Electromobility as an opportunity

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Carmakers never worried with a emanate of fuel supply for explosion engines; they usually left it adult to a oil companies. Why has Porsche Engineering motionless to rise a possess charging park for electric cars?

Michael Kiefer (M.K.)— With a transition from explosion engines to electric expostulate units, we have to move my business along on a tour into a new electric world. With a brand, 100 percent of a business are accustomed to explosion engines. So I’m confronted with a chicken-and-egg question. No charging network, no electric vehicles. And if there are no electric vehicles, no one will deposit in a charging network. So we can usually sell electric cars if we give business a confidence of meaningful that there is a viable charging network available. Porsche is therefore forging forward and actively pulling a enlargement of a charging infrastructure itself.

How are we doing that?

M.K.— For one thing, we are providing a marketplace with an fit solution, while during a same time a Volkswagen Group is participating in a “Ionity” corner try for a enlargement of a fast-charging network along a European highways. Once there are adequate electric vehicles on a road, investors will positively detonate on a bandwagon with charging stations and make a business box out of it with that they can make money. But to make this business indication possible, we need a detonate of beginning like a possess efforts to make a altogether judgment viable in a initial place.

Michael Kiefer, Director of High-Voltage Systems during Porsche Engineering, 2018, Porsche AG

Michael Kiefer: “With a charging infrastructure, a patron needs usually a singular charging card“

How critical is a user-friendly charging system?

Otmar Bitsche (O.B.)— Very important. The stream complement with difficult remuneration modalities and intensely non-static appetite prices is a genuine separator to a acceptance of electromobility

M.K.— Someone who wants to expostulate from Munich to Hamburg in an electric automobile now needs mixed cards with that they have to substantiate themselves during a charging stations. Porsche eliminates this authentication rigmarole for business by substantiating contracts with all of a charging hire operators, so a patron usually needs one charging label that is supposed everywhere. And they can also count on a guaranteed electricity cost that relates via a whole country. Customers of a Porsche charging use eventually accept usually one pure check from Porsche.

What distinguishes a charging park from Porsche Engineering from other charging hire concepts?

M.K.— We have approached a charging park emanate from a viewpoint of a business who have to work a charging stations. But also from a viewpoint of a operators who have to build these parks. For both, a marketplace has few optimal solutions to offer. Their use is mostly formidable or there are problems with a maintenance, servicing or diagnosis capabilities for such parks. So we have invested a good understanding of bid in a emanate of user-friendliness. Our charging stations even demeanour opposite than a accepted ones seen today. They assist a patron by a pattern that guides a wire cleanly. We’ve also designed a altogether complement for a lowest probable appetite loss. That pay-off in terms of handling costs and a intensity user of a park stands to save a lot of money.

Michael Kiefer, Director of High-Voltage Systems during Porsche Engineering, Otmar Bitsche, Director of Development Electrics, Electronics, Electromobility during Porsche, 2018, Porsche AG

Thinking ahead: Michael Kiefer and Otmar Bitsche live out electromobility in their daily lives

Can a Porsche charging park be built in any location?

M.K.— We have twin opposite variants, a charging park and a ChargeBox. The park is designed for locations with some-more accessible space in that a unequivocally high volume of charges is to be expected, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With a tiny compress station, however, a charging park is probable in a city as well, for instance in a residential area. For all areas with impassioned space constraints, there is a second variant, a ChargeBox with an confederate battery. It can be connected to a normal low-voltage grid and enables quick charging in annoy of a compress dimensions.

Is quick charging always a idea for Porsche?

M.K.— Yes. Our appetite operation starts during about 150 kilowatts now and extends adult to 350 kilowatts. In a after proviso of development, it could be even some-more than that. We trust that all that will be commissioned in a destiny will play out in this appetite range. In a open space, no one wants to have long-term parkers during a charging stations since charging takes so long. Low charging ability is unequivocally usually excusable for charging during home.

The Porsche charging stations capacitate approach stream quick charging with 800 volts. Can this be used by all electric cars now on a market? What prerequisites do they have to perform for quick charging?

O.B.— Most electric cars can be charged with 50 kilowatts today, though not more.

M.K.— So destiny charging points will have to be giveaway of discrimination. What that means is that all fastcharging stations, even if they offer 350 kilowatts, will have to be means to assign all electric cars on a market

Is preliminary charging partial of your destiny plans?

O.B.— On a automobile side, absolutely. We devise to offer preliminary charging after with a Mission E as well. But that does not concede quick charging. However, with this record a automobile can be charged in one’s possess garage overnight with small complication. The quandary with preliminary charging is simply that there is not nonetheless a contracting customary in place. That is a design of a corner investigate plan with other manufacturers.

M.K.— The miss of a customary is now station in a approach of open charging spots as well. Today there would have to be a dedicated initiation charging mark for any manufacturer, and that is an wholly homely indication for a operators of parking garages.

O.B.— With standardization it’s not usually about a delivery of power; all a reserve and communication pathways have to be standardised as well. Foreign intent recognition, vital intent recognition, steel intent recognition, a whole communication apparatus and even a positioning of a automobile all have to be standardized.

Otmar Bitsche, Director of Development Electrics, Electronics, Electromobility during Porsche, 2018, Porsche AG

Otmar Bitsche: “We will offer preliminary charging with a Mission E shortly after a marketplace launch“

When will this customary emerge?

O.B.— With all a bells and whistles we consider not before 2020. Perhaps we’ll conduct to order appetite delivery by mid-2018.

What form of electric engine is a probability for Porsche sports cars—asynchronous, synchronous or permanent magnet motors—and why?

O.B.— Permanent magnet synchronous motors are a choice. That is essentially due to 3 reasons. First: considerable power-to-weight ratio, i.e. a low weight with high output, since a excitation is supposing by a permanent magnets. Second: unequivocally high torque. Third: postulated high opening is possible.

Is Porsche committed to a twin engine concept— with one engine on any of a axles?

O.B.— At a impulse we are deliberately focusing on all-wheel technology. But other concepts are probable as well.

Currently high-voltage batteries regulating a latest lithium-ion record are a bullion standard. They offer an appetite firmness of now about 180 watt hours per kilogram. Are there battery concepts for a destiny that prognosticate a significantly aloft appetite density?

O.B.— We design an boost in appetite calm of roughly 5 percent per year. There’s a bit of hype surrounding a plain state electrolyte record during a moment. We see vital technical hurdles there, though we’re examination it unequivocally closely. The lithium-ion record really has a lot some-more intensity by ceramic separators, by silicon dioxide, by electrolytes, etc.

 CCS plug, 2018, Porsche AG

The CCS block complements a form 2 connector used as a customary in Europe

Does quick charging repairs a battery?

O.B.— Not when it’s finished properly. However, it’s not probable to get a 100 % assign with quick charging. As a assign turn rises, a appetite has to be cut back. Altogether, we can assign for 400 kilometers in as small as 20 mins but a battery suffering. That creates a charging knowledge unequivocally pleasing for a driver, since a automobile controls a charging totally automatically.

M.K.— Whether on a automobile or infrastructure side, we will offer a users of a systems a fast, stretchable and fit solution.

Text initial published in a Porsche Engineering Magazine, emanate 01/2018

Interview: Hans Schilder // Photos: Heiko Simayer

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