Echoes in eternity: a edge-of-your-seat duel between BMW motorist Timo Glock and Gary Paffett in figures.

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Munich. “Epic battle”, “edge-of-the-seat duel” or “the most
overwhelming competition of my life”: dual weeks after a fantastic DTM
season-opener in Hockenheim (GER), everybody is still articulate about
a wheel-to-wheel duel between BMW works motorist Timo Glock (GER)
and Mercedes motorist Gary Paffett (GBR). In Sunday’s race, a two
drivers put on a harrowing uncover for several laps and a lead
altered hands several times before Glock emerged jubilant in the
DEUTSCHE POST BMW M4 DTM and claimed feat in a race. We have
incited a emotions of a duel into tough contribution and put together a
outline of a many engaging sum for you.


Facts sum about a Glock vs. Paffett duel:


– Timo Glock starts a competition from pole position,
Gary Paffett starts from tenth place.


Lap 19 outlines a initial impulse that Glock and
Paffett are in adjacent positions, in sixth and seventh.


– The Mercedes motorist takes a lead for a first
on path 23.


– The lead changes hands between Glock and Paffett six
during a duel.


– Paffett’s lead over Glock reaches 0.767 s


– Overall, Glock leads a competition for 23 laps and
Paffett for five laps.


– All told, a dual drivers are wheel-to-wheel for
some-more than 119 seconds during a Hockenheimring, which
corresponds to a distance of approximately 6 kilometres.


– The duel between Glock and Paffett takes place during tip speed: the
limit speed during a conflict is 271 km/h.


– Glock and Paffett’s onslaught lasts 11 harrowing laps during the
Hockenheimring; a conflict covers a sum stretch of 50 kilometres.


– The wilful impulse of a duel comes five minutes
before a finish of a race: Paffett has used adult his DRS allowance,
while Glock can still make use of the DRS 6 times.


– Glock crosses a line 3.099 seconds forward of
Paffett, who finishes third. Mike Rockefeller is in second,
2.078 seconds behind Glock.


– The duel itself, and Glock’s radio comments after channel the
finishing line, have already achieved mythological status: his summary to
a fans, Paffett, Mercedes and his group lasted 55 seconds.

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