EDP, SEAT and Volkswagen-Audi Spain join army to foster CNG vehicles and infrastructure development

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EDP, SEAT and Volkswagen-Audi Spain sealed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that aims during compelling a growth of CNG vehicles and a infrastructures that are required to encourage a use of this choice fuel. CNG allows users to grasp poignant cost assets and extremely reduces automobile emissions in comparison to normal fuels.

The agreement, that is current for dual years and extendable by a demonstrate settle of all parties involved, was sealed currently in Bilbao by a CEO of EDP Spain, Miguel Stilwell; a Vice-president for Government and Institutional Relations of SEAT and Volkswagen Group in Spain, Ramón Paredes; and a President of Volkswagen-Audi Spain, Francisco Pérez Botello.
The signing of this agreement took place in a horizon of a devise common by a 3 companies that aims during fostering tolerable mobility by a use of choice fuels, such as healthy gas, in sequence to foster a quarrel opposite meridian change and urge atmosphere peculiarity in cities.

Accordingly, EDP, SEAT and Volkswagen-Audi Spain will combine in a growth of corner blurb packages that will embody CNG-propelled vehicles, refuelling infrastructure and CNG supply. In parallel, they will also launch several initiatives to attract new customers.

In addition, a agreement foresees a growth of blurb offers for a automobile let industry, focused on renewing their fleets with CNG vehicles. Furthermore, a 3 companies will rise corner tolerable mobility proof projects, in that SEAT and Volkswagen-Audi Spain will supply CNG vehicles while EDP provides a required refuelling infrastructure.

Similarly, a 3 partners will coordinate several activities to lift open recognition on a advantages of Natural Gas Vehicles, either those initiatives are grown by a companies themselves or by a partnership with attention organisations or open administrations. They will also map a geographical placement of CNG infrastructures.

By trait of this agreement, SEAT and Volkswagen-Audi Spain will rise blurb offers for their CNG vehicles that will adjust to a swift renovation devise grown by EDP. Moreover, a 3 companies will investigate installing several CNG open refuelling points during car-dealers of special relevance.

The CEO of EDP Spain, Miguel Stilwell, said: “Our joining to tolerable mobility is constantly relocating forward. We have already non-stop a initial CNG refuelling indicate in a Basque Country, and we are already operative to launch several others. Our healthy gas distributor is a initial association to have a whole swift of vehicles using on environmentally accessible fuels.”

Meanwhile, a Vice-president for Government and Institutional Relations of SEAT and Volkswagen Group in Spain, Ramón Paredes, highlighted a user advantages brought by CNG. “Compressed Natural Gas is a safe, tolerable fuel that involves estimable cost savings, given a cost is good next that of normal fuels. It can meant saving adult to 30% in a box of diesel vehicles, and adult to 50% in a box of gasoline vehicles”, he assured.

On a other hand, a President of Volkswagen-Audi Spain, Francisco Pérez Botello, stressed out a certain aspects of NGV from an environmental perspective, “because a use of this form of fuel in cars reduces CO emissions by adult to 25% compared to gasoline, and by over 85% in a box of NOx emissions when compared to diesel”.

EDP is a Spanish heading association in a appetite sector, with participation in a electricity and gas generation, placement and commercialisation segments. With a blurb portfolio of over dual million clients via a country, it has a possess appetite era and placement infrastructures, in both a electric and a gas markets. EDP is a heading gas association in Cantabria and a Basque Country, as good as in Asturias, where it is also a heading electricity operator. Its electricity, gas and renewable energies businesses in Spain comment for roughly 2,000 employees, 6,000 MW of commissioned ability and a 30,000 kilometres placement network. In reduction than a decade, a Group has invested some-more than 3,000 million Euros in Spain. EDP Group has a tellurian participation in thirteen countries and binds a heading position in a Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

SEAT is a usually association in a automotive zone with a ability of designing, developing, production and commercializing cars in Spain. Integrated in a Volkswagen Group, The multinational, that is integrated in a Volkswagen Group, has a domicile in Martorell (Barcelona). It exports some-more than 80% of a vehicles and has participation in 75 countries. In 2014, SEAT reached a turnover of roughly 7.5 billion Euros, that is a top figure of a history, delivering 390,500 units worldwide.

Volkswagen-Audi Spain, a association belonging to Volkswagen Group, is a initial automobile distributor in Spain. The organization, that started a activity in Jan 1993, commercializes vehicles, components and tools from a Volkswagen, Audi, ŠKODA and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brands in a Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Isles.

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