Summer’s behind and with it comes Ford Employee Pricing! For a final 8 years, Ford of Canada has offering Canadians a event to get into a new Ford by “paying what we pay.”  From a tender energy of a Mustang, to a energetic expostulate of a Focus, to a unconstrained capability of an F-Series truck, there are copiousness of reasons to make use of a offer.

Passion Through Generations

None of a vehicles we furnish would be as illusory as they are but a tough work and loyalty of everybody in a Ford family. We adore what we do and are vehement to share a passion with other Canadians.

But it’s not only today’s Ford employees who move out a best in us. Many times, a Blue rod is upheld down. In a box of a President and CEO, Dianne Craig, it was her father, Doug, a late peculiarity auditor for Ford, who desirous her to come aboard over 25 years ago.

Over a generations Ford has continued to innovate. Take a demeanour during a retractable hardtop automobile in 1957, a Ecoboost engines in 2009, or a plug-in Hybrids in 2012, to name only a few.     

But what hasn’t altered is a honour Ford employees feel each time a new car rolls off a line and into a drive of someone like you. You can hear it in Dianne’s voice, and we can really hear it in Doug’s.

Are we meditative about holding advantage of a Employee Pricing Event? Why not, it’s so simple. You compensate what we pay.