oil and tire temperatures, path times and g-forces The displays around a speedometer and rev opposite can be customized to particular preferences.

MMI navigation plus with MMI touch is customary apparatus in a R8 Spyder. As with a smartphone, a control facilities are structured in prosaic hierarchies, including a giveaway calm hunt function. Vehicle functions can be tranquil from a steering wheel, a MMI depot on a console of a core hovel or by natural-language voice control. The latter is generally accessible and delivers high-quality formula interjection to 3 tiny microphones in a belts. They are customary in a R8 Spyder.

Well connected: Audi bond and Audi smartphone interface
The ideal reflection to MMI navigation and is a Audi bond module, that gets a open two-seater on a Internet around LTE and gives entrance to a far-reaching operation of services. These extend from navigation with Google Earth and Google Street View to online media streaming and real-time trade information. Inductive smartphone charging around Audi phone box is accessible as an option. The Audi R8 Spyder is a initial indication on that comparison mobile phone calm can also be displayed directly in a Audi practical cockpit around a Audi smartphone interface. From a center of this year, this choice will also be accessible for a R8 Coupé.

One prominence for audio enthusiasts is a Bang Olufsen Sound System with 13 loudspeakers, including a new head-restraint loudspeakers. There are twin of these in any seat, positioned during ear turn of a motorist and passenger; they are important for their glorious sound and low weight.

Top drawer: peculiarity and equipment
The Audi R8 Spyder V10 is roughly wholly hand-built during a “Audi Böllinger Höfe” purpose-made prolongation plant nearby Neckarsulm. quattro GmbH is usually building adult a imagination in tiny prolongation runs there. The manufactory impression of a prolongation operations affords plenty range to accommodate specific patron requests. The competition seats for motorist and newcomer come as customary – upholstered in artistic diamond-pattern leather as an option. Alternatively Audi can supply bucket seats for even improved parallel support.

Add-on physique components such as a front spoiler, diffuser or a new, distinguished sideblades can be customized, for instance in high-gloss CO fiber. Another component that is both a technical creation and provides visible split is
a discretionary Audi laser lighting with anodized blue strip. An wholly new tone is accessible generally for a R8 Spyder, Argus brown, matt, along with 10 other paint finishes.

Fuel expenditure of a models named above:

Audi R8 Spyder V10:
Combined fuel expenditure in l/100 km: 11.7 (20.1 US mpg);
Combined CO2 emissions in g/km: 277 (445.8 g/mi)

Audi R8 Coupé V10:
Combined fuel expenditure in l/100 km: 11.4 (20.6 US mpg);
Combined CO2 emissions in g/km: 272 (437.7 g/mi)

Audi R8 Coupé V10 plus:
Combined fuel expenditure in l/100 km: 12.3 (19.1 US mpg);
Combined CO2 emissions in g/km: 287 (461.9 g/mi)

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