ECKART 2016 endowment winners: Andreas Caminada, Dominique Crenn, Sebastian Copeland and a Munich Viktualienmarkt. “Chef of a century” Eckart Witzigmann and his jury announce honourees.

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Munich. The jury allocated by “chef of a century”
Eckart Witzigmann has done a selection: This year’s international
Eckart Witzigmann Awards (ECKART) will go to Andreas Caminada
(Switzerland), Dominique Crenn (USA), Sebastian Copeland (USA) and the
Munich Viktualienmarkt (Germany). The awards will be presented during a
celebration rite hold for a initial time during BMW Group Classic on 18
Oct 2016.


Andreas Caminada, ECKART 2016 for a Art of Cookery

At 33 years of age, Andreas Caminada became Switzerland’s youngest
three-star cook and has confirmed this high customary during his
grill during Schloss Schauenstein given 2010. Caminada’s creative
accumulation of credentials methods reveals each possible facet of
particular ingredients. The strange essence of anniversary Alpine
products is recorded during all times and particular components remain
clearly recognisable. Unexpected combinations and methods of
display eventually combine all elements to form a culinary whole.
Since 2016, his substructure “Fundaziun Uccelin” (Romansh for “little
bird”) has nurtured particular cook and use talents with a aim
of guaranteeing high-quality excellent dining over a prolonged term.


Dominique Crenn, ECKART 2016 for Innovation

Dominique Crenn resolutely believes that food can pierce people in a same
approach as a poem, a strain or a painting. She expresses this relationship
to her dishes by poetry, per herself not “just” as a chef,
though also as an artist, scientist and envoy of taste. Dominique
Crenn’s prophesy of modern, clever craftsmanship and tolerable haute
cuisine with no bounds defines her “Atelier Crenn” in San Francisco.

The menu due by French-born Crenn is pristine elegant culinaria: The
particular dishes are hardly hinted during with names such as “Walking
low in a woods” or “As a earth competence have something to spare”.


Viktualienmarkt, ECKART 2016 for Art of Living

A bliss for food lovers right in a heart of Munich, a lively
marketplace and renouned public place for locals and visitors comparison for the
past 200 years: During this time, a Viktualienmarkt has developed from
a elementary farmers’ marketplace into one of a many renouned shopping
addresses for foodies and a landmark of a city of Munich. On a
wander by a market, visitors can select between top-quality
food items, delicacies and flowers from some-more than 140 retailers. Fresh
informal and anniversary fruit and vegetables are widely offered,
supplemented by an endless preference of meat, fish, bread, spices and
spices, as good as tea, divert and dairy products, booze and spirits.
Around 30 retailers also import a extended operation of outlandish delicacies to
a Bavarian capital. The Viktualienmarkt provides a valuable,
authentic and energetic knowledge of Munich vital and culture.


Sebastian Copeland, ECKART 2016 for Creative Responsibility
and Enjoyment (endowed by a BMW Group with 10,000 euros)

Polar explorer, environmental activist, adventurer and outstanding
photographer, Sebastian Copeland has addressed a United Nations and
a World Affairs Council and categorically warned opposite changes in the
Polar regions due to meridian change.

Copeland uses considerable photos and films of his expeditions to the
North and South Pole in his efforts to incite multitude and achieve
bolder domestic decisions. He calls for a rebate in emissions and
for people to try outward of their personal comfort zone. He
believes people contingency once again start vital with inlet in a more
obliged manner, if a universe we know is to have any possibility of
survival. The former luminary photographer is upheld by a number
of stars, including his cousin Orlando Bloom.


ECKART, Witzigmann Academy and a BMW Group

The International Eckart Witzigmann Award is one of a most
prestigious honours recognising superb achievements in a art of
cooking and excellent dining. “Chef of a century” Eckart Witzigmann has
awarded a ECKART for singular culinary achievements and special
joining underneath a extended spectrum of lifestyle given 2004. In
partnership with a BMW Group, a Witzigmann Academy presents awards
annually in 3 categories: “Art of Cookery”, “Innovation” and “Art
of Living”. The Academy presented a initial ECKART for “Creative
Responsibility and Enjoyment” in 2013, with a money endowment of 10,000
euros included by a BMW Group.

Previous ECKART winners embody Daniel Boulud (New York City); HRH
Charles, Prince of Wales (Highgrove); Elena Arzak (San Sebastian);
Anne-Sophie Pic (Valence); Harald Wohlfahrt (Tonbach); Dieter Kosslick
(Berlin); Ferran Adrià (Barcelona); Marc Haeberlin (Illhaeusern); Joël
Robuchon (Paris); Alex Atala (Sao Paulo); Jon Rose (Los Angeles); Mick
Hucknall (Manchester); Claus Meyer (Copenhagen) and many more.

A conference on a specific gastronomic subject is also hold annually.

Sustainability has been an constituent partial of a BMW Group’s corporate
plan for many years, with tolerable growth firmly
determined as a corporate aim during Group level: from a development
of alternative, fuel-saving car concepts through
environmentally-compatible prolongation processes to eco-friendly
recycling methods. At a BMW Group, tolerable meditative and action
influences not usually a product, though a whole value chain. In all
areas of a company, a concentration is on suggestive and obliged use
of appetite and tender materials.




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The success of a BMW Group has always been formed on long-term
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