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The new regulations in continuation racing take their fee on those involved. While a Audi Sport engineers were challenged to recompense courtesy to extent potency with each component, a operation of a latest sports automobile from Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm requires a supportive hold as well. “Reproducing path times with correctness down to a tenth, has prolonged been a hallmark of veteran competition drivers such as ours,” says Head of Audi Motorsport Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich. “But in 2014, we’re creation even aloft final on a WEC drivers. Lap by path they have to accommodate an accurate expenditure aim while stability to conflict for a best position on track. So a fans will continue to see stirring movement in a future.”

Two examples of a new requirements: Only a singular volume of appetite per path might be fed into a car’s powertrain by a hybrid complement – 2, 4, 6 or 8 megajoules per path during Le Mans, depending on a class. If these boundary are exceeded, 10-, 40- or even 60-second stop-and-go penalties bluster in a box of steady violations. The same penalties request if a slight volume of fuel per path is regularly exceeded. Likewise, a fuel upsurge rate and a engine’s boost vigour are checked. “For drivers and engineers, it’s essential to know a complexity of a new manners and to request this believe to racing situations in an best manner,” explains Leena Gade, who as a competition operative for Audi won a Le Mans 24 Hours in 2011 and 2012. “This requires a flawless information flow. We’ve got to keep a drivers sensitive of either they’re staying within these boundary over a radio.”

The Audi Sport patrol has successfully been contrast this. If a motorist is slowed by a automobile streamer into a turn, it might be fitting to primarily follow this automobile to save fuel and to usually pass it exiting a corner. But coming a spin some-more kindly also has effects on a car’s handling. “The drivers are no longer putting a tires and cessation underneath bucket as evenly as before,” says Leena Gade formed on her observations. “That’s because a car’s energetic response is different.”

To Audi bureau motorist Lucas di Grassi, who was concerned in a tests of a new automobile during an early stage, a new charge poses an intriguing challenge. “It doesn’t seem like I’d have to essentially change my pushing character now,” analyzes a Brazilian. “Even in a past there were situations in that we had to watch a fuel expenditure in sequence to put certain competition strategies on track. Now we’re pushing as quick as probable but ever losing steer of a set expenditure limit. And if we do surpass a extent once, afterwards we’ve got dual laps to recompense for a additional by shortening a consumption. So here’s another plea being combined to a charge list that means we’ve got to be both fit and fast.”

Do fans have to fear that a competition drivers in 2014 will be behaving with good patience in sequence to save energy? “Not to worry,” says Lucas di Grassi. “Even yet expenditure might heavily vary, a path times are really identical and that’s because we’re regulating during identical speeds. It’s fundamentally about saving a lot of appetite in some sections – for instance by lifting progressing – but pushing a lot slower on a whole lap. I’m tender about how good and precisely Audi Sport has already been doing these tasks and is always means to assistance us with specific calculations and advice. Our competition will continue to be good fun. It’s only that we’ll be regulating a lot reduction appetite in it than ever before.”

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Note to editors: Every Monday until a Le Mans competition on Jun 14/15, we will be providing we with new credentials information on a R18 plan and Audi’s joining in a world’s many famous continuation race. Next week’s topic: homologation.  

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